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Judgement is the card of purpose, awakening, renewal, and reckoning. This card is about turning points, and it depicts people rising up to the angel Gabriel’s call. They are finding their calling, and they are reaching their purpose in life. This is also a card of karma. Their outstretched arms show that they are ready to meet their judgement and see where the dice land for them. 

Judgement reminds us that none of us are exempt from karma. We are all subject to the forces of the Universe. If we put out negativity, we will reap what we sow. If we send out positivity, we will be paid back in kind. There will always be a reckoning and a time for self-reflection.  

Upright Judgement as Financial Advice

If you are asking for financial advice, and you draw Judgement, it suggests that it’s time for a significant reassessment and renewal of your financial strategies. This card symbolizes a period of awakening and self-evaluation, indicating that you should critically review your current financial practices. It encourages you to take stock of your financial history, learn from past experiences, and make thoughtful adjustments to better align with your future goals.

If you are asking for financial advice, Judgement means making important decisions that can lead to a financial awakening or rebirth. This card represents a call to action, urging you to make pivotal choices that can transform your financial situation. It suggests that now is the time to clear away outdated financial habits and embrace new approaches that can lead to greater financial health and prosperity.

For those wanting to improve their financial situation, Judgement as financial advice means evaluating past financial actions and making amends or changes as needed. This card advises reflecting on previous financial decisions, both successful and unsuccessful, to understand their impact on your current situation. It encourages a holistic review and a willingness to make necessary changes, whether it’s adjusting spending habits, reevaluating investment strategies, or reconsidering financial goals.

For those wondering about whether they should stay or leave their current job, Judgement as financial advice means taking a hard look at your career’s financial impact and making decisive changes. This card suggests assessing how your job aligns with your financial aspirations and whether it contributes to or hinders your financial growth. It advises considering a career move if your current position does not support your long-term financial health and success.

If you are asking about an investment decision, Judgement as financial advice means carefully weighing your past investment choices and considering a new approach. This card encourages a thorough analysis of how your previous investments have fared and what you’ve learned from them. It suggests that now may be the time to shift your investment strategy to better serve your current and future financial needs.

For those interested in starting a business, Judgement as financial advice means critically assessing your business plan and making necessary adjustments for financial success. This card indicates the importance of scrutinizing your business concept, market viability, and financial projections. It encourages revising your business plan based on lessons learned and insights gained, ensuring it is robust, realistic, and aligned with your financial objectives.

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Reversed Judgement as Financial Advice

If you are asking for financial advice, and you draw Judgement reversed, it suggests that you may be delaying crucial financial decisions or refusing to acknowledge necessary changes. This card in its reversed position indicates a reluctance to confront and act upon important financial realities. It warns that procrastination or denial can hinder your financial progress and advises embracing the changes needed to improve your financial situation.

If you are asking for financial advice, Judgement reversed means avoiding or procrastinating on significant financial resolutions or evaluations. This card suggests that you might be ignoring the signs that it’s time to reassess and adjust your financial strategies. It advises recognizing and addressing the need for a thorough financial review and decision-making to avoid negative consequences down the line.

For those wanting to improve their financial situation, Judgement reversed as financial advice means being aware of the need to address unresolved financial issues. This card cautions against neglecting financial problems or delaying necessary changes. It encourages confronting financial challenges head-on and taking decisive action to resolve them, which is essential for moving towards a healthier financial future.

For those wondering about whether they should stay or leave their current job, Judgement reversed as financial advice means struggling with indecision or denial about the financial aspects of your career. This card implies that you may be avoiding a necessary evaluation of how your job affects your financial well-being. It suggests that facing this reality and making a clear decision is crucial for your financial stability and growth.

If you are asking about an investment decision, Judgement reversed as financial advice means hesitating to revise or reconsider your investment strategy. This card indicates a potential reluctance to admit that your current approach may not be working as well as hoped. It advises taking an honest look at your investments, being open to new information and perspectives, and being willing to make changes where needed.

For those interested in starting a business, Judgement reversed as financial advice means caution against ignoring the lessons from past financial experiences or missteps. This card warns of the risks of not applying the knowledge gained from previous financial endeavors to your new business. It encourages learning from past experiences, both successes and failures, and using these insights to inform your business planning and decision-making.

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For relationships and feelings, Judgement represents a turning point and the potential for awakening. All relationships go through turning points at one point or another. Whether upright or reversed, Judgement reminds us that we all will be faced with important decisions in life. The decisions that we make will have a profound effect on our lives. This is a time for you to do some self reflection and find the purpose of your relationship.

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