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The Devil is the card of addiction, sexual desire, codependency, and attachment issues. This card shows two people, a man and a woman, chained to the devil himself. Though it seems like they are being held against their will, look further and you will see that the chains around their neck are quite loose. They have the capability to free themselves if they wish. 

The Devil reminds us that while desire is good, taken to an extreme, it becomes deadly. Addictions (whether to drugs, sex, or love) kill loving relationships. Codependency is dangerous, and we must develop our own individuality in a relationship. The Devil also reminds us that the greatest chains are the ones we set upon ourselves. It is up to us if we want to make a change. Our greatest power is within us. 

Upright Devil as Present

If you are asking about the present, and you draw the Devil, it means that you are currently facing challenges related to bondage, materialism, or unhealthy behaviors that are holding you back. This card suggests that it’s time to confront these issues head-on, recognizing the ways in which your own fears or desires may be limiting your growth and happiness. It encourages a deep examination of your life to identify where you may be giving away your power and to take steps towards reclaiming your autonomy and freedom.

The Devil as the present can represent being trapped by the illusions of the material world or by negative patterns that restrict true freedom and growth. This card indicates a need to break free from the chains of external validation, excessive materialism, or self-destructive habits. By acknowledging the hold these patterns have on you and consciously choosing to release them, you can pave the way for a more fulfilling and liberated existence, where personal values and integrity guide your actions.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Devil in the present position means that the relationship may be experiencing issues of dependency, power struggles, or unhealthy attachments. This card warns of the dangers of allowing possessiveness, jealousy, or co-dependency to undermine the foundation of your partnership. It calls for an honest assessment of the relationship dynamics, encouraging both partners to address these challenges with openness and a commitment to mutual respect and growth, fostering a healthier, more balanced connection.

If you are asking about an ex, the Devil in the present position means that there may still be toxic ties or patterns that need to be acknowledged and released for true healing to occur. This card signifies that lingering attachments or unresolved issues from the past relationship are impeding your emotional recovery and personal progress. It urges you to confront these shadows, allowing yourself to let go of the past and move forward with clarity and strength, free from the burdens that no longer serve you.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Devil in the present position means that the relationship might be influenced by negative habits, manipulation, or control issues that are damaging the bond. This card highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing these destructive patterns, advocating for healthy boundaries and open communication. By taking steps to heal and transform these dynamics, you can work towards a relationship based on mutual respect, understanding, and genuine support.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Devil in the present position means that material obsession, unethical practices, or feeling trapped in a job or situation due to financial insecurities may be prevalent. This card cautions against compromising your values for material gain and challenges you to consider more ethical and fulfilling paths. By reassessing your priorities and making conscious choices that align with your true self, you can overcome these obstacles and create a sense of empowerment and integrity in your professional and financial life.

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Reversed Devil as Present

If you are asking about the present, and you draw the Devil reversed, it means that you are recognizing and confronting the chains that bind you, taking steps towards liberation and breaking free from negative cycles. This card signifies a period of awakening, where you are becoming aware of the ways in which fear, dependency, or self-limitation have been holding you back. It heralds a time of empowerment and the courage to reclaim your autonomy, encouraging you to pursue a path of personal freedom and authentic expression.

The Devil reversed as the present can represent the process of overcoming addictions, breaking free from limitations, and rejecting materialistic values that no longer serve you. This shift indicates a significant transformation, where you are choosing to let go of unhealthy attachments and behaviors in favor of a more fulfilling and spiritually enriched life. It’s a reminder that liberation from these constraints opens the door to new opportunities and a deeper connection with your true self.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Devil reversed in the present position means that both partners are working to overcome issues of control, dependency, or negativity, aiming for a healthier dynamic. This card reflects a mutual commitment to addressing and healing the aspects of the relationship that have been destructive or unbalanced. It suggests that through honesty, mutual support, and a dedication to growth, you can create a more loving and equitable partnership that honors the freedom and individuality of each person.

If you are asking about an ex, the Devil reversed in the present position means that you are in the process of releasing any lingering toxic ties or lessons learned from the relationship. This card signifies a phase of healing and detachment, where you are actively working to let go of the past and the negative patterns associated with it. It’s a sign of progress and personal growth, marking a move towards closure and the ability to embrace the future with optimism and an open heart.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Devil reversed in the present position means that efforts are being made to resolve conflicts, break away from unhealthy patterns, and restore positivity to the relationship. This card indicates a turning point, where both parties are acknowledging the need for change and are taking steps to improve their interaction and understanding. It highlights the importance of forgiveness, open communication, and the willingness to work together towards rebuilding a healthier and more supportive connection.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Devil reversed in the present position means that you may be seeking ethical alignment in your work or financial freedom from oppressive situations. This card suggests a reevaluation of your professional goals and financial practices, emphasizing the desire to align your actions with your values and integrity. It’s a call to advocate for fairness, to challenge exploitative conditions, and to pursue opportunities that offer not only financial reward but also a sense of personal satisfaction and moral congruence.

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For relationships and feelings, the Devil reveals the darker side of lust and desire. Chemistry can be a great thing, but taken to an extreme, can become an addiction. No matter how tempting, unhealthy behavioral patterns ultimately do not produce the results that we want. The Devil serves as a warning sign, urging us to identify and bring the issues out of the dark and into broad daylight. With honest communication, we can build a solid foundation for the future.  

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