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The Fool is the card of new beginnings, amazing opportunities, and unlimited potential. Labeled card number “0,” The Fool is traditionally the first and the last card in the Tarot. The Fool is there as the bridge between each cycle of endings and beginnings. As a result, the Tarot is called “The Fool’s Journey,” as a metaphor for the cycles of love and life. 

The Fool is young and full of wonder, innocence, optimism, and freedom. He overlooks a cliff, but is too inexperienced to be afraid. Like the white rose he holds in his hand, he is pure. With his companion by his side, and the sun shining on his back, he is ready to love freely and dive into life headfirst.

Upright Fool as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw the Fool, it indicates a strong yes. The Fool is the personification of freedom, adventure, and innocence. This card tells you to take risks and be spontaneous in making decisions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Trust the timing and go with the flow.

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, the Fool indicates a yes in the form of a new and exciting love. Signifying new beginnings, the Fool is your sign to get lost in the feelings of a budding romance. This card encourages you to be a complete fool in love. Make a move without thinking of the consequences. Whatever the results— you will learn valuable lessons.

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, the Fool indicates an affirmative yes disguised in a new amazing opportunity. The Fool indicates your never-ending potential is about to take you places. There is no need for second thoughts. Take a blind leap of faith. Trust in your skills and let it take you anywhere you want.

For new and potential relationships, the Fool is an exhilarating yes. The universe is conspiring for you to jump and let yourself fall. Nothing beats the thrill and joy of having a new person to share your life to. Take this as a sign to dive in a relationship without fear of rejection. Trust that you’re a wonderful person and the results you desire are within your reach.

For existing relationships, the Fool as is an assuring yes. As the card of unlimited potential, this card symbolizes the fire and passion of your existing relationship. The sparks have never left. You and your partner are very much intoxicated with each other. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Fool is an encouraging yes. With this card signalizing new beginnings, a past relationship could be ready to embark on a new journey. Gone are the pains of the past. This is the time to make new memories. 

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Fool Reversed as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw the Fool reversed, it indicates a clear no. The Fool reversed denotes carelessness and fear of the unknown. It could be that you were too anxious to move forward or too busy taking risks. In other words, you failed to strike while the iron is not. Although something significant may come into your life, your lack of faith blocks you from entirely making the most out of it.

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, the Fool reversed indicates a no with caution. It implies the beginning of a whirlwind romance, one where it initially swoons you over and leaves you hanging. The passion for new love, as well as rainbows and butterflies, is there, but it will not last. Something is blocking you from experiencing real love, the one that you deserve. This might have something to do with your past and manifest in your current.

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, the Fool reversed indicates a no. You should be cautious about making commitments. Before deciding to take up a project, you must spend time on the drawing board and draft a concrete plan. Although you are skillful enough, the Fool reversed highlights the dangers of jumping into work without a strategy in place. Doing so will ultimately result in failure.

For new and potential relationships, the Fool reversed is a firm no. This person has feelings for you but cannot move forward. Something is preventing them from offering you a new beginning. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with you. They may have unresolved trauma in the past, or they may simply fear the unknown. They need to address and overcome this blockage first before they can have a new beginning with anyone else.

For existing relationships, the Fool reversed as is a hopeful no. You are in a situation where there is incessant fighting over the same things as if you are in a loop of fighting and making up. The spark and passion that glued you together at the start are no longer there. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to turn the tables. Bring back the love by spending quality, renewing your passion for one another, and moving forward more in love than ever.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Fool reversed is a no. Your ex may still harbor feelings for you, but they are afraid to make a decision. Will they pursue you once again or move on for good? They can’t decide because something is blocking them from doing so. Reconciliation may not be part of their plans right now.

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For love readings, the Fool is full of duality. Just as the Fool, as the 0th card, is the start and end of the Tarot (often aptly titled as the Journey of the Fool), the Fool is also at the beginning and end of any relationship. The Fool can be a new beginning for a reconciliation reading. If you are willing to start again at the beginning, you will need to see where it goes, and if the relationship will develop into something deep and meaningful. If you are nearing the end of the cycle, you may need to decide if you’ve learned its lessons and are ready to close out this circle gracefully.

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