In-Depth 10 Card Relationship Reading

Do you want the most comprehensive and detailed relationship Tarot reading we offer? Our ten card Celtic Cross Relationship Reading is the perfect option for you. This intensive reading will delve into your relationship’s heart, examining your emotions, your partner’s feelings, the essence of your connection, potential obstacles, your shared past, present circumstances, near future projections, and spiritual guidance.

The intricate Celtic Cross spread, featuring 10 cards, will leave no stone unturned, providing you a panoramic view of your relationship, guiding you towards a deeper understanding, and paving the path towards a brighter future. Allow us to help guide you in navigating your love life’s complexities with the wisdom of the Tarot!

Enter your details below and we will ask the cards to reveal to you the messages that you need to hear right now. We will send you a photo of your reading with the interpretation via email within 3-5 business days. 24 hour turnaround is also available!

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