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My ex came back, just like she said he would

November 11, 2021

My ex broke up with me after a fight, and I was so depressed because we had been together for over 10 years. I heard about Sibyl through a friend. My reader, Queen, assured me that not only would he come back, but he would make the first move and come back in October. It was hard for me to believe her, because I’m a skeptic about these things, but I waited. The crazy thing is, HE CAME BACK IN OCTOBER! He said he had thought over how he had contributed to our relationship breaking down, and really wanted to change. We’re back together, and we’re also in therapy for communication. We’re working really hard to break the cycle, and I wouldn’t know what I’d do without Queen’s advice. I’ve been recommending her to all of my friends.


Response from Sibyl Tarot

Yes, I was so thrilled when you told me he came back! It’s always so gratifying to make an accurate prediction. Looking forward to continue reading for you in the future! -Queen

Serena is an earth Angel!

July 1, 2024

Serena has such an incredible gift. Her insight and skill has been an instrumental part of how I’ve been able to shift my perspective and attachment to not only a current situation, but in general. She offers clear, direct, and kind guidance. Such an asset to Sibyl!


Spot on and thorough reading from Serena!

June 3, 2024

Serena was amazing! I started with a full 10 card detailed spread and have asked follow up questions. I feel that she is REALLY tapped into my situation and accurate. She is picking up very, very well on my energy and the energy of others involved in my situation. She is providing such detailed guidance and I feel that she is being honest and accurate. I feel empowered and I feel guided. I feel like her reading is speaking to what I know in my heart but she picks up on the worries in my mind. She is very reassuring and again, SPOT ON. I look forward to working with her as I navigate this space!


serena is deeply gifted, kind & supportive

April 22, 2024

i’ve been receiving readings from serena for the last 8-9 months. she has a natural gift with the tarot & is able to offer accurate readings in a manner that is deeply kind, supportive, consistent & uplifting. she’s been helping me navigate an on-going period of time where i have been in phases of disconnection/ reconciliation with my partner. It’s been a very challenging experience for me & i’ve found serena’s readings & words to be as supportive, if not sometime more so, than those of my therapist. i think energy, the unseen world, spiritual realm (however you refer to it) is often overlooked in the modern world, but it has so much depth & ability to help us grow ourselves. serena’s tarot readings have helped me reconsider my patterns of relating from a perspective my therapist & people who know me personally cannot. i finally feel on the cusp of being able to step back into relationship with my partner. i dont know if i’d have made it to this point without the support from serena. i’m eternally grateful.


I’m really happy with my reader

April 14, 2024

My reader is Serena. She is such a sweet girl. My readings are always accurate. I am happy i found sibyl!


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