Learn to Read Tarot Cards as Feelings

Unlock the secrets of the heart with Learn to Read Tarot Cards as Feelings.

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to master reading love, relationship, and feelings Tarot spreads with ease and confidence. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced reader, this comprehensive PDF guide (515 pages of content) offers a deep dive into the emotional language of the Tarot.

By the end, you will not only be able to interpret the cards but also to weave the stories they tell into insightful and compassionate readings. You’ll develop the ability to intuitively connect with each card, understanding its role in the world of emotions and relationships.

You’ll learn the upright and reversed meanings of each card for feelings in a variety of scenarios, including new relationships, situationships, existing partnerships, situations involving exes, reconciliation, engagement, and marriage.

What makes this course unique is its hands-on approach. Every few cards, you’ll encounter fun, intuitive reviews that reinforce your learning and make mastering the material an enjoyable experience.

You’ll get to put your new skills to use, right away. We introduce you to reading through several practical relationship spreads. You’ll get to practice these spreads with provided worksheets, turning your learning into a tangible skill. A printable cheatsheet is also provided at the end, with all of the important keywords.

Whether you’re reading for yourself, friends, or clients, Learn to Read Tarot Cards as Feelings is the perfect course to deepen your understanding of Tarot for love and relationships. You’ll approach every love, relationship, or feelings spread with confidence, ready to offer insightful, empathetic, and accurate readings!

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