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The Magician is the card of manifestation: turning dreams into reality. Numbered “1,” the Magician is in charge and ready to make it happen, no matter what. When the stars align, he is “the One.” He is resourceful and he has everything he needs at his disposal: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. He symbolizes everything in the saying, “As above, so below.” 

The Magician has access to infinite potential, as denoted by the infinity sign above his head. He is confident that he can bring whatever he wants into fruition, because life and love is abundant for him. 

Upright Magician as a Woman

If the Magician appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is highly skilled, resourceful, and empowered to manifest her desires. She is adept at utilizing the tools and resources at her disposal to make her visions a reality. Her presence radiates a sense of capability, making you believe that with the right focus and effort, anything is possible.

For physical characteristics, the Magician as a woman represents someone who is confident and magnetic; her voice carries authority, her touch is purposeful, and she smells of incense and spices. When you lock eyes with her, you feel as if she’s peering into your soul, and her gaze inspires both respect and fascination. The taste that accompanies her might be something complex and exotic, like a well-crafted blend of spices—each flavor a unique skill or trait that she masterfully combines to create her reality.

For emotional characteristics, the Magician as a woman represents someone who is self-assured, focused, and emotionally intelligent. She knows how to manage her emotions to benefit her objectives, and her emotional depth allows her to connect meaningfully with others. She is often the calm center in a storm, and her balanced emotional state serves as an anchor for those around her.

Astrologically, the Magician as a woman represents someone who is likely to have strong Mercury or Aries placements, highlighting communication skills and initiative. A Mercury-dominant chart would emphasize her skill in languages, diplomacy, or sales, while an Aries Sun or Mars would underscore her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to pioneer new paths. Mercury in the 1st or 10th House could also indicate her public persona as a communicator or negotiator.

For careers, the Magician can represent a woman who works as a business leader, a marketing expert, or a life coach. She is likely to excel in any field that requires strategic thinking, persuasive communication, and the ability to influence others. Her mastery over her craft makes her a sought-after professional, revered by her peers and trusted by her clients.

The Magician as a woman represents someone who makes you feel empowered and inspired to take action. In her presence, your self-doubt fades away, replaced by a surge of self-belief and enthusiasm. She serves as a catalyst for your own transformation, reminding you of your untapped potential and the endless possibilities that await you.

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Magician Reversed as a Woman

If the Magician reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a woman, that means that this person is manipulative, deceitful, or misusing her talents. While she may possess the same skills and resources as her upright counterpart, she employs them for selfish or harmful ends. Instead of inspiring others, she exploits vulnerabilities to serve her own agenda.

For physical characteristics, the Magician reversed as a woman represents someone who is sly and elusive; her voice may have a deceitful lilt, her touch might be inconsistent, and she may smell overly sweet to mask something. Her eyes often avoid direct contact, perhaps because they reveal too much of her true intentions. When you taste food or drink in her presence, it may have a bitter aftertaste, metaphorically suggesting the less savory aspects of her character.

For emotional characteristics, the Magician reversed as a woman represents someone who is insecure, cunning, and emotionally manipulative. She likely oscillates between emotional extremes, finding it difficult to maintain a steady emotional state. As a result, she may resort to manipulation, crafting intricate emotional webs to ensnare those around her.

Astrologically, the Magician reversed as a woman represents someone who is likely to have challenging Mercury aspects, pointing to communication issues or deceit. Difficult aspects to Mercury, such as squares or oppositions from Pluto or Neptune, could signify a propensity for secretive or deceptive behavior. Alternatively, a Mercury-Mars square might indicate a tendency to use words as weapons, leading to confrontations and disputes.

For careers, the Magician reversed can represent a woman who works as a con artist, a disingenuous salesperson, or a fraudulent spiritual advisor. She has a knack for spotting people’s weaknesses and uses her verbal skills to mislead or defraud. Her career is likely built on a shaky foundation, as it relies more on trickery and cunning than genuine ability or value.

The Magician reversed as a woman represents someone who makes you feel distrustful and manipulated. Her presence instills a sense of unease, like a warning signal going off in the back of your mind. Over time, interactions with her may leave you feeling emotionally drained or questioning your own judgment.

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For relationships and feelings, the Magician is an amazing card. It gives incredible clarity into where your relationship stands at a philosophical level. This card gives a litmus test into your relationship. At its core, it asks, does a shared vision for a path forward exist? Without a vision, there is no space for healthy, long-term manifestation. But with a vision, all of your dreams can become reality. When you work together towards a common goal, you can achieve anything. Your potential is limitless.  

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