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The Lovers is the card of love, relationships, passion, desire, and choices. Ruled by Gemini (the Twins), the Lovers speaks to the duality of unity: yin and yang, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth. The Lovers show that perfect union is possible. You can find your soulmate. 

The Lovers feature Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with the archangel Raphael looking upon them from above. There is the serpent’s temptation on one side, and burning desire on the other. Raphael unites the couple, as he is the angel of communication. Although the world the Lovers inhabit is not perfect, they are each other’s other half.

Upright Lovers as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Lovers, that means that you are advised to make a balanced choice. There are always two sides to a coin. No matter what you decide on, think about the pros and cons of the outcome. Are you ready to face the consequences of following your heart instead of going the other way? Is this the outcome you really want?

For love, the Lovers as advice means that you should decide if this person is the right one for you. This person feels they can be open and confident with you. But is giving them a chance in your life the right decision? What about the other side of the coin? You need to get to the answer to your questions before you can finally make an informed decision. Nobody is perfect.

For singles, the Lovers as love advice means that someone out there has fallen head over heels for you. They want you to be part of their life. They are ready to offer a new beginning. They feel highly attached to you, and they can’t want to express this burning desire. But don’t just accept their offer without weighing down on your choices. At the end of the day, you make the decision. But don’t overthink — you could miss an amazing opportunity if you keep yourself too guarded.

For new and potential relationships, the Lovers as love advice means your partner is confident of their decision to be with you. They want to express their passionate love for you. They want you for who you are and appreciate how much you care for them. They think you are their twin flame. You are the yin to their yang, their soulmate. You are destined to be with each other.

For existing relationships, the Lovers as advice means that they see you as the one meant for them. They regularly renew their decision to commit to you every chance they get. You are one of the greatest decisions of their life. Even though you have differences, you understand and accept each other’s differences. You fit in their puzzle and they in yours.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Lovers as love advice shows that they still hold a candle for you. The relationship may have ended, but not their passionate feelings for you. They regret letting you go. They know you are their soulmate. They miss you so much. Expect a text, a call, or even a visit anytime soon.

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Lovers Reversed as Love Advice

If you are asking about love advice, and you draw the Lovers reversed, that means that you are advised to think about your current situation. There is no harmony, and the connection is weak. This can be a sign that you don’t share mutual feelings. You have not reached the middle ground with your emotions. They could already be obsessing over you, but you only see them as a friend. In other words, you are at the extreme end of both sides. 

For love, the Lovers reversed as advice means that you should check for the imbalance in your connection. A romantic union cannot be formed because the parties feel entirely distant from one another. Do you share the same values? Do you have the same vision for the future? There is a whole chasm between the two of you. Watch out for signs and address them immediately so you will not be disappointed along the way.

For singles, the Lovers reversed as love advice means that the person is not destined for you. The feelings are not mutual, and they don’t want to be romantically involved with you. Forcing someone into something they don’t want to be with spells doom. You will be hurt. There’s no point in holding on to someone who doesn’t want you in their life. You deserve a partner who reciprocates your feelings.

For new and potential relationships, the Lovers reversed as love advice means this person fears their own vulnerability. They are afraid you might hurt them. They think you will inflict the same pain with a past relationship. Initially, they don’t want anyone to have the right or the chance to hurt them. But they have developed feelings for you and want to start anew. However, unresolved wounds of the past prevent them from strengthening your connection. Sit down and talk about each other’s issues — correct their misconceptions of you.

For existing relationships, the Lovers reversed as advice means that they see you as someone they are struggling to communicate with. They are struggling right now. There are so many differences, and the lack of love is showing. You need to align your values and address past hurts to move on. But if you feel like nothing is going to save your relationship after exhausting all means, then it’s best to go separate ways instead of breeding more toxicity in the relationship.

If you are asking about reconciliation with an ex, the Lovers reversed as love advice shows that your feelings are not mutual. You could be wanting reconciliation, but they don’t. Or they may want to reach out to you, but you no longer have feelings for them. You may desperately want them in your life. Still, there are a lot of obstacles preventing the relationship from starting fresh. 

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For relationships and feelings, The Lovers is a paramount card. The Lovers speaks of a soulmate relationship with a perfect union under heaven and earth. True love is real, and it is extraordinary. It is not just for the storybooks. This card also teaches us that this love is only possible through excellent communication and a shared understanding. Raphael hangs heavily over Adam and Eve, as their guardian angel of communication. Finally, the Lovers reminds us that just as you want to be loved by another, make sure that you love yourself too. 

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