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Justice is the card of fairness, truth, and law. Justice sits in her chair, holding balanced scales in one hand and a sword in the other. She symbolizes impartiality and karmic comeuppance. With her scales, Justice weighs in on the truth of a situation, ensuring equal balance. With her sword, Justice delivers consequences for those who have done injustice to others. 

Justice is a reminder that what you sow will also be what you reap. Though we may get away with unjust acts in the moment, we will not be able to run from the hand of justice forever. Although you may face difficult moments in life, know that by doing the right thing, you will be rewarded in the long run. Leaning into the spirit of justice helps us practice positivity and kindness. 

Upright Justice as What Someone Wants

If you are asking about what someone wants, and you draw Justice, it suggests that they may be seeking fairness, balance, or hoping for a resolution to a legal matter or dispute. The quest for fairness indicates their longing for equitable situations, where everyone involved gets their due. Their search for balance may involve their personal lives or relationships, while their hope for a resolution to legal matters signifies their desire to close a challenging chapter in their life.

Justice as what someone wants can symbolize a desire for equitable outcomes, integrity, or the need to make balanced decisions. Their desire for equitable outcomes shows a value for fairness and equality in all their dealings. The pursuit of integrity reveals their wish to maintain ethical standards and stay true to their principles. Their need to make balanced decisions reflects their commitment to consider all aspects and consequences before making a choice.

In the context of a romantic relationship, drawing Justice as what someone wants implies that they may be looking for balanced dynamics, equitable treatment, or resolution of any disputes within the relationship. Their aspiration for balanced dynamics signifies a desire for an equal partnership, where both individuals contribute equally. A desire for equitable treatment within the relationship indicates a need for mutual respect and consideration, while the resolution of disputes signifies their willingness to address and resolve conflicts for the betterment of the relationship.

Regarding an ex, Justice as what someone wants suggests they may desire closure, fair treatment, or resolution of unresolved disputes. The desire for closure can reveal a need to end things on a good note or find peace with the past. Their hope for fair treatment could be a reflection of past experiences where they felt wronged or unjustly treated, and the wish for the resolution of unresolved disputes might indicate their readiness to move past old issues.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, drawing Justice as what someone wants indicates that they may wish for fair interactions, balanced dynamics, or a resolution to a disagreement. Their wish for fair interactions shows a desire for respectful and equitable exchanges. Their aspiration for balanced dynamics indicates the value they place on mutual respect and understanding, while a resolution to a disagreement shows their readiness to mend any conflicts or misunderstandings.

Finally, in terms of career and financial matters, Justice as what someone wants signifies that they may be hoping for fairness in their professional dealings, a balanced work-life situation, or resolution of legal or financial disputes. Their hope for fairness in professional dealings suggests they value ethical and fair practices at work. Their desire for a balanced work-life situation indicates their need to maintain harmony between professional and personal commitments. The aspiration for resolution of legal or financial disputes shows their eagerness to settle any ongoing issues and achieve peace of mind.

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Reversed Justice as What Someone Wants

When asking about what someone wants and drawing Justice reversed, it suggests that they may be feeling a sense of injustice, seeking to rectify perceived wrongs, or yearning for fairness in a situation where they feel wronged. This sense of injustice could stem from a personal or professional scenario where they feel unfairly treated. The desire to rectify perceived wrongs highlights their need for vindication, while yearning for fairness implies their aspiration to restore equilibrium in a situation where they believe they have been wronged.

Justice reversed as what someone wants often represents a desire to address perceived unfairness, the need for vindication, or an unresolved legal matter. The desire to address perceived unfairness indicates their wish to confront and rectify situations where they feel disadvantaged. Their need for vindication suggests a strong urge to clear their name or prove their point in a situation they believe to be unjust. An unresolved legal matter indicates a pending issue that needs resolution to bring them peace of mind.

Regarding a romantic relationship, Justice reversed as what someone wants suggests that they may be feeling unfairly treated, seeking redress for perceived slights, or yearning for a rebalance of the relationship dynamics. Their feelings of being unfairly treated could reflect a perceived imbalance or lack of mutual respect in the relationship. Seeking redress for perceived slights shows a wish to address any misunderstandings or disrespect, while yearning for a rebalance of relationship dynamics indicates their desire for more equitable and balanced interactions.

In the context of an ex, drawing Justice reversed as what someone wants means they may desire to address unresolved disputes, seek redress for perceived wrongs, or gain closure on terms they deem fair. The desire to address unresolved disputes shows a need to resolve lingering conflicts or misunderstandings. Their pursuit for redress for perceived wrongs reveals their need to address past grievances, and gaining closure on fair terms signifies their wish to end things on a balanced note.

When asking about a friend or family member, Justice reversed as what someone wants could mean they wish to address perceived injustices, resolve a conflict fairly, or seek an acknowledgment of their viewpoint. Their wish to address perceived injustices shows their need to confront and resolve situations they perceive as unfair. The desire to resolve a conflict fairly indicates their wish for balanced and equitable resolution to disputes, while seeking acknowledgment of their viewpoint reflects their need for validation and understanding.

Lastly, in matters of career and finance, if Justice reversed is drawn as what someone wants, it signifies that they may desire fair treatment in the workplace, seeking to address perceived injustices, or wish to resolve a legal or financial issue. Their desire for fair treatment in the workplace shows their need for respect and equitable treatment at work. Seeking to address perceived injustices indicates their determination to confront unfair situations or practices, while wishing to resolve a legal or financial issue implies their need to settle any pending matters that affect their professional or financial stability.

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For relationships and feelings, Justice reveals the cyclical and karmic nature of love and life. When we are good to others, they will return it to you in spades. Justice reminds us to practice loving kindness, because what we sow is what we reap. If we lean into Justice’s fair and balanced nature, we will be a better partner in our relationships. By being compassionate and empathetic, you will invite positivity and love into your life. 

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