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The Ten of Pentacles is the card of legacy, family, solid foundations, stability, tradition, and wealth. In this card, an old man is shown surrounded by his family at his wealthy estate. He is surrounded by his children, his grandchildren, and his dogs. Everyone is playing happily and enjoying each other’s company. This legacy is the fruit of everything this man has worked for in his lifetime. 

The Ten of Pentacles reminds us that a strong relationship can build a legacy over time. Eventually, a couple becomes family. Together, they can achieve their goals, whether that is having children or starting a business together. Whatever it is that you want to achieve in life, your relationships with others make your goals meaningful, and you can often do it together. It is no longer about me, but about we.

Upright Ten of Pentacles as a Person

If the Ten of Pentacles appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means that this person may have material wealth, but they value abundance in all its forms. Their abundance may be their family, health, and even their mindset of gratitude. It is astrologically associated with Mercury in Virgo. Because Mercury is a neuter planet and Virgo is a feminine sign, this card carries a mostly passive, receptive energy. We all have a little bit of both energies expressed in a balanced way, regardless of which gender we identify as.

For physical characteristics, the Ten of Pentacles as a person represents someone who looks whole and abundant. At first glance, they may appear to be somebody who has it all—and they likely do. They can appear “lavish,” even when they don’t mean to. This person has an air of self-assurance that everything in their life will be okay. They don’t skimp on healthcare and self-care. This person prefers to spend their money on an enjoyable day at the spa over an ostentatiously branded item. And even if they’re not conspicuous with their wealth, you might notice that their clothes are high quality.

For emotional characteristics, the Ten of Pentacles as a person represents someone who is emotionally stable. They are long-term thinkers, always thinking of the bigger picture. They value legacy and the importance of having a good reputation. A Ten of Pentacles person will usually be responsible with their social media use. They value togetherness, and they can be incredibly loyal to their loved ones. Since this card is astrologically associated with Mercury, education will be extremely important to this person. 

For careers, the Ten of Pentacles can represent someone who works in a family business, a multinational corporation, or a parent company. If not, they may work in finance or banking. They may be an estate’s executor, or they could be a family lawyer. As a person, this card may represent a high net worth individual, or somebody born into a dynasty. This person may live off of investments or savings. They are responsible for a large number of people, they could be in the C-suite or a business owner. Alternatively, because this card is astrologically associated with Mercury in Virgo, they could hold a lot of de facto power if they’re in charge of day-to-day operations. 

The Ten of Pentacles as a person represents someone who makes you feel safe and secure. However, it might take some time to get to know this person. They’re not secretive, but they know how to protect their own privacy. If you are romantically involved with this person, this card indicates that your person isn’t casually dating. They’re looking for something long-term. However, don’t rush this person into committing. They’d like to take their time getting to know you. 

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Reversed Ten of Pentacles as a Person

If the Ten of Pentacles reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a person, that means things might be falling apart in this person’s life. They could be going through a divorce, or their family life might be very messy. Because this is a Minor Arcana card, some of these traits will not be inherent aspects of their identity. If they are behaving unfavorably, they might just be going through a temporary phase. It may be a behavioral pattern that they can still unlearn, if they choose to. Good or bad, nobody is perfect, and people can use their free will to change for the better.

For physical characteristics, the Ten of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who exaggerates their financial status. Don’t trust the way this person portrays themselves physically, especially on their social media. Ten of Pentacles reversed people like to flaunt their wealth. They also insist on wearing and consuming the best of the best of everything – clothes, food, services. They can be socially insensitive. For example, they may shame people for purchasing what they can afford as opposed to less affordable, “ethical” alternatives. Most of the things they consume are for show.

For emotional characteristics, the Ten of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who seriously needs to check their privilege. They lack self-awareness and empathy. They’re obsessed with wealth, power, and prestige. Alternatively, they may not be as privileged or wealthy as they portray themselves to be. If you’re romantically involved with this person, they might prioritize keeping up appearances rather than cultivating quality relationships. Their life may revolve around posting on social media.

For careers, the Ten of Pentacles reversed can represent someone who overplays their income, power, and importance at the workplace. They may make false claims. This could be a business owner who is going bankrupt. If they are an employee, they find it difficult to build a career and progress in it. Alternatively, this may represent someone is an heir or heiress who has zero interest in the family business. They want to do their own thing. 

The Ten of Pentacles reversed as a person represents someone who makes you feel like there’s something ‘off’ about a person. When drawn upright, this is a card that represents wholeness, completion, and a sense of having it all. Your intuition may have sensed that something is not quite right with this person. Perhaps this person isn’t who they say they are. Perhaps they’re hiding something from you. Alternatively, this person may have grown up in a broken home, which impacts their ability to have healthy relationship dynamics. It may also indicate a complicated relationship with money. 

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For love readings, the Ten of Pentacles represents abundance, family, and legacy. This card represents the pinnacle of what two people in a solid, healthy relationship can achieve together over time. You can truly build a life, a family, and a legacy with the person that you love. These are things that make life worth living. 

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