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Online tarot readings are convenient. You can get them whenever you want, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Online tarot readings are even anonymous, as you never have to have a face-to-face conversation with your reader. There’s no one to see where you’re going, no one to question your beliefs (you believe in that woo-woo stuff?!).

But, do online tarot readings work? Can you really get accurate answers if your psychic has never met you? Are remote and virtual tarot readings really a thing?

Yes, virtual tarot readings do work. 

Remote tarot readings can be just as accurate as visiting an intuitive reader in person. 

As long as you and your reader are taking the right steps, online tarot readings can be just as informative and insightful for you as a skilled psychic working with you in person.

So what are these right steps?

In this article, we’ll explain what the different types of online readings are, how online tarot readings work, and how you can ensure that you get the most accurate reading possible. 

Types of Online Tarot Readings

Automated & Computer Generated Online Tarot Readings

There are many free websites and apps that give you automated and computer-generated tarot readings. The cards are selected by the computer, and many come with auto-generated descriptions of the cards and their meanings.

Automated readings can be a great tool to look at a general situation, especially if you are experienced with Tarot. You’ll be able to get insights by filling in the blanks and reading in between the lines, seeing how the different cards interact with each other to get a deep read. If you are not experienced with Tarot, it may feel like it’s not personalized for your situation because the readings and the meanings are generic, and you may be unsure of how to translate it into your unique situation. 

People are often skeptical of fully automated readings, and some of these reasons are valid. What’s stopping a person from asking the same question over and over again, while getting different answers each time? Isn’t it no better than a randomized selection? I’ll be honest: I’ve been there. I’ve asked automated tarot reading systems the same question over and over again, always feeling like I’m not getting the answer I want, and getting more and more frustrated and confused each time. 

That is true, so for the purposes of this article, when we talk about online tarot readings, we will be focusing on remote tarot readings done by a real, human reader.  

Remote Tarot Readings

You can also get online tarot readings done by a professional tarot reader. In this type of reading, you will meet with your reader virtually. Typically, you will tell the reader a little about you and your situation beforehand, so they can come into the reading prepared and ready to tune into your unique psychic energy. Remote and virtual tarot readings have only gotten more popular after the pandemic, with some psychics moving their entire practice online. 

The reader will then pick the cards for you while focusing on your energy. As long as they are fully attuned into your energy, they will be able to pick the right cards for you to ensure an accurate reading. It’s your energy that individualizes the reading. 

One common question that people have around remote tarot readings is, “If I’m not the one shuffling and picking the cards, how will it be accurate?” The truth is, even in in-person readings, not every reader allows the client to touch their cards. The most important aspect for accuracy is being able to tune into the client’s unique psychic energy. 

After the cards are selected, the reader will interpret the cards for you, giving insights and making predictions about your unique situation. They will tailor the cards’ interpretation to the specific questions that you are asking. 

At this point, you will be able to give your thoughts on their interpretation and ask further questions until your remote session is over. With some services, you can even ask your reader unlimited questions. Additional cards may be drawn, with more answers given. This is very similar to how a session would unfold with an in-person tarot reader. 

Many online tarot readings are paid by the minute or have a specific cut-off time. At Sibyl, we don’t like to rush you. Our all-inclusive membership gives you all the time that you need to ask as many questions as you’d like and follow up with updates.  

How to Ensure an Accurate Online Tarot Reading

As discussed above, the most important part of ensuring an online tarot reading’s accuracy is giving your reader everything they need to tune into your unique psychic energy. We will discuss what that is and what are its components. 

Auras: An Individual’s Unique Psychic Energy

Every individual has a unique psychic energy around them. This is your aura. Think of your aura like a psychic fingerprint. Every person has one, and each person has a slightly different one. It is made up of many unique components, from your star sign, your birth time and location, and the many experiences that you’ve had up to this point that make you you. Your aura is also the energy that you are putting out into the world around you. Psychics are able to do readings by looking at and tuning into specific strands of energy.

At Sibyl, we ask all new clients to fill out a detailed profile, which we call an Initial Intuitive Attunement, to help our readers find each client’s individual aura. Let’s walk through all of the components below. 

Full Name

Your full name is a major component that goes into your unique aura. Numerologists use your full name to calculate your Chaldean, Destiny, and Soul Urge numbers. Have you ever heard someone call out your name, and you immediately turn to look, even though they weren’t calling for you? That’s your subconscious reacting because your name is so integral to who you are

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign

Your date of birth is also a very important component of your unique psychic fingerprint. For millennia, astrologists have known that your date of birth forms an important part of your aura and unique identity. It determines your zodiac or Sun sign, which dictates how you answer the question, “I am..” and how you experience life and express your individuality. 

Time & Location of Birth

The precise time and location of your birth allows a competent psychic to hone in even deeper on your unique aura. With this information, we can discover your moon and ascendant signs, as well as the precise locations of all of the planets at the time and place of your birth. This gives an experienced intuitive an even more precise understanding of which psychic strands of energy to pull on during your reading. 


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this concept is also very true when it comes to psychic attunement with an individual. This is how psychics attune to you in person, by looking at you and feeling the energy surrounding you. A photo can help us do a lot of this same work when it comes to an online tarot reading.

Current Location

Your current location helps intuitives find your aura, because this is where your aura is physically located. Once they know where in the world you are, they can tune in more accurately to your unique energy. 


We also ask our clients to write a short biography about themselves. What do they find important about themselves? This gives a good look at the more subtle qualities of their energy. Are they playful? Are they serious? What is most important to them? You can tell a lot about someone’s individuality by how they describe themselves. 

Names, Dates of Birth & Photos of Other People Involved in the Reading

If your reading involves other people, it means that it also involves those people’s unique psychic energy and aura. Providing their names, date of birth, and photos help the psychic tune into and find this person’s psychic profile, allowing them to make a connection between them and you. 

Questions & Context

With the accuracy of the psychic auras established, all the psychic then needs is a direction to point it. With your questions and any context that you’d like to share in mind, the tarot reader can then direct the cards to reveal the specific insights that you need to hear the most right now. Note that this is what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Many specifics of your situation may end up coming out when this attunement is on point, whether you mentioned it to your reader or not.   


Ultimately, you get as much out of an online tarot reading as you put into it. Online tarot readings can work, and they can work really well. 

Once you take the concept of auras into consideration, it makes a lot of sense. If you go to a tarot card reader in person, the reader can naturally tune into your psychic energy because you are right there in front of them. 

When it comes to remote readings, you can ensure that same accuracy by providing your reader with the precise data they need to find and connect with your unique psychic fingerprint. This ensures that you will get back an accurate and insightful tarot reading.

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