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The Chariot is the card of triumph, success, determination, and action. The Chariot shows a brave warrior standing tall in his chariot. He is all about taking charge and moving forward. He is not about thinking or feeling, but about doing. Although this is a great card to get in a financial or career reading, it bodes more ominously for matters of love. 

The Chariot knows what he wants and how to get it. Although the two sphinxes in the front of the carriage are pulling in different directions, the Chariot has a strength of steel. He pushes them to go his way and to follow his will. 

Upright Chariot as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Chariot, that means that you are advised to be clear about what you want. You have what it takes to conquer anything you set your eyes upon. You are Romeo confidently climbing the walls of Juliet’s house, even if it’s a risky act that summons death. But what you feel may not stem from an emotional connection. Instead, you may only be up for the challenge of excitement and the glorious feeling of winning over someone. This love advice could go the other way around, and the person in your thoughts may feel this way.

For love, the Chariot as advice means that you should not get in the way. The Chariot only moves forward — it does not stop for anyone. They have no time for thinking; they only act. This person is hell-bent on winning you over. They are determined to move toward you, no matter the consequences. There’s no use stopping someone as greatly determined as them. Remember what happened to Romeo even when the rest of the world stopped him?

For singles, the Chariot as love advice means you are in a place of self-love. You are whole and complete. But in the quest to find love, don’t forget to stop at intersections and be wary of your surroundings. Your determination might blind you from what truly matters. The desire to conquer is strong, but don’t forget to be considerate of others. This could also mean that a person with a Chariot has set their eyes on a goal — and you cannot stop them. This goal could either be you or their career.

For new and potential relationships, the Chariot as love advice means they rejoice in the trophy of the conquest — and that trophy is you. They feel joyous because they have finally got the prize in their hands. But what happens now? Does this excitement last long now that they have finally achieved their goal? Communicate the road you want the relationship to take moving forward. Encourage them to be honest with their vision for the future — start from there.

For existing relationships, the Chariot as advice means that they see you as an instrument in achieving their goals. They may only think about their dreams right now. If you want to take the relationship to the next level, your partner may not share the same feeling now; they are too focused on their own dreams. But they don’t want to let you go because they think you can help them achieve what they want. Use this time to take care of yourself. Do the things that will make you happy. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Chariot as love advice shows that they are moving on from the relationship. They are no longer looking back, as the Chariot would do. Your ex enjoyed the experiences you shared, but they have a lot of goals they want to accomplish. They would rather put their determination into chasing their dreams instead of going back to a past relationship. You should also move on and enjoy the present moment.

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Chariot Reversed as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Chariot reversed, that means that you are advised to stop doubting yourself. You know what you want and have what it takes to go for it. Stop second-guessing your capabilities. You are in charge of your destiny; you drive your fate. Stride forward to the confident and unique person you are born to be. If you want this person in your life, then go for them. But be careful, as the reversed Chariot could also mean the other person is stuck and feels they have no direction. This could be a personal problem they need to resolve or an issue you unintentionally caused. 

For love, the Chariot reversed as advice means that you should beat down the negativity. This could also point to a love interest or a partner. If so, they must deal with their insecurity before feeling positive again. If so, you can’t help them with this problem as they need to do a significant amount of inner work to increase their self-esteem. But if you have played a role in making them feel this way, then you must address the situation and hold accountability for your actions. 

For singles, the Chariot reversed as love advice means the person you are interested in is stuck. It’s a sign to move forward. You can do nothing about them not wanting to walk away from whatever hurt them in the past. Let them unstuck themselves in their own fears and insecurities. They will eventually come to you if they have already healed. However, this does not mean you must wait for them. Focus on yourself and move forward — don’t get stuck as well.

For new and potential relationships, the Chariot reversed as love advice means this person might feel you are micromanaging them. They no longer feel they have control over their life. They think you have trampled on their confidence. But in reality, they are drowning in their own insecurity. Take what resonates and start from there. If there is something wrong with the relationship that you feel you must be responsible for, then make it up for it. But if your partner has past unresolved trauma that significantly impacted their self-confidence, healing comes from within.

For existing relationships, the Chariot reversed as advice means that they see you as someone they cannot yet enter a deeper commitment with. There is an interplay of negativity and blocked emotions here. While you did not cause negative feelings of frustration and disappointment, they should not lash at you. The relationship is stuck, unable to move forward. You should also check with yourself if something you did in the past contributed to the current problem.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Chariot reversed as love advice shows that they are undecided. They don’t want to rekindle an old flame, but they can also not move forward. They don’t want to let you go, yet they don’t want to exert an effort to make amends. This is the kind of person who would choose to play with your feelings instead of addressing the issue. Ask yourself, do you deserve to be treated this way? Clearly not. 

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For relationships and feelings, The Chariot can often be a tough card to swallow, because so often it says what we do not want a reading to say. However, there is good in every card. You can find the good in the Chariot by channeling its confidence and self-love into your own life. This energy can go in a very positive direction if you let it. Let it make you stronger, faster, and more dazzling in your own gorgeous attractiveness. 

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