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Justice is the card of fairness, truth, and law. Justice sits in her chair, holding balanced scales in one hand and a sword in the other. She symbolizes impartiality and karmic comeuppance. With her scales, Justice weighs in on the truth of a situation, ensuring equal balance. With her sword, Justice delivers consequences for those who have done injustice to others. 

Justice is a reminder that what you sow will also be what you reap. Though we may get away with unjust acts in the moment, we will not be able to run from the hand of justice forever. Although you may face difficult moments in life, know that by doing the right thing, you will be rewarded in the long run. Leaning into the spirit of justice helps us practice positivity and kindness. 

Upright Justice as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw Justice, it indicates a yes or no, depending on your actions. Justice serves as a reminder that you get what you sow. Even while we might get away with unjust actions in the short term, we won’t be able to elude justice’s reach forever. Whatever the challenges you may encounter, remember that doing what you think is right will ultimately benefit you.

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, Justice indicates yes, as long as you treat your romance with fairness. This card represents truth, so as long as you aren’t putting on an act, then this card is a good sign. Stay positive and keep being yourself while also treating others with kindness. Also know that you can trust in the universe to deliver justice to those who will take advantage of or wrong you. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, Justice indicates a yes. Your previous actions have all led up to this moment and karma is on your side. By remaining truthful and kind, your actions will finally bear fruit in the form of professional success. The people around you have taken notice of your balanced personality and workstyle, and are ready to finally reward you with what you’ve been working so hard for. 

For new and potential relationships, Justice is a yes. You’ve been showcasing a pleasant and truthful personality to your potential partner and they are liking what they’re seeing. You radiate a positive aura and it’s almost as if they just can’t get enough of you! This is a great sign of a strong relationship. But remember, that your actions will directly influence the way your partner will perceive you, so be sure to stay on your best behavior. 

For existing relationships, Justice is both a yes and no. Your partner’s feelings for you are in direct measure of how you’ve been treating them so far. If you’ve been kind, loving, and fair with them, then they will do the same for you. But, if you’ve been controlling, disrespectful, and unfair, they may feel the seeds of hatred begin to take root. Remember that what goes around will come around so continue treating your partner in the way you also want to be treated by them. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, Justice is a no. Your ex knows that the relationship ended when it should’ve. They harbor no hatred or negative feelings for you, but they also know that forcing the relationship to work again may become the breeding ground for those negative emotions. It’s best to leave things as they are as things ended fairly between you two. There is no bad blood, but there are also no more romantic feelings between you two.

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Reversed Justice as Yes or No

If you are asking a yes or no question, and you draw Justice reversed, it indicates a no. This card symbolizes justice, and when it’s reversed, it’s evidence that there have been things you’ve been doing that you weren’t supposed to. There is unfairness and injustice somewhere in your life and it will come to light. You must right your wrongs before moving forward or they will come back to bite you even harder in the future. 

For love questions where you want a yes or no answer, Justice reversed indicates no. You’ve previously run away from your actions and refused to be held accountable for things you did. If you want to turn things around then you must backtrack and apologize to those you’ve wronged in the past, even if it hurts your pride. This is the only way to move forward. 

For career questions where you are looking for a yes or no, Justice reversed indicates no. Your performance till now has been unsatisfactory and you’ve been shifting blame from yourself to others when things go wrong. Accountability and honesty are highly valued virtues and in order to reap success, you must first start within yourself. Reflect on the things you’ve done in the past or have been doing and address where you’ve gone wrong. Know that it’s perfectly okay to make mistakes, but blaming innocent people for them is not. 

For new and potential relationships, Justice reversed is a no. Life can be unfair, and this card is what symbolizes just that. It’s possible that in your relationship it may not be you who is treating the other unjustly, but it could also be you. The injustice can go both ways. Assess whether you’ve been treating your partner unkindly and address any issues that have sprouted from that. Similarly, if your partner has been mistreating you, this is a sign to let them know. Your dynamic isn’t balanced and you won’t be able to have a lasting relationship without resolving those problems. 

For existing relationships, Justice reversed is a no. This card indicates that negative feelings have been left to fester. What may have been a small miscommunication last month is now the cause of some deep hatred within you or your partner. The relationship is unbalanced in some way, whether it’s because of you or your partner. On the extreme end, this card may also be a sign of dishonesty and infidelity in the relationship caused by the constant state of imbalance that you’re in. Don’t blame yourself, and instead, do what you think is needed to make things work again. 

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, Justice reversed is a strong no. They are bitter about how your relationship ended. They still feel as though you’ve wronged them in some way and have no interest in reaching out to you in any way, shape, or form. They are critical of the issues in your relationship and it seems that neither of you wants to take accountability for your mistakes. Reconciliation is not in the cards for you two.

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For relationships and feelings, Justice reveals the cyclical and karmic nature of love and life. When we are good to others, they will return it to you in spades. Justice reminds us to practice loving kindness, because what we sow is what we reap. If we lean into Justice’s fair and balanced nature, we will be a better partner in our relationships. By being compassionate and empathetic, you will invite positivity and love into your life. 

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