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The Lovers is the card of love, relationships, passion, desire, and choices. Ruled by Gemini (the Twins), the Lovers speaks to the duality of unity: yin and yang, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth. The Lovers show that perfect union is possible. You can find your soulmate. 

The Lovers feature Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the archangel Raphael looking upon them from above. There is the serpent’s temptation on one side, and burning desire on the other. Raphael unites the couple, as he is the angel of communication. Although the world the Lovers inhabit is not perfect, they are each other’s other half.

Upright Lovers as a Man

If the Lovers appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is deeply connected, seeking harmony in relationships, and making important choices from the heart. This individual understands the intricate dance of relationships, valuing both the physical and emotional connections. Often, he finds himself at crossroads, making decisions that weigh love, commitment, and personal values against each other.

For physical characteristics, the Lovers as a man represents someone who is alluring, with soulful eyes and a magnetic charm. His presence is often felt before he is seen, with a palpable energy that draws people to him. His voice, soft yet confident, has a harmonious tone that soothes and captivates, and his touch, gentle and deliberate, radiates warmth and sincerity.

For emotional characteristics, the Lovers as a man represents someone who is passionate, empathetic, and sensitive to the feelings of others. He listens with his heart, allowing him to understand the emotional depths of those around him. His intuition is strong, often sensing the needs and desires of his partner, striving always for balance and unity in relationships.

Astrologically, the Lovers as a man represents someone who is dominated by Gemini and Mercury, showcasing adaptability and duality in relationships. Gemini’s mutable nature allows him to see multiple perspectives in any situation, helping him navigate the complexities of relationships. With Mercury ruling communication, he excels in expressing his feelings and understanding the verbal and non-verbal cues of his partner.

For careers, the Lovers can represent a man who works as a relationship counselor, diplomat, or any profession involving partnerships. His innate ability to understand and harmonize differing viewpoints makes him an excellent mediator. Whether it’s helping couples find common ground or negotiating international treaties, his skill lies in creating unity and understanding among diverse parties.

The Lovers as a man represents someone who makes you feel desired, understood, and valued. In his presence, one feels a deep sense of belonging and connection. The essence of his being resonates with the idea of unity, reminding us of the importance of choices made from a place of love and genuine connection.

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Lovers Reversed as a Man

If the Lovers reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is facing conflicts in relationships or experiencing indecisiveness. This could stem from past hurts or a fear of commitment, leading to a hesitancy in making deep emotional connections. The choices he faces might be fraught with doubt, causing delays or a reluctance to move forward in relationships.

For physical characteristics, the Lovers reversed as a man represents someone who is distant, with an expression of conflict or inner turmoil. His eyes, once full of clarity, may now dart away from direct gaze, revealing a struggle within. The tone of his voice might carry a hint of hesitation or uncertainty, and his touch might lack the warmth and assurance it once held.

For emotional characteristics, the Lovers reversed as a man represents someone who is conflicted, potentially deceptive, or emotionally detached. He might grapple with suppressed emotions, leading to unpredictable moods. It’s possible that he may not be forthright about his feelings, causing confusion for those trying to connect with him.

Astrologically, the Lovers reversed as a man represents someone who is struggling with dualities in Gemini placements or facing communication challenges with Mercury. This astrological turbulence can cause a wavering mind, making decisions in relationships particularly challenging. Misunderstandings or misinterpretations may be frequent, and he may have difficulty expressing his true intentions.

For careers, the Lovers reversed can represent a man who works as a mediator, divorce attorney, or in roles navigating interpersonal conflicts. His ability to see multiple perspectives can be both an asset and a challenge, often immersing him in the heart of disputes. While he can understand the complexities of relationship dynamics, he might personally struggle to find balance in his own interactions.

The Lovers reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel unsettled, conflicted, or undervalued. Interactions with him might leave you questioning your place in the relationship or doubting its stability. The essence of this energy is one of disconnection and uncertainty, urging a deeper introspection into one’s relational choices and desires.

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For relationships and feelings, The Lovers is a paramount card. The Lovers speaks of a soulmate relationship with a perfect union under heaven and earth. True love is real, and it is extraordinary. It is not just for the storybooks. This card also teaches us that this love is only possible through excellent communication and a shared understanding. Raphael hangs heavily over Adam and Eve, as their guardian angel of communication. Finally, the Lovers reminds us that just as you want to be loved by another, make sure that you love yourself too. 

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