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Death is the card of transformation, change, and rebirth. Although it has a bad reputation (made worse by B-horror movies), Death is actually one of the most positive cards in the Tarot! Death sits upright on his horse, ushering in a new era. Without winter, there is no spring. Death is the other side of life, making rebirth possible. 

Death reminds us to let go of what is not serving us. When we let go of what is no longer healthy, we open ourselves to positivity and possibility. When one door closes, another opens. Similarly, Death signals that a major phase in your life is ending, but another is starting. When we lean into its energy, we can let go of the past and focus on our present and our future. 

Upright Death as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw Death, it indicates a yes. This card symbolizes rebirth and transformation. Things will never be the same after this. Though it has a negative connotation, know that Death doesn’t necessarily signal an end–it could also be the symbol of a new beginning. Something is going to end soon, but that just means that new things will also blossom. 

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, Death indicates a yes. This symbolizes that you’re ready for change. You’ve left behind the hurt you’ve been carrying around and are ready to welcome newer, brighter things into your life. Big changes can be scary, but only if you assume they’ll be negative. Any situation can be made positive with the right mindset. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, Death indicates a yes. Lean into the energy that this card brings. It indicates that you must first lose something in order to gain something. You’ve shed the actions and behaviors that have been holding you back, and now the universe is ready to reward you for that, in the form of boosting your career. 

For new and potential relationships, Death is a possible yes or no. Your partner’s feelings for you are changing. And while it’s unclear whether it’s in a positive or negative sense, you should embrace this change for what it is as it’ll be good for you in the long run. You could’ve helped them release past hurts and become a better person, or you could’ve done something that might have made them look in the other direction. 

For existing relationships, Death is a yes. It seems that your relationship has been stuck in an unsavory loop for quite some time. Well, the good news is here because this card is your sign that things will be turning around soon enough. A big change is about to occur that will change your relationship dynamic for the better. No matter what happens, things will no longer be the same as your relationship takes steps in a healthier direction. Just embrace this change and enjoy your relationship!

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, Death is a no. Your ex accepts what happened and knows that things are going to continue to change, even without you there. They accept that though things have come to an end, it also symbolizes that new beginnings are on the horizon for them. Allow them the time and space to continue moving on and just be happy for them from a distance. 

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Reversed Death as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw Death reversed, it indicates a strong no. You are resisting change, doing everything in your power to stop it from occurring. However, you must know that you cannot change the course of life, and even if you come to a standstill, time and life will continue moving, with or without you. You are trapped in negative emotional patterns that are halting your acceptance of change. Embrace change and know that it isn’t there to hurt you — it’s the only way for you to achieve the things you want. 

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, Death reversed indicates no. This card reversed shows signs of codependency. It shows that you are afraid of being alone, and especially afraid of facing change without having someone familiar to lean on. You may be hanging onto things that aren’t there anymore, further plunging yourself into darkness. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, Death reversed indicates no. You cannot expect professional success when you don’t want to embrace new things. In order to welcome newer, brighter things in your life, you must be excited at the prospect of change. You are unwilling to get out of your comfort zone and this could be detrimental to your career as it is important to be ever-evolving in the professional world. 

For new and potential relationships, Death reversed is a no. It would be difficult to welcome a new person into your life if you are unwilling to accept change. In one way or another, your life will never be the same once you get to know someone new, meaning this is not a good card for someone looking to start a new romantic endeavor. It could be either you or your potential partner who is unreceptive to change, making your relationship doomed from the start. 

For existing relationships, Death reversed as is a no. If you already have existing problems in your relationship, it will be hard to find resolutions for that as there is someone in your duo who is unwilling to change their ways. They are stubborn and are dependent on the other to always be the one to understand them, but that isn’t what a healthy relationship is all about. This could be your sign to take a step back and analyze what factors are driving your relationship. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, Death reversed is a hesitant yes. Your ex is having a hard time moving on from you as they don’t want to embrace that change. They are feeling insecure and are regretting the breakup. However, it could be possible that they only want to reconcile out of convenience. They are stuck in the past and are unable to look toward the future, especially if it doesn’t involve you. They must break the unhealthy cycle that they’re in if you’re hoping for a healthy reconciliation. 

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For relationships and feelings, Death reveals the power of transformative change. For the end of every cycle comes the beginning of another. In order to grow, we must shed beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving us. Death can mean the literal end of a relationship. Equally, it can mean the end of one phase in your relationship and beginning of another. There is no life without Death. Embrace the transformative energy of this card to feel radically empowered. 

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