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The Tower is the card of transformative change, revelation, and awakening. The Tower sits on top of a jagged mountain. Lightning strikes, burning the Tower down. Two people leap from the windows, headfirst. This is a scene of chaos and destruction. 

The Tower reminds us that sudden and massive change is a part of life. Change is here to throw our lives into upheaval, and its chaos will shake us to our very core. That being said, it is necessary to our growth, and we cannot fight it. We often cannot see it at the time, but looking back, these are the moments that make us. 

Upright Tower as a Person

If the Tower appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is groundbreaking, even avant-garde. It is astrologically associated with Mars. Because Mars carries a masculine energy, this card carries an active, assertive energy. We all have a little bit of both energies expressed in a balanced way, regardless of which gender we identify as. Because this is a Major Arcana card, some of these defining traits make up a major part of their identity. So, for example, being a trailblazer will play a major role in who they are, or how they view themselves. Note that they may not reveal this side to you at the beginning stages of your relationship, to others, or ever.

For physical characteristics, the Tower as a person represents someone who is striking. Of course this will resonate differently for different people: for some they could have stunning supermodel looks, for others this could be a unique style. Whatever the case may be, their looks are groundbreaking. They could be the first model in their country to go against a traditional beauty standard, opening pathways for other younger people who look like them to gain self-confidence. Alternatively, this could be just somebody who is very tall. Style-wise, they may reinvent themselves often. They could be very active or sporty.

For emotional characteristics, the Tower as a person represents someone who tends to bottle up their emotions. However, when those pent up emotions eventually explode, they end up hurting a lot of feelings in the process. This person needs to learn how to process their feelings in a more constructive manner. This person may also have grown up sheltered, or they live in an “ivory tower”. The Tower card can sometimes signify someone who is disconnected from reality, or needs a reality check. They may be book smart, but not street smart, and boy will they have a “Tower Moment” when they eventually have to deal with the real world.

For careers, the Tower can represent someone who works as someone who leaves an impression. They could be in the public eye or their work relies on grabbing attention such as advocacy, advertising, or social media. If they are artistic, they’re usually considered avant-garde in their industry. Because this card represents clearing ground to rebuild something better and new, they may make a living literally flipping houses. They contribute to their industry by revamping a system, or finding better novel solutions for long-standing problems. Because the Tower can also represent shocking events, this person may work in emergency services or trauma therapy.

The Tower as a person represents someone who makes you feel unsettled, or as if you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. If you are romantically involved with this person, and you feel this way in a relationship, make sure you learn what an abusive or toxic relationship looks like. This card often comes out when there’s a pink elephant in the room that nobody is willing to address. This card’s astrological association with Mars indicates that you may dread a conversation that needs to be had. You know this person may have some sharp words to say or they might lash out on you.

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Reversed Tower as a Person

If the Tower reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is boring, or they lack zest for life. Their personality may be bland, or they’re not a particularly engaging conversationalist. Their entire life may have consisted of settling instead of going for what they are truly passionate about. Because this is a Major Arcana card, some of these traits will be inherent aspects of their identity. Good or bad, nobody is perfect and people can change, if they choose to.

For physical characteristics, the Tower reversed as a person represents someone who is passive. Mars is a go-getter energy, active, physical, sporty, and quick. When this is drawn in the reverse, you get somebody who is lazy and unmotivated. They drag their feet to work, they are never excited about anything, they seemingly have no passions or hobbies, and their body language reflects it. You might notice that there’s no spark in their eyes and they may even stand or sit slouched. Maybe they just need a vacation. Or, if they’re struggling with mental health issues such as depression, maybe they need professional help.

For emotional characteristics, the Tower reversed as a person represents someone who just accepts what’s given to them in life, and never goes after their true ambitions and passion. In the Tarot, the appearance of the Tower card in readings usually indicates a clearance of the land that enables you to rebuild a new Tower. This means you can build your own Tower, by your own design, and paint it in the color of your choice. This, of course, is a wonderful thing. But so many people get freaked out about the part where you have to destroy the old Tower that wasn’t working out for them anyway. This person is afraid of moving out of their comfort zone. 

For careers, the Tower reversed can represent someone who can be considered “unremarkable” at their place of employment or industry. For example, in a reading about how an audition went, the Tower card drawn upright can be a very positive card signifying the fact that you made a lasting impression with the casting directors. A Tower in reverse person can be easily replaced at the workplace, no matter what they do. If they’re an artist, they don’t have a particularly distinctive style that’s recognizable to art collectors. This person rarely has any groundbreaking or innovative ideas. Alternatively, this may signify a person who chooses simply the safest job to earn a stable living, rather than go after their passion.

The Tower reversed as a person represents someone who makes you feel like you need to help them. They need an intervention. Because this card is astrologically associated with the very active Mars, when drawn in the reverse, it can indicate stagnation. If you are romantically involved with this person, you could be at a crossroads with this person if the relationship isn’t progressing at your preferred pace. Whereas with the upright Tower card sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop, when dealing with a reverse Tower, you may feel impatient. 

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For love readings, the Tower reveals the power of rapid, transformative change. With every ending comes a new beginning. No matter how much we resist change, it will come–so it is better to embrace it. Although you may go through extremely trying times, know that they will pass and eventually bring something better. 

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