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The High Priestess is the card of inner balance, intuition, and duality. Her number is 2, balancing two sides to everything. She sits between light and darkness, black and white, sun and moon, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, life and death, conscious and unconscious. In love, she represents a soul connection that transcends karmic cycles. 

The High Priestess sits peacefully between two pillars, one white, one black. She is in perfect harmony with the material and spiritual worlds. She asks you to look within yourself for the answer, because your intuition and feelings will guide you to the truth. 

Upright High Priestess as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the High Priestess, that means that you are advised to listen to your gut. This person feels like they have experienced a spiritual connection with you, as if their soul recognizes yours. It’s almost as though the two of you are tied together through fate and there is something special to be gained from this bond — perhaps lessons that cannot be gleaned elsewhere. You both feel like it was meant to last beyond just one meeting or lifetime.

For love, the High Priestess as advice means that you should just let yourself go with the flow. Your presence is a soothing balm for them – it’s that perfect mix of contentment and inner calm. They don’t feel the pressure to be constantly on the go, or look for something else new; being with you gives them exactly what they need: just to “be”. You open their minds up to feelings they may never have experienced before – like serenity- while helping remind them of their spiritual essence every time your paths cross. With you in tow, coming back into this moment becomes almost effortless!

For singles, the High Priestess as love advice means that you shouldn’t feel afraid to dive head first. The High Priestess is an indication that someone you’ve recently encountered is going to be life-changing. You might not have even realized it yet, but sometimes the heart just knows. This person has touched your core in a way few others can. While they may take their time with any next steps or decisions, trust that there’s something special between the two of you, and don’t overlook its worth!

For new and potential relationships, the High Priestess as love advice means that you are going to stay in balance with this person. There’s no denying it: You’ve made an impact on someone special. The High Priestess, a powerful symbol of connection and potential change, is here to remind you that the person in question recognizes your worth — even if they’re not quite ready to show their hand yet. Don’t be discouraged by any delay; when two souls are drawn together like this it’s never for nothing! Hold tight to whatever intuition has brought you both this far – something incredible awaits.

For existing relationships, the High Priestess as advice means that they see you as someone who brings them peace. You and your partner have found each other in a way that is almost magical. Together, you’ve achieved the perfect balance of trust and deep satisfaction; beyond simple infatuation or lustful desire lies something more profound, one full of spiritual connection with both conscious and unconscious energies from the universe as well. The High Priestess sees this bond between you two, an inner life built upon shared understanding away from all else — manifesting itself into something truly beautiful.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the High Priestess as love advice shows that your relationship was important to them, but it doesn’t mean that they are desperately searching for you. It is possible that your ex still holds you in high regard, and may have taken away valuable lessons from their time spent with you. The High Priestess can help remind them of the significance of this relationship, though there’s no way to tell for sure if it was meant to be long-lasting or come full circle. Only by looking within yourself will you find clarity on what direction the next steps should take.

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High Priestess Reversed as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the High Priestess reversed, that means that you are advised to understand that this may not be the person for you. It looks like someone may be having trouble getting to know you better. Even though they find your personality compelling, something’s blocking their ability to connect with the real you and it could just mean that life intervened in a way neither of you expected or wanted. Shake off any feelings of guilt, these things happen sometimes and it’s never inherently your fault.

For love, the High Priestess reversed as advice means that you should be wary about this person’s intentions. The High Priestess reversed can indicate that someone close to you has a hidden agenda — one they feel the need to keep secret. Perhaps their feelings for you are more than platonic, but fear is preventing them from expressing it? Alternatively, this card could be cautioning against potential relationship betrayal.  Whatever lies in darkness must eventually come into the light. In either case, trust your intuition and remain alert – secrets only stay buried if we allow them.

For singles, the High Priestess reversed as love advice means that you should listen to your intuition. It might be tempting to try and “fix” the situation, but remember: if you don’t have a good feeling about this person, trust your intuition. Don’t invest yourself in someone who may not be as honest or open with you. Instead of trying to “save” them – ask yourself what kind of partnership would bring out the best version of both people involved. Your well-being is worth so much more than taking on responsibility for others’ issues.

For new and potential relationships, the High Priestess reversed as love advice means that if things don’t feel quite right with someone then accept that not everyone is meant for you. Remember that their past difficulties are theirs alone and there’s no gain in trying to ‘fix’ them – channeling your energy elsewhere will serve both of you better. Take a moment to visualize the kind of relationships that make sense for where you’re at now.  Tf this isn’t one, go easy on yourself and look towards finding something more sustainable instead.

For existing relationships, the High Priestess reversed as advice means that they see you as a partner who isn’t fully transparent. If you’re feeling like your relationship is out of balance, ask yourself if there’s something that might be getting in the way of honest communication. Bottling up frustrations or pretending everything’s fine won’t help to break a karmic cycle: have courage and speak your truth – even when it isn’t easy. A humble attitude can go a long way toward addressing any imbalances between you both, so start with an open conversation and see what happens next.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the High Priestess reversed as love advice shows that this may not be the right person to reconcile with. The High Priestess reversed suggests that it might be time to put your dreams of reconciliation on hold. Though this person was originally a significant part of your life, they’re no longer looking for anything beyond an occasional hookup and don’t intend to provide you with the future or level of commitment you desire. You deserve someone who’s thrilled at having you by their side instead.

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For relationships and feelings, The High Priestess is full of duality. It can indicate the highest highs and the lowest lows, connecting them both into a perfect circle and unending cycle. No matter what, the lesson of the High Priestess is to look within yourself for the answers. Your intuition knows. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Your truth is powerful, and it knows no bounds.  

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