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Hermit is the card of self-reflection, solitude, introspection, and wisdom. An old man stands alone at the top of a peak, holding a lantern in one hand and his staff in the other. The Hermit shows that being alone is a necessary part of the cycle of life and relationships, because it connects us with our deeper wisdom and true self. 

The Hermit is not a traditional “love” card. It’s easy to feel scared when the Hermit comes up in a love reading. Does it mean that someone doesn’t want to be with you? Remember that there are positives and negatives to be found in every card. In love readings, the Hermit asks us to get in touch with and serve our Wise Self. In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. 

Upright Hermit as a Woman

If the Hermit appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is focused on introspection, wisdom, and solitude for personal growth. This woman’s presence often evokes an atmosphere of quiet contemplation, encouraging those around her to look inward for answers. She values quality time alone, where she delves into her thoughts or perhaps ancient texts, seeking enlightenment and a deeper understanding of her life path.

For physical characteristics, the Hermit as a woman represents someone who is unassuming yet magnetic; her eyes are contemplative, her voice soft but profound, her touch is calming, and she smells like sage or incense. Her eyes may not be the most striking, but they hold a depth that suggests she’s well acquainted with the inner worlds. Her voice, while not loud, resonates on a frequency that seems to stir the soul. When she touches you, perhaps just a reassuring hand on the shoulder, you feel your stress and worries dissipate. Her scent often carries the earthy notes of sage or the celestial scent of incense, grounding you and elevating your thoughts simultaneously.

For emotional characteristics, the Hermit as a woman represents someone who is emotionally reserved, introspective, and wise. She doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeve, choosing instead to process her feelings in the sanctuary of her private space. Yet, her emotional depth is palpable; she possesses an ancient kind of wisdom that many seek but few truly understand.

Astrologically, the Hermit as a woman represents someone who is likely to have strong Virgo or Mercury placements, emphasizing analytical skills and wisdom. Her chart may feature a Virgo Sun or Moon, amplifying her analytical abilities and her love for solitude. Alternatively, a prominent Mercury could indicate her aptitude for communication on deeper, more esoteric topics.

For careers, the Hermit can represent a woman who works as a scholar, researcher, or spiritual guide. Her workspace is likely filled with books, artifacts, and tools for introspection, like tarot cards or meditation cushions. She could be in academia, pouring over ancient texts, or she might be a spiritual mentor guiding others on their personal paths towards enlightenment.

The Hermit as a woman represents someone who makes you feel reflective and at peace. Just being in her presence encourages you to turn inwards and contemplate life’s deeper meanings. Her quiet demeanor and palpable wisdom serve as a comforting reminder that solitude can be a pathway to profound personal growth and understanding.

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Reversed Hermit as a Woman

If the Hermit reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is potentially disconnected from others due to excessive introspection or isolation. Her inward journey may have turned into a form of escapism, distancing her from meaningful relationships and societal obligations. This extreme detachment could make it difficult for her to connect with others or even recognize the need for connection.

For physical characteristics, the Hermit reversed as a woman represents someone who is visibly aloof; her eyes may appear glazed, her voice could be detached, her touch might feel distant, and she may smell stale or stagnant. Her eyes, once deep pools of contemplation, may now seem hollow or glazed over, as if lost in an unreachable realm. Her voice, usually soft and reflective, may have turned monotone and distant, lacking the emotional inflection that indicates engagement with the external world. Her touch, rather than calming, may feel absent, like she’s there but not fully present. She might carry an odor that suggests stagnation or a lack of freshness, symbolizing her detachment from the world around her.

For emotional characteristics, the Hermit reversed as a woman represents someone who is emotionally disengaged or overly self-focused. Instead of using her introspection for personal growth and wisdom, she may have fallen into a pattern of navel-gazing, which has left her unresponsive to the emotional needs or conditions of others. She might seem like she’s stuck in her own head, incapable of feeling with or for those around her.

Astrologically, the Hermit reversed as a woman represents someone who is likely to have challenging Mercury aspects, indicating difficulties in communication or social interaction. Difficult aspects to Mercury, perhaps square or oppositions from Saturn or Pluto, might impede her ability to effectively communicate her thoughts or understand others. This astrological configuration can make social interactions draining and complex, possibly leading to her withdrawal from society.

For careers, the Hermit reversed can represent a woman who works as a reclusive artist, a detached academic, or someone who is unemployed due to social fears. Her skills and talents may not be fully realized due to her inability to engage with the world. Her professional life could be marked by missed opportunities and unexplored potential, stemming from her unwillingness or inability to move beyond her comfort zones.

The Hermit reversed as a woman represents someone who makes you feel isolated or detached. Her lack of emotional and social engagement can create a palpable divide, leaving you feeling alone even when she’s physically present. She may have a unique kind of gravity that draws people toward her, but her emotional unavailability ensures that they never get too close, perpetuating her cycle of isolation.

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For relationships and feelings, Hermit reveals our inner wisdom and the strength of our bond with our Self. In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. It shows that codependency is not love. If we are not careful, closeness can become toxic suffocation. The space for individual growth is necessary for a healthy relationship. If you lean into the wisdom of the Hermit, your relationships will become stronger, more confident, and more fulfilled.

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