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The Four of Pentacles is the card of insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, stinginess, boundaries, and guardedness. This card depicts a man clutching many pentacles close to his body. His arms and feet are locked defensively in a closed stance. He acts as if he believes that someone is going to rob him at any second. He is guarded and does not trust others. 

The Four of Pentacles reminds us that boundaries are important to healthy relationships, but sometimes insecurity can take our boundaries too far. When we have our guard up to the point of paranoia and jealousy, we deprive ourselves of the ability to give and receive love and emotional support. The Four of Pentacles is a reminder that love should be freely given and that possessiveness can destroy relationships.

Upright Four of Pentacles as a Person

If the Four of Pentacles appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is stingy. They lack of generosity shows up in many ways, whether it be emotionally, physically, or financially. They are closed off, clingy, and possessive. This card is astrologically associated with the Sun in Capricorn. Because the Sun carries a masculine energy as a planet while Capricorn is a feminine sign, this card carries both active/assertive and passive, receptive energies. We all have a little bit of both energies expressed in a balanced way, regardless of which gender we identify as.

For physical characteristics, the Four of Pentacles as a person represents someone who is very uptight about some aspect of their physical appearance. They could be very strict about their diet, limiting themselves to the extreme. They may have a very regimented skincare routine or a specific exercise program that they follow religiously. They may go to extremes to preserve their material lifestyle. For example, even in hard times, they will not want to cut back. Alternatively, they could be very miserly when it comes to spending on their own self-care. 

For emotional characteristics, the Four of Pentacles as a person represents someone who is closed off. They are not emotionally expressive. Inwardly, they may not give themselves permission to feel their feelings. They struggle with repressed emotions and desires. They hold onto grudges and resentments. They have trust issues, and they find it difficult to share their burdens with others. This person would benefit from therapy, but they may not be open to the idea.

For careers, the Four of Pentacles can represent someone who works in safekeeping, preservation, or protection. For example, they may work in security or in law enforcement. They may work at a non-profit that specializes in preserving indigenous cultures. Occasionally, this card reflects a person’s approach to their work. This may indicate an unhealthy preoccupation with their job title and salary. They may be willing to do whatever it takes to earn a big salary, even if it means putting up with an abusive boss. They may also resort to cutthroat tactics to maintain their position at work. 

The Four of Pentacles as a person represents someone who makes you feel like they are hiding something from you. Perhaps they are keeping a secret. Perhaps they are simply reluctant to share their thoughts and feelings. If you’re romantically involved with this person, they may come off as emotionally distant. Alternatively, this may indicate somebody who is overly possessive and jealous. Financially, this person is miserly, and they count every penny. They don’t like to tip, and they hope that others will pay their share. 

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Reversed Four of Pentacles as a Person

If the Four of Pentacles reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is reckless with money. They may lack self control and boundaries. Because this is a Minor Arcana card, some of these traits will not be inherent aspects of their identity. If they are behaving unfavorably, they might just be going through a temporary phase. It may be a behavioral pattern that they can still unlearn, if they choose to. Good or bad, nobody is perfect, and people can use their free will to change for the better.

For physical characteristics, the Four of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who spends money they don’t have on maintaining a particular physical appearance. They don’t have a budget, and they are often in debt. This person’s spending is out of control. Their financial habits stem from their own insecurities. Alternatively, this person may also lack boundaries when it comes to pushing their body. They diet and exercise to the extreme. In terms of style, this person is a fashion victim. They follow the latest fads without limits. 

For emotional characteristics, the Four of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who struggles to control their emotions. They get upset easily, and they may struggle with anger management. Their lack of boundaries may also be an issue when it comes to socializing with others. They frequently involve themselves in situations that do not concern them. This card may also indicate somebody who spends too freely on others. However, their generosity is not rooted in love or kindness. They feel like they need to “buy” friendship or romantic companionship.

For careers, the Four of Pentacles reversed can represent someone who lacks control in the workplace. If this is your colleague or your employee, perhaps they lack the discipline to carry out tasks and responsibilities. If this is your boss or a business owner, this person may struggle with implementing standards, rules, or disciplinary measures. This card also signifies a person who struggles to keep jobs. They get fired frequently. Alternatively, this person may work in a field where they “free” people or animals—for example: they may rescue captured wildlife, help abuse victims, or they could be a therapist that helps free people from limited beliefs or phobias. If they work in finance, they may specialize in liquidations.

The Four of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who makes you feel hot and cold. They may prioritize their career over their family. If you’re romantically involved with this person, they are the expert at giving conflicting signals. They like keeping their options open. They may want an open relationship, when you want to be exclusive. If this is a friend, you may feel like you always make the effort to keep the friendship going.

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For love readings, the Four of Pentacles represents insecurity and jealousy. While it’s natural to want to be your partner’s special person, it can be counterproductive to take possessiveness too far. This can be a detriment and burden to the relationship. If you find yourself having these feelings, ask yourself where it is coming from and if it is based in reality. 

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