Page of Wands as a Person Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Page of Wands is the card of adventure, excitement, new ideas, energy, and fearlessness. The card depicts a young man boldly holding a big wand in a barren land. Despite that the land around him is bare, he still finds opportunities in his situation. He is undeterred by what is around him. His eyes are full of wonder and the unknown. 

The Page of Wands reminds us that there is a spark of youthful energy at the start of everything. Big picture vision and the passion to succeed are important. The Page will need to grow beyond his big ideas in order to see his full potential, but what he has is a real start. 

Upright Page of Wands as a Person

If the Page of Wands appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is creative, fun, intuitive, and always excited to try out new things. Pages are traditionally seen as a symbol of messengers in the Tarot, so communication or their style of communicating will make up a big part of their identity. There may be something distinctive about the sound of their voice, or they may have a prominent social media presence, for example.  It is astrologically associated with the Fire signs and the element of Fire. Because Fire signs carry masculine energy, this card carries an active, assertive energy. We all have a little bit of both energies expressed in a balanced way, regardless of which gender we identify as.

For physical characteristics, the Page of Wands as a person represents someone who is not shy with their self expression. They are very proud of who they are as an individual. They honor their heritage and ancestors. They are active but not as athletic as the Knight of Wands. You might find that they’re always doing something fun outdoors or going on road trips. The Wands suit is also an interesting mix of arts with spirituality, so fashion-wise, this person may enjoy flaunting a witchy aesthetic.

For emotional characteristics, the Page of Wands as a person represents someone who is fun and always up for an adventure. No matter what age they are, they are young at heart. They typically exhibit the more youthful but positive sides of the Fire signs. Like Aries, they are always able to see things with fresh eyes. They are always on top of the latest trends. Like Leo, they enjoy entertaining others. They genuinely enjoy making people laugh. Like Sagittarius, they will be free spirited and spiritually inclined.

For careers, the Page of Wands can represent someone who may work as a fun and quirky influencer type. If they don’t work in social media, they’re likely in the arts. If they’re a content creator, curiosity, adventure, and humor will be a major part of their brand. They can be quite musical. They may also create spiritual content, such as Tarot videos. They may own a small online shop. If they work at a larger company, they could be an apprentice, a designer, or someone who approaches work in a creative way. This person is likely to turn a hobby into a career. People who don’t realize how much hard work they put into their endeavors might tell them to “get a real job.”

The Page of Wands as a person represents someone who makes you feel like every little thing you do with them is an adventure. Much like the Fool, this is somebody who can turn the mundane into something new and exciting. This person is engaging and a great conversationalist. They have a wonderful sense of humor, and they can be very insightful. 

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Reversed Page of Wands as a Person

If the Page of Wands reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is immature. They may be overly aggressive in their communication, or they may be passive aggressive. Because this is a Minor Arcana card, some of these traits will not be inherent aspects of their identity. If they are behaving unfavorably, they might just be going through a temporary phase. It may be a behavioral pattern that they can still unlearn, if they choose to. Good or bad, nobody is perfect, and people can use their free will to change for the better.

For physical characteristics, the Page of Wands reversed as a person represents someone who is lazy. They may live a sedentary lifestyle. They are unconcerned with their health. In terms of style, this person may be irresponsible. They may wear certain things just for the shock value. They like to troll others, which they may consider “an act of defiance” or “edgy” rather than offensive. Unlike an upright Page of Wands who is creative and whimsical, in the reverse, they’re inauthentic and they may even be a copycat.

For emotional characteristics, the Page of Wands reversed as a person represents someone who is immature and selfish. They are careless with their words. They’re afraid to try out new things, but easily get jealous of others who do. They typically exhibit the more immature shadow sides of the Fire signs. Like Aries, they may have a fiery little temper and speak without thinking. Like Leo, they can be narcissistic and self-centered. Like Sagittarius, they can come off as a pretentious know-it-all.

For careers, the Page of Wands reversed can represent someone who works in a field that doesn’t come naturally to them. For example, if they are a content creator, they are not particularly creative. They are a trend follower rather than a trendsetter. This person is motivated by clout and recognition, rather than following their true passion. Observing this person at work, you may notice that they may visibly appear unenthusiastic about the work that they do, and even openly complain about how much they hate their job. They can also be prideful, haughty, and entitled.

The Page of Wands reversed as a person represents someone who makes you feel annoyed. This person can be insufferable, and their communication style may grate on your nerves. There may be something off about their communication style. For example, you may be able to sense that this person is not being entirely truthful. They are hypocritical, prideful, and overly competitive. Because the Wands court cards tend to signify spiritual people, this person’s spirituality may also be either superficial, or they use their abilities for negative means. 

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For love readings, the Page of Wands represents big ideas, new opportunities, and spontaneity. The Page of Wands represents the sparks that fly at the start of every relationship, as well as the sparks needed to keep any long-term relationship interesting and exciting. While sparks are not enough by themselves, they are the necessary start to any interesting relationship. See where the sparks go and let them fly. 

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