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Hermit is the card of self-reflection, solitude, introspection, and wisdom. An old man stands alone at the top of a peak, holding a lantern in one hand and his staff in the other. The Hermit shows that being alone is a necessary part of the cycle of life and relationships, because it connects us with our deeper wisdom and true self. 

The Hermit is not a traditional “love” card. It’s easy to feel scared when the Hermit comes up in a love reading. Does it mean that someone doesn’t want to be with you? Remember that there are positives and negatives to be found in every card. In love readings, the Hermit asks us to get in touch with and serve our Wise Self. In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. 

Upright Hermit as a Man

If the Hermit appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is introspective, seeking deeper understanding, and often enjoying solitude. This individual is the type to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to delve into the deeper questions that occupy his mind. He values the quiet moments, finding that in silence, the most profound revelations arise.

For physical characteristics, the Hermit as a man represents someone who is of a reserved demeanor, perhaps with a contemplative gaze and an aura of stillness. His attire might lean towards simplicity, devoid of loud colors or flashy patterns. To touch, his hand might feel steady and cool, a testament to his calm nature. His voice, a soft murmur, carries words chosen with care, resonating with depth and insight.

For emotional characteristics, the Hermit as a man represents someone who is reflective, wise, and at peace with himself. He doesn’t hastily react to situations; instead, he processes and understands them deeply. While he may not always express his emotions openly, when he does, it’s with a clarity that reflects his profound inner journey.

Astrologically, the Hermit as a man represents someone who is under the influence of Virgo, analytical, detail-oriented, and seeking purity in understanding. Virgo’s meticulous nature aligns with the Hermit’s quest for deeper truths, analyzing every facet of a situation or idea. This Virgo influence also means he values precision and has an innate ability to discern the essential from the non-essential.

For careers, the Hermit can represent a man who works as a researcher, spiritual leader, or philosopher. In these roles, his penchant for introspection and analysis serves him well. As a researcher, he delves deep into subjects, as a spiritual leader, he guides with wisdom, and as a philosopher, he ponders life’s most profound questions.

The Hermit as a man represents someone who makes you feel calm, introspective, and inspired to seek within. In his presence, the external world’s chaos seems to fade, replaced by an invitation to delve deep into one’s own thoughts and feelings. His energy, serene and profound, encourages introspection and self-discovery.

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Reversed Hermit as a Man

If the Hermit reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is isolated, overly withdrawn, or resisting introspection. This individual may have built walls around himself, either out of fear or a misplaced sense of self-reliance. The reversed Hermit’s solitude isn’t a chosen path of enlightenment but rather an unintentional result of retreating from the world.

For physical characteristics, the Hermit reversed as a man represents someone who is visibly weary, with a distant look and an air of detachment. His skin may appear pallid from lack of sunlight, and his posture might be slouched from the weight of loneliness. When you touch him, there might be a coldness, not just in temperature but in response. His voice, once filled with wisdom, may now sound monotone or disinterested.

For emotional characteristics, the Hermit reversed as a man represents someone who is lonely, disconnected, or lost in overthinking. He might struggle to connect with others, finding it hard to express or even understand his own emotions. This state of mind can lead him to ruminate on past mistakes or future anxieties, preventing him from being present.

Astrologically, the Hermit reversed as a man represents someone who is struggling with the shadow aspects of Virgo, such as over-criticism or excessive skepticism. This might manifest as a tendency to nitpick details to the point of obsession or a refusal to believe in anything that cannot be logically explained. Such struggles can make him resistant to accepting guidance or seeking spiritual insight, trapping him in a cycle of self-imposed limitations.

For careers, the Hermit reversed can represent a man who works as an archivist, database manager, or any role with excessive isolation. These professions might amplify his sense of seclusion, limiting his interactions and keeping him confined in environments that lack interpersonal connections. The lack of social engagement in these roles could further exacerbate his feelings of detachment and loneliness.

The Hermit reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel distant, perplexed, or concerned about their well-being. His energy is not inviting but rather gives off a sense of being unreachable, like a puzzle that’s missing a few crucial pieces. When around him, you may feel an urge to reach out, to bridge the gap, but find yourself unsure of how to break through the barriers he’s erected.

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For relationships and feelings, Hermit reveals our inner wisdom and the strength of our bond with our Self. In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. It shows that codependency is not love. If we are not careful, closeness can become toxic suffocation. The space for individual growth is necessary for a healthy relationship. If you lean into the wisdom of the Hermit, your relationships will become stronger, more confident, and more fulfilled.

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