Sibyl guides people to live their happiest life by awakening their inner wisdom and positivity.

We are a membership service that provides unlimited Tarot readings for $19/month. Think of us as your personal intuitive adviser.

Sibyl is about making the infinite wisdom of Tarot available to anyone.

What if you could get intuitive readings whenever you wanted, from people who genuinely care about your wellbeing—all at an affordable price? When we share our insights and positive energy, we all become wiser.

Sibyl donates a portion of profits to support victims of domestic violence.

We do a lot of relationship readings. We’re proud to say that we even helped some Sibyl members leave toxic relationships. But we want to do more.

Part of the proceeds of every reading goes towards helping victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships. Read more about our work and the charities we support. 

Sibyl is proudly crafted and headquartered in Austin, TX, and we make a difference around the world.

We are proud of our Austin roots. Stay weird. Stay humble. Stay curious.

Our Values


Love is our guiding light. Our love nourishes those around us and brings joy into their lives. 



Inner wisdom is available to us all. We open our hearts to insight and truth because they empower our growth. 



Positive vibes is our M.O. We can’t control life, but we can always choose how to respond. We choose positivity.

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