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Judgement is the card of purpose, awakening, renewal, and reckoning. This card is about turning points, and it depicts people rising up to the angel Gabriel’s call. They are finding their calling, and they are reaching their purpose in life. This is also a card of karma. Their outstretched arms show that they are ready to meet their judgement and see where the dice land for them. 

Judgement reminds us that none of us are exempt from karma. We are all subject to the forces of the Universe. If we put out negativity, we will reap what we sow. If we send out positivity, we will be paid back in kind. There will always be a reckoning and a time for self-reflection.  

Upright Judgement as Future

If you are asking about the future, and you draw Judgement, it means that you are heading towards a significant moment of reflection, realization, and potential rebirth; a time to assess your past actions and move forward with wisdom. This phase encourages you to look back on your journey, understanding the decisions that have brought you to your present moment, and learning from them. It is an opportunity to shed what no longer serves you and to move forward with a rejuvenated spirit, bearing the fruits of the wisdom gained from your experiences, ready to embrace a brighter future with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Judgement as the future can represent a phase where you will be called to account for your actions and choices, encouraging personal growth through honest self-appraisal. During this period, you may find yourself examining your past choices critically, learning to accept and understand your journey with maturity. It’s a time for embracing personal growth, learning from your history, and using this deep reflection as a catalyst for moving forward with a clearer vision and a stronger sense of purpose, enriching your life with newfound wisdom and understanding.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, Judgement in the future position means a potential moment of truth is approaching — a time for both parties to honestly assess the health and dynamics of the relationship. This could be a period where deep-seated issues are brought to the surface, demanding honest and open communication. It’s a significant time to reflect on the foundation of the relationship, understanding each other’s needs and aspirations more clearly, with the aim to foster a more loving and mutually respectful relationship, grounded in truth and understanding.

If you are asking about an ex, Judgement in the future position means there might be a chance for closure, understanding, and healing from past wounds as both individuals reflect on the relationship dynamics. This time will allow for introspection, understanding the roles each individual played in the relationship, and possibly finding peace and closure. It is a period where you can learn from past experiences, heal from previous hurts, and possibly rebuild a connection from a place of understanding and respect, opening pathways to healing and growth, either separately or together.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, Judgement in the future position means a deepened understanding and a possible renewal of the relationship through open dialogue and forgiveness. It is a favorable time to reconnect, to express your feelings openly, and to listen to their side of the story with a compassionate heart. This period promises the mending of fences and a deeper bond forged through understanding and forgiveness, offering a fresh start, grounded in love and mutual respect, nurturing the relationship to a healthier state.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, Judgement in the future position means you will soon be taking stock of your career path, possibly making pivotal decisions that align more closely with your true calling. This card suggests a transformative period where you take a hard look at your current trajectory and assess whether it aligns with your inner truth and desires. It encourages you to be brave in pursuing what truly resonates with you, potentially steering your career in a direction that is more fulfilling and in tune with your personal values and aspirations, moving forward with a clear vision and renewed determination.

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Reversed Judgement as Future

If you are asking about the future, and you draw Judgement reversed, it means that there might be resistance to self-reflection or a delay in reaching a necessary conclusion; it encourages introspection and not to avoid necessary evaluations. This phase could signify a time where you might find yourself shying away from facing the real issues at hand, perhaps due to fear or apprehension. It’s a call to dig deep within yourself, to face those fears and uncertainties, and to bravely undertake the journey of self-discovery and growth — to find the courage to face what needs to be addressed, cultivating a pathway toward understanding and clarity.

Judgement reversed as the future can represent a time of stalled growth due to avoiding necessary self-assessment and transformation. During this period, you might find yourself reluctant to address personal issues that hinder your progress, perhaps because confronting them feels too daunting. However, this card urges you to take the plunge into self-analysis, recognizing that this is a crucial step on your path to development and happiness — it encourages breaking through the stagnation and actively pursuing a transformative journey towards a more fulfilled self.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, Judgement reversed in the future position means that there may be a reluctance to face the realities of the relationship, possibly avoiding a necessary conversation. This could indicate a time where one or both partners are not ready to confront the issues that are affecting the relationship, perhaps holding back true feelings or concerns. It’s a nudge to open up channels of communication, facing the difficult conversations with honesty and understanding — creating a space where both individuals can express themselves freely, working towards a healthier and happier partnership.

If you are asking about an ex, Judgement reversed in the future position means unresolved issues remain, and there is an avoidance of the healing process that comes through understanding and acceptance. This period might involve lingering hurt and a potential unwillingness to come to terms with the realities of the past relationship. However, the card serves as a reminder to not dodge the healing process — to embrace understanding and potentially find peace, either individually or together, moving towards a more grounded and healthier emotional state.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, Judgement reversed in the future position means potential misunderstandings or avoiding necessary conversations that could lead to healing and understanding. This could be a time where fears of confrontation lead to a lack of communication, letting small issues grow into larger ones. The card encourages breaking the cycle of avoidance, urging open and honest dialogue — it nudges you to reach out and mend bridges, fostering understanding and nurturing the relationship back to health through kindness and understanding.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, Judgement reversed in the future position means there might be a reluctance to take necessary steps towards change, perhaps sticking to unsatisfying conditions due to fear of the unknown. This might indicate a period where you find yourself hesitant to make crucial decisions that could steer your career in a more fulfilling direction. It encourages you to overcome the fear of uncertainty, urging you to take calculated risks and to pursue your true passions — reminding you that stepping out of your comfort zone can often lead to growth and success, paving the way for a more fulfilling future.

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For relationships and feelings, Judgement represents a turning point and the potential for awakening. All relationships go through turning points at one point or another. Whether upright or reversed, Judgement reminds us that we all will be faced with important decisions in life. The decisions that we make will have a profound effect on our lives. This is a time for you to do some self reflection and find the purpose of your relationship.

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