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The Lovers is the card of love, relationships, passion, desire, and choices. Ruled by Gemini (the Twins), the Lovers speaks to the duality of unity: yin and yang, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth. The Lovers show that perfect union is possible. You can find your soulmate. 

The Lovers feature Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the archangel Raphael looking upon them from above. There is the serpent’s temptation on one side, and burning desire on the other. Raphael unites the couple, as he is the angel of communication. Although the world the Lovers inhabit is not perfect, they are each other’s other half.

Upright Lovers as a Woman

If the Lovers appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is facing a significant choice or is involved in a meaningful relationship. She may be at a crossroads in her life, where the decision she makes could drastically alter her future. This pivotal moment often revolves around love, relationships, or deeply personal matters, imbuing her presence with a sense of urgency and importance.

For physical characteristics, the Lovers as a woman represents someone who is radiant and magnetic; her eyes are inviting, her voice harmonious, she tastes sweet, and she smells like fresh flowers. Her gaze is so warm and welcoming that it feels like a caress, drawing people into her emotional orbit. Her voice is melodic and comforting, a siren song of empathy and understanding. Her touch is soft, as if you’re brushing against rose petals, and if you were to kiss her, her lips would taste like sweet nectar or fresh fruit. Her scent is intoxicating yet soothing, a blend of floral notes that make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a blooming garden.

For emotional characteristics, the Lovers as a woman represents someone who is emotionally attuned, empathetic, and passionate. She has an innate ability to connect with people, understanding their emotions and motivations on a deep level. This emotional intelligence makes her a superb listener and advisor, particularly in matters of the heart.

Astrologically, the Lovers as a woman represents someone who is likely to have strong Gemini or Venus placements, highlighting adaptability and love. For instance, she might have her Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Gemini, making her an excellent communicator and a versatile individual. A strong Venus placement, like Venus in Taurus or Libra, would enhance her allure and make her highly attuned to beauty, harmony, and the complexities of human relationships.

For careers, the Lovers can represent a woman who works as a relationship counselor, artist, or anything that involves choice and human emotions. Her work often serves as a medium for helping people navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and life-changing decisions. She might also find herself in a role that requires keen judgement and the ability to see multiple perspectives, as she naturally excels in areas that demand emotional and intellectual flexibility.

The Lovers as a woman represents someone who makes you feel loved and connected. Her presence has a way of filling you with warmth and reassurance, as if reinforcing the idea that you’re not alone in your journey. In her company, you might find the courage to face those pivotal life decisions or explore the depths of your own emotional landscape.

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Lovers Reversed as a Woman

If the Lovers reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is experiencing relational or decision-making turmoil. She may be grappling with a difficult decision that could impact her relationships, or she might be in a relationship that is fraught with complications and insecurities. This tension is palpable in her presence, as though she is a walking manifestation of the fork in the road.

For physical characteristics, the Lovers reversed as a woman represents someone who is alluring but distant; her eyes are conflicted, her voice tense, she tastes bitter, and she may smell of fading perfume. Her eyes, once a warm invitation, now seem to waver between two emotions—like a calm sea suddenly plagued by storms. Her voice carries a tension that makes even simple conversations seem fraught with unspoken complexities. Her touch may feel cool or even slightly repellent, as if she’s recoiling within herself. If one were to taste her lips, they would find a bitterness there, the sweetness long gone. Her scent could be described as a perfume that’s losing its essence, a floral aroma turned stale or diluted.

For emotional characteristics, the Lovers reversed as a woman represents someone who is emotionally conflicted or distant. She might swing between emotional states, unable to find equilibrium, which manifests as a sense of detachment or aloofness. This makes her a difficult person to get close to, as her emotional walls are built high and her sentiments are obscured by inner conflict.

Astrologically, the Lovers reversed as a woman represents someone who is likely to have challenging Venus aspects, indicating relational difficulties. This could manifest as Venus square Mars, a turbulent aspect that might make her prone to discord in relationships, or Venus square Saturn, which can lead to emotional inhibition or challenges in expressing affection. These difficult aspects could bring about a tendency to sabotage relationships or make problematic choices in love.

For careers, the Lovers reversed can represent a woman who works as a divorce lawyer, a struggling artist, or in a job that faces ethical dilemmas. In these roles, she grapples daily with the tension between duty and desire, ethics and emotion. Whether advocating for a client’s untying of matrimonial knots, wrestling with creative blocks, or navigating moral grey areas, her professional life is a continuous struggle to reconcile opposing forces.

The Lovers reversed as a woman represents someone who makes you feel torn or conflicted. Her presence might evoke feelings of indecisiveness or anxiety, as if forcing you to confront your own inner conflicts and relational difficulties. The energy she brings into a room unsettles the status quo and may have you questioning previously unexamined aspects of your own life.

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For relationships and feelings, The Lovers is a paramount card. The Lovers speaks of a soulmate relationship with a perfect union under heaven and earth. True love is real, and it is extraordinary. It is not just for the storybooks. This card also teaches us that this love is only possible through excellent communication and a shared understanding. Raphael hangs heavily over Adam and Eve, as their guardian angel of communication. Finally, the Lovers reminds us that just as you want to be loved by another, make sure that you love yourself too. 

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