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Death is the card of transformation, change, and rebirth. Although it has a bad reputation (made worse by B-horror movies), Death is actually one of the most positive cards in the Tarot! Death sits upright on his horse, ushering in a new era. Without winter, there is no spring. Death is the other side of life, making rebirth possible. 

Death reminds us to let go of what is not serving us. When we let go of what is no longer healthy, we open ourselves to positivity and possibility. When one door closes, another opens. Similarly, Death signals that a major phase in your life is ending, but another is starting. When we lean into its energy, we can let go of the past and focus on our present and our future. 

Upright Death as a Man

If Death appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is undergoing profound transformations, embracing endings, and making way for new beginnings. He might have a magnetizing aura that draws people into deeper conversations, bypassing small talk almost entirely. His voice could have a mysterious tone that makes you curious, urging you to explore deeper layers of meaning in everything.

For physical characteristics, Death as a man represents someone who is stern, with penetrating eyes that seem to see beyond the surface, and possibly a mature appearance suggesting wisdom. His gaze could be unsettling yet inviting, pushing you into a state of self-awareness. You might also notice an earthy scent around him, reminiscent of petrichor, the scent of the earth after a rainfall, symbolizing rebirth.

For emotional characteristics, Death as a man represents someone who is accepting of change, emotionally resilient, and understands the cyclical nature of life. He has a capacity to hold space for emotional heaviness, making you feel comfortable sharing your deepest fears and hopes. His expressions seem measured, and when he smiles or shows emotion, it has a sense of sincerity that’s felt rather than just seen.

Astrologically, Death as a man represents someone who is related to Scorpio, embracing the transformative, deep, and regenerative qualities of the sign. He likely has significant placements in Scorpio, like the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, that fuel his interest in transformation and hidden truths. A strong Pluto aspect in his chart might also accentuate these qualities, making him particularly insightful about life’s complexities.

For careers, Death can represent a man who works as a therapist, a surgeon, or someone in the funeral industry. Each of these roles involves navigating profound transitions, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual. His workspace could be filled with artifacts or books related to his profession, and perhaps symbols or quotes that pertain to cycles, transitions, or the fleeting nature of life.

Death as a man represents someone who makes you feel reflective, aware of life’s impermanence, and ready to embrace change. When you are around him, you may feel an instinctual pull to self-reflect or even reconsider long-held beliefs or patterns. The air may feel slightly heavy yet invigorating, as if you’ve just turned a significant corner in your personal journey.

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Reversed Death as a Man

If Death reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is resisting necessary change, clinging to the past, or fearing inevitable transitions. His presence might create a stifling atmosphere, like a room that needs to be aired out, making you feel like you’re unable to breathe deeply. His voice may quiver or break when talking about change or the future, revealing his internal struggle.

For physical characteristics, Death reversed as a man represents someone who is pale, with an aura of unease or discomfort and possibly looking older than his years. You might notice that his shoulders are often slumped, as if carrying the weight of his unresolved past. His cologne or natural scent could even be musty, suggesting a resistance to fresh starts or new experiences.

For emotional characteristics, Death reversed as a man represents someone who is fearful, stuck in the past, and struggling with denial. The tone of his speech might be tinged with regret or hesitancy, and he tends to steer conversations toward topics from the past, avoiding discussions about the future or any current transformative events. When he does express emotion, it’s often tinged with a sadness that seems long-held and unresolved.

Astrologically, Death reversed as a man represents someone who is fighting the transformative energies of Scorpio, possibly fearing deep emotional connections or changes. He may have challenging aspects to his Pluto, like squares or oppositions, that make him uncomfortable with the transformative energies this planet brings. Additionally, a poorly aspected Moon could indicate emotional difficulties in letting go and embracing change.

For careers, Death reversed can represent a man who works as a historian, antique dealer, or any profession clinging to the past. The work environment around him might be filled with items or documents from bygone eras, and he may seem more comfortable discussing histories and past events than contemplating future possibilities. The way he holds himself at work might be rigid, like he is bracing himself against the winds of change.

Death reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel anxious about change, nostalgic, or resistant to letting go. The touch of his hand might feel cold, increasing your own sense of unease. Being in his presence might make you overly aware of the ticking of a clock or the changing of seasons, as if reminding you of the passing time he is unwilling to accept.

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For relationships and feelings, Death reveals the power of transformative change. For the end of every cycle comes the beginning of another. In order to grow, we must shed beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving us. Death can mean the literal end of a relationship. Equally, it can mean the end of one phase in your relationship and beginning of another. There is no life without Death. Embrace the transformative energy of this card to feel radically empowered. 

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