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The Six of Pentacles is the card of generosity, gratitude, community, support, and sharing. This card shows a wealthy man handing out coins to two beggars who kneel at his feet. He holds out a balanced scale, representing fairness and justice.  

The Six of Pentacles reminds us that there is a constant give and take in relationships. Sometimes, you are on the giving end, and sometimes, you are on the receiving end. This card is also a reminder for us to be fair in our interactions with others. Be open to receiving generosity, and also be generous with others when you are in the position to do so. 

Upright Six of Pentacles as a Person

If the Six of Pentacles appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is generous. Even if they are not wealthy, this person may be generous with their time and energy. They could be a good listener or a good friend to you. This card is astrologically associated with the Moon in Taurus. Because both the Moon and Taurus carry feminine energies as a planet as well as a sign, this card carries an especially  passive, receptive energy. We all have a little bit of both energies expressed in a balanced way, regardless of which gender we identify as.

For physical characteristics, the Six of Pentacles as a person represents someone who is generous to themselves and others. They share their food, they donate their clothes, and they’re never secretive with advice. They are also very socially aware. They are very open with others, but they also know when they should not overstep. They enjoy the finer things in life, but they never flaunt what they have. This card is all about balance. This person values quality over quantity. 

For emotional characteristics, the Six of Pentacles as a person represents someone who is sensitive, intimate, and laidback. They love making the people they love feel comfortable and at home. They are generous with their money as well as their time. Whenever they can give to others, they will. They always want to fulfill their end of the bargain. This is a friend that you want to keep around. 

For careers, the Six of Pentacles can represent someone who gives to those in need. For example, this person may work at a non-profit that feeds and houses the needy. They may also work in finance, providing the capital needed for businesses to grow. They may work in food and beverages or the luxury goods space. This person may work as a customer service representative. Alternatively, this person may be a high net worth individual who no longer works and is focused on philanthropy. 

The Six of Pentacles as a person represents someone who makes you feel inspired by their generosity. This person gives from the kindness of their heart, not because they ask for anything in return. They are sincere. All they want is for you to pay it forward. If you are inquiring about a specific person, and this doesn’t sound like your person at all, it could be because your person enjoys performing their acts of kindness in secret. They’re not doing it for show. They are the type of person who gives anonymously. 

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Reversed Six of Pentacles as a Person

If the Six of Pentacles reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person is either painfully stingy or overly generous to their own detriment. When a card is drawn in the reverse, it usually indicates extreme, polarized manifestations of the energies. Because this is a Minor Arcana card, some of these traits will not be inherent aspects of their identity. If they are behaving unfavorably, they might just be going through a temporary phase. It may be a behavioral pattern that they can still unlearn, if they choose to. Good or bad, nobody is perfect, and people can use their free will to change for the better.

For physical characteristics, the Six of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who lacks balance. Physical appearances can be deceiving, and this is a sign that something is off about them. For example, this person might dress from head to toe in designer goods that they can’t afford. They will then skip meals to pay back their debt. Alternatively, this person may appear to be very generous to charities on social media. However, in reality, they offer very little of their time and money to the cause. There could be a lack of balance in some other aspect of their physical appearance. Perhaps they put effort into their appearance, but do very little to cultivate their inner beauty.

For emotional characteristics, the Six of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who is jealous, envious, and selfish. Their sense of self worth is closely linked with their financial status. They value materialism over relationships. They are very insecure. They are not generous with their time or their money. If they do give, they do it to gain power and control in the relationship. They have a warped sense of what a relationship should be.  

For careers, the Six of Pentacles reversed can represent someone who is greedy and selfish. This person is self-interested and only concerned about their own career. They are not the type to mentor others. They take more than they give. If they have the chance to seize power, they will do it. They feel entitled to raises and promotions, earned or not. They demand all of the perks without putting in the work. 

The Six of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who makes you feel like your relationship is one-sided. Whether this is a romantic, professional, or platonic relationship, you get the sense that this person is taking advantage of you. They could be using you financially, emotionally, or sexually. They love to dump their problems onto you, but are never available when you need a listening ear. Alternatively, this person is overly generous to the point that it tilts the power dynamics in your relationship. This may even be a manipulation tactic. If their generosity is making you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to have a serious conversation about balance and boundaries. 

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For love readings, the Six of Pentacles represents the give and take that is inherent in all relationships. We should be open to both giving and receiving love. When you can support others, do so. When you need to be supported, let others help. 

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