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The Chariot is the card of triumph, success, determination, and action. The Chariot shows a brave warrior standing tall in his chariot. He is all about taking charge and moving forward. He is not about thinking or feeling, but about doing. Although this is a great card to get in a financial or career reading, it bodes more ominously for matters of love. 

The Chariot knows what he wants and how to get it. Although the two sphinxes in the front of the carriage are pulling in different directions, the Chariot has a strength of steel. He pushes them to go his way and to follow his will. 

Upright Chariot as a Man

If the Chariot appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is driven, determined, and harnessing opposing forces to achieve a goal. This individual can easily rally his energy and resources, even when faced with adversity, and channels his focus towards the finish line. He embodies the essence of victory through willpower and sheer determination, constantly seeking to overcome obstacles and challenges.

For physical characteristics, the Chariot as a man represents someone who is sturdy, with a determined gaze and a commanding presence. His posture might be upright and firm, reflecting his unwavering resolve. The resonance of his voice carries weight, and when he speaks, it’s clear that he’s accustomed to leading and making pivotal decisions.

For emotional characteristics, the Chariot as a man represents someone who is focused, confident, and balanced in handling challenges. Internally, he possesses a reservoir of strength that allows him to remain centered even in turbulent situations. He has mastered his emotions, ensuring they propel him forward rather than hold him back, exuding an air of unshakeable self-assurance.

Astrologically, the Chariot as a man represents someone who is influenced by Cancer and the Moon, showcasing emotional drive and protective instincts. With Cancer’s cardinal water energy, he is motivated by deep emotional currents, often driving him to protect and care for those he loves. The Moon’s influence further amplifies his intuitive nature, allowing him to navigate challenges with an innate sense of timing and rhythm.

For careers, the Chariot can represent a man who works as a project manager, athlete, or any role demanding strategy and determination. His ability to visualize the end goal and meticulously plan the steps to reach it makes him a formidable force in any professional setting. As an athlete, his sheer willpower and discipline propel him to push his limits and achieve greatness.

The Chariot as a man represents someone who makes you feel empowered, motivated, and supported in your pursuits. In his presence, you might feel an infectious surge of energy and inspiration, compelling you to chase after your dreams. His unwavering belief in his goals and his ability to achieve them serves as a beacon, illuminating the path for others to follow.

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Chariot Reversed as a Man

If the Chariot reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is losing control, facing delays, or off-track in his pursuits. This individual might have begun his journey with intense vigor and direction, but external or internal challenges have derailed his momentum. The obstacles faced might seem insurmountable, causing him to question his path and possibly consider abandoning his mission.

For physical characteristics, the Chariot reversed as a man represents someone who is haggard, showing signs of fatigue or stress. His eyes might appear tired and heavy, reflecting the weight of challenges he’s encountered. His shoulders, which once stood erect with determination, might now slump with the burden of setbacks, and his overall demeanor suggests a person running on empty.

For emotional characteristics, the Chariot reversed as a man represents someone who is frustrated, impatient, and possibly defeated. The fire of enthusiasm that once burned brightly in him now seems dim, replaced by feelings of disillusionment. His patience wears thin, and there might be moments where he displays outbursts of anger or shows signs of giving up.

Astrologically, the Chariot reversed as a man represents someone who is struggling with the more challenging aspects of Cancer or having issues with emotional security related to the Moon. Perhaps he’s experiencing intense mood swings, or his nurturing, protective instincts have turned overly defensive and stifling. Issues with home, family, or personal security might be at the forefront, causing him emotional distress.

For careers, the Chariot reversed can represent a man who works as a risk analyst, crisis manager, or roles addressing project failures. These roles involve identifying, assessing, and managing potential challenges or setbacks, and he might often find himself amidst chaotic situations, striving to regain control. His experience with struggles gives him the ability to foresee and mitigate issues, albeit sometimes being a reflection of his own internal conflicts.

The Chariot reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel unsettled, doubtful, or disheartened in your journey. His energy, mirroring the challenges he faces, might cast a shadow of uncertainty over your own path. Encounters with him might serve as a reminder of the rocky roads of life, urging you to brace for potential challenges or reconsider your current direction.

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For relationships and feelings, The Chariot can often be a tough card to swallow, because so often it says what we do not want a reading to say. However, there is good in every card. You can find the good in the Chariot by channeling its confidence and self-love into your own life. This energy can go in a very positive direction if you let it. Let it make you stronger, faster, and more dazzling in your own gorgeous attractiveness. 

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