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Justice is the card of fairness, truth, and law. Justice sits in her chair, holding balanced scales in one hand and a sword in the other. She symbolizes impartiality and karmic comeuppance. With her scales, Justice weighs in on the truth of a situation, ensuring equal balance. With her sword, Justice delivers consequences for those who have done injustice to others. 

Justice is a reminder that what you sow will also be what you reap. Though we may get away with unjust acts in the moment, we will not be able to run from the hand of justice forever. Although you may face difficult moments in life, know that by doing the right thing, you will be rewarded in the long run. Leaning into the spirit of justice helps us practice positivity and kindness. 

Upright Justice as a Woman

If Justice appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is principled, fair, and focused on balance and equality. This is a person who values integrity above all else and who is likely to weigh all sides of a situation carefully before making a decision. She is drawn to situations and environments that call for arbitration, and she can be trusted to act as a moral compass for those around her.

For physical characteristics, Justice as a woman represents someone who is formal and refined; her eyes scrutinize calmly, her voice articulates clearly, her touch is measured, and she smells like crisp linen and mint. Her gaze is penetrating yet non-judgmental, as if she’s constantly assessing but not critiquing. Her voice commands attention not by its volume but by its clarity and reasoned tone. When she touches you, it’s always deliberate and well-intentioned, conveying a sense of integrity. Her scent carries an air of freshness and propriety, much like her personality.

For emotional characteristics, Justice as a woman represents someone who is detached but fair, emotional yet balanced. She has the ability to distance herself from emotional entanglements, allowing her to make impartial judgments. While she may feel deeply, she rarely allows her emotions to cloud her better judgment, maintaining equilibrium between her heart and mind.

Astrologically, Justice as a woman represents someone who is likely to have strong Libra or Venus placements, emphasizing balance, fairness, and diplomacy. A sun, moon, or rising sign in Libra could make her inherently oriented towards justice and social harmony. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, may also have a significant influence on her, often manifesting as a heightened aesthetic sense and a proclivity for creating harmonious environments.

For careers, Justice can represent a woman who works as a judge, a lawyer, or in any profession that requires a strong sense of ethics and fairness. Her commitment to ethical standards makes her an invaluable asset in any role that demands impartiality. Her colleagues will often seek her advice or mediation in ethical dilemmas, knowing that she will provide a balanced perspective.

Justice as a woman represents someone who makes you feel balanced but also held to a standard. Her presence often evokes a sense of accountability, inspiring you to consider the ethical implications of your actions. At the same time, her balanced demeanor can instill a feeling of stability and impartiality, making you believe that with her, things will always be fair and just.

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Reversed Justice as a Woman

If Justice reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is biased, unfair, or possibly deceptive. She may display a facade of impartiality but is often driven by personal agendas or skewed perspectives. Her presence in a situation generally signals that fairness and ethical integrity are compromised, requiring extra scrutiny and caution.

For physical characteristics, Justice reversed as a woman represents someone who is disheveled; her eyes may dart dishonestly, her voice wavers, her touch might feel uneven, and she may smell overly sweet, almost cloying. Her eyes rarely meet yours directly, flitting around as if avoiding scrutiny, which leaves you questioning her sincerity. Her voice may have a shaky or inconsistent quality, failing to convey the authority that true Justice should embody. Her touch lacks the steadiness of balanced judgment, perhaps erring too soft or too firm, betraying her inner instability. Her scent is overly saccharine, as if masking something beneath; it lingers uncomfortably, much like your doubts about her.

For emotional characteristics, Justice reversed as a woman represents someone who is emotionally unbalanced or manipulative. She may use her emotional intelligence not to empathize but to exploit, discerning vulnerabilities and leveraging them for her benefit. Her feelings often swing from one extreme to the other, making it difficult to ascertain her true intentions or beliefs.

Astrologically, Justice reversed as a woman represents someone who is likely to have challenging Libra or Venus aspects, indicating issues with fairness or relationships. She may have a Libra sun, moon, or rising sign afflicted by challenging aspects from Pluto or Mars, manifesting as a tendency towards manipulation or power struggles. Venus in hard aspects to Saturn could signify issues with honesty and reliability in relationships, both personal and professional.

For careers, Justice reversed can represent a woman who works as a corrupt official, or someone involved in unethical practices. Her role might be fraught with controversies or legal issues, making her a subject of suspicion among her peers. She could be the type who bends or even breaks rules to fit her own desires, thus failing the very essence of a justice-oriented career.

Justice reversed as a woman represents someone who makes you feel uneasy and skeptical. Her presence usually stirs a sense of distrust, making you question not only her motives but also the fairness of the situation at hand. It is as if her energy radiates discord, challenging you to tread carefully and think critically.

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For relationships and feelings, Justice reveals the cyclical and karmic nature of love and life. When we are good to others, they will return it to you in spades. Justice reminds us to practice loving kindness, because what we sow is what we reap. If we lean into Justice’s fair and balanced nature, we will be a better partner in our relationships. By being compassionate and empathetic, you will invite positivity and love into your life. 

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