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The Chariot is the card of triumph, success, determination, and action. The Chariot shows a brave warrior standing tall in his chariot. He is all about taking charge and moving forward. He is not about thinking or feeling, but about doing. Although this is a great card to get in a financial or career reading, it bodes more ominously for matters of love. 

The Chariot knows what he wants and how to get it. Although the two sphinxes in the front of the carriage are pulling in different directions, the Chariot has a strength of steel. He pushes them to go his way and to follow his will. 

Upright Chariot as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw the Chariot, it indicates an overwhelming yes! As a card that symbolizes triumph and success, this heeds great things. This is the perfect time for you to say yes to any questions that you aren’t sure how to answer. This card is all about moving forward, meaning that your life is about to propel in the right direction should keep taking leaps of faith. The universe is cheering you on with this card and is wholeheartedly telling you to leave behind any doubts and dive right in.

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, the Chariot indicates a no. While this card does attract success and triumph, it also symbolizes leaving your emotions behind and just getting right into the action. It tells you to disregard your emotions and to dive in head first, but when it comes to sensitive matters like love, it may be an ominous sign. Be careful when moving forward, especially when it concerns matters of the heart. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, the Chariot indicates yes. Take charge and keep paving the way forward. For your career, this predicts great things are about to come your way and your career is about to reach newer heights. With the strength of steel and determination, you know exactly what you want and how to get it. Follow your will, don’t worry too much, and keep moving!

For new and potential relationships, the Chariot is a no. The card depicts two sphinxes pulling the carriage in different directions, meaning there is something that is taking your attention away, or there is something trying to pull you away but you are ignoring these signs in your state of determination to get what you want. It’s important to take a step back and think not just with your brain, but with your heart as well. Going full speed ahead without taking your emotions into account could spell bad news for everyone involved. 

For existing relationships, the Chariot is a no. You or your partner may be in this relationship for selfish reasons. This card isn’t a very romantic one, as it indicates action over emotion. There is an ulterior motive at play here and whoever is chasing that goal will be working toward it relentlessly, even if it means someone dear to them gets hurt in the process. Your relationship may be a means to an end, so take caution and guard your heart. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Chariot is a no. Your ex has already begun moving on, leaving their emotions for you behind. They are no longer searching for you and have come to terms with the fact that your relationship is over. They want to just keep on moving forward, even if that means leaving your relationship and connection behind. Don’t take it personally and instead be happy for your previous partner as this card shows that they are healing. 

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Chariot Reversed as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw the Chariot reversed, it indicates a no. Your growth is being blocked at the moment. You are getting stuck in your head too much, overthinking even the most minuscule of details which ends up stunting your growth. You are afraid to move forward as you believe that you are content right where you are. Taking action right now may lead somewhere unsavory as you aren’t in the right mindset for movement. 

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, the Chariot reversed indicates a hesitant yes. You’re taking the time to think things through, but it’s entirely possible that you may head into things too steadfastly once you get excited. Keep being analytical while also listening to your heart for the best outcome. You need to take baby steps forward instead of trying to force your way ahead. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, the Chariot reversed indicates a no. This card symbolizes a lack of confidence. You feel as though your abilities aren’t on par with your coworkers, or that there’s nothing that you can do to impress anyone. You have no control over those external forces and it’s weighing heavy on your mind, halting your desire for progress. You need to get out of your own head and believe in yourself. 

For new and potential relationships, the Chariot reversed is another hesitant yes. Take your time to feel things out, before fully committing yourself to this relationship. You are feeling determined to make things work and while this is admirable, you may end up tying your partner’s hands together. They could feel as though you are micromanaging every part of their life in your quest to make this relationship blossom. Allow things to naturally progress and trust that your partner wants the same thing as you. 

For existing relationships, the Chariot reversed as is a yes. Both parties are determined and are continuously analyzing the state of your relationship. You are both mature enough to take steps back and consult your brain and not just your heart. You want to keep things moving but understand that it’s important to go at your own pace. However, it is good to exercise caution as there may be potholes that your relationship could get stuck in. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Chariot reversed is a confused yes. Take this with a grain of salt as this card indicates that your ex has very mixed feelings about you right now. They don’t want to go back to how things were, but they also don’t want to move forward without you in their lives. They are stuck at a standstill, unable to make a move. Don’t stick around waiting for them as you will get dragged into their stillness and might end up missing out on life!

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For relationships and feelings, The Chariot can often be a tough card to swallow, because so often it says what we do not want a reading to say. However, there is good in every card. You can find the good in the Chariot by channeling its confidence and self-love into your own life. This energy can go in a very positive direction if you let it. Let it make you stronger, faster, and more dazzling in your own gorgeous attractiveness. 

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