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The Fool is the card of new beginnings, amazing opportunities, and unlimited potential. Labeled card number “0,” The Fool is traditionally the first and the last card in the Tarot. The Fool is there as the bridge between each cycle of endings and beginnings. As a result, the Tarot is called “The Fool’s Journey,” as a metaphor for the cycles of love and life. 

The Fool is young and full of wonder, innocence, optimism, and freedom. He overlooks a cliff, but is too inexperienced to be afraid. Like the white rose he holds in his hand, he is pure. With his companion by his side, and the sun shining on his back, he is ready to love freely and dive into life headfirst.

Upright Fool as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Fool, that means that you are advised to allow this person to get to know you better. This person has been taken by you and is keen to explore further. Their excitement is palpable, they find themselves compelled to answer the call of their heart – though unsure of what awaits them in this new phase with you. Without any trepidation or inhibition, they are ready for a leap of faith into uncharted waters – trusting that whatever happens will be worth it! And best yet, there’s still plenty left undiscovered between the two of you; no feelings have been fully formed just yet and so much more lies within reach.

For love, the Fool as advice means that you should allow yourself to be carefree with them, as they feel the same way about you. Your presence is uplifting and inspiring. With you, they feel alive like never before – bubbling with excitement and joy. You connect them to their inner youth where passions are ignited, creativity abounds, and unlimited possibilities await! The feeling of being in touch with this part of themselves is invigorating, so you should follow suit. 

For singles, the Fool as love advice means that you should take the leap and just fall in love! Love can be a powerful and exhilarating thing! When you meet someone that makes your heart flutter, it’s natural to feel the thrill of those first moments. But with this exciting new beginning also comes uncertainty; will these happy feelings last or fizzle out as time goes on? There’s only one way to find out.

For new and potential relationships, the Fool as love advice means that you’re about to set off on a whirlwind romance. Suddenly, there’s a spark — someone has started to fall for you hard and fast! It’s like the feeling of fresh love in bloom; all those butterflies can be thrilling. But whether this flicker evolves into something richer still is yet unknown. Only an adventure together could tell us that — so why not take the plunge?

For existing relationships, the Fool as advice means that they see you as a new beginning. It could be time for the two of you to ignite a new flame in your relationship! Feelings have been rejuvenated, so why not embrace this chance to stoke an exciting period where passion and commitment reign. Make sure that it’s just as strong at the end as it is now and get ready for some serious sparkle.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Fool as love advice shows that this may be the time to try again. The Fool may indicate that their love for you has been reignited in a powerful way. It’s likely they’re seeing something new and beautiful inside of you — and it brings them joy. With such positive feelings, don’t be surprised if they reach out to see if there is potential for reconciling what once was between the two of you. This could be an avenue worth exploring.

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Fool Reversed as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Fool reversed, that means that you are advised to give your person some space. Those facing new beginnings often find themselves stuck in an emotional purgatory, haunted by feelings of fear and uncertainty. A voice inside their head will whisper “What am I getting myself into?” and lead to a crippling sense of being out of control, leaving them unable to move forward or take action. Yet with the right tools at hand, these apprehensions can be conquered — allowing anyone to step bravely on to that path toward progress.

For love, the Fool reversed as advice means that you should be more careful with your actions. It’s great to be spontaneous and live in the moment, but your words and actions can easily get away from you. Being reckless with them is only going to hurt those around you – so don’t forget that a little self-reflection goes a long way! With just an ounce of consideration for others’ feelings, one can maintain their wild spirit without sacrificing compassion or kindness.

For singles, the Fool reversed as love advice means that this person just isn’t the one for you. You deserve to start a new relationship on the right foot – one where both parties are able and willing to move forward. Sometimes, when we’re scared of what may lie ahead, it can be hard for someone else to help us out of our funk. If this person is unable or unwilling to overcome their fear in order to take your connection further then don’t wait around. There are plenty more potential matches just waiting around the corner ready for you.

For new and potential relationships, the Fool reversed as love advice means this relationship isn’t going to start off on the right foot. It’s time to move forward—to a brighter romantic future! Beyond the uncertainty of where you currently stand, it can be difficult for either person in any relationship to take that big step. If they’re able and willing to get unstuck from their fears so things can progress with you two? Greatness awaits. But if not, there are plenty more fish swimming around who may just give your love life an amazing jump-start.

For existing relationships, the Fool reversed as advice means that they see you as a need to bring back the excitement in your relationship. It can seem like you’ve been stuck in the same loop for eternity and have no way out. Break the cycle, break free from that rut. Open up those lines of communication so that your relationship has more than just a spark — it’s blazing alive with intimacy which will leave both of you feeling deeply inspired by one another again. Go on dates outside of what’s usual – focus on being spontaneous together to bring back all those exciting, loving feelings as if they’d never gone away.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Fool reversed as love advice shows that you should first look within yourself and come to terms with your emotions. They care about you deeply, but the tension of past hurts has them pulled in opposite directions. To make things right again requires facing their own fears and working through any emotional blockages that may exist between the two of you. It won’t be easy – without confronting these issues, there’s no chance to move forward together.

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For love readings, the Fool is full of duality. Just as the Fool, as the 0th card, is the start and end of the Tarot (often aptly titled as the Journey of the Fool), the Fool is also at the beginning and end of any relationship. The Fool can be a new beginning for a reconciliation reading. If you are willing to start again at the beginning, you will need to see where it goes, and if the relationship will develop into something deep and meaningful. If you are nearing the end of the cycle, you may need to decide if you’ve learned its lessons and are ready to close out this circle gracefully.

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