Page of Swords as a Man Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Page of Swords is the card of communication, curiosity, wit, inspiration, and communications. This card depicts a young man standing with his sword pointed up to the sky. Though his sword is pointed in one direction, he is actively looking around in all directions to see what else is happening around him. He looks both determined and defiant. 

The Page of Swords reminds us that communication is a big part of love and life. We are happy when we love talking with our partner. We are excited when we are inspired by new ideas, wit, and humor. The Page of Swords is a reminder that attraction of the mind is just as important as attraction of the physical body.

Upright Page of Swords as a Man

If the Page of Swords appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is an inquisitive individual, eager to gather information and communicate ideas. He may strike you as someone perpetually caught in the allure of a new thought or discovery, brimming with questions and delighting in conversations that allow him to probe further into a subject. In any discussion, he’s usually the one driving at the “why” and “how,” thirsty for knowledge and for sharing what he knows.

For physical characteristics, the Page of Swords as a man represents someone who is youthful in appearance, with sharp eyes that seem to miss nothing; his voice is enthusiastic, his touch light, and his scent crisp, like freshly cut grass. His eyes likely sparkle when he talks about something that piques his interest, giving you the impression that his mind is constantly at work. His voice, imbued with the exuberance of youth, can shift from a whisper to an impassioned tone in seconds, matching the fervor of his ideas. His touch, whether it’s a handshake or a pat on the back, feels effervescent and light, almost as if he’s afraid of missing something by holding on for too long. And when he enters a room, you might catch a refreshing whiff that reminds you of the great outdoors, mirroring his ever-fresh perspective.

For emotional characteristics, the Page of Swords as a man represents someone who is curious, alert, and constantly seeking to broaden his horizons. He has an emotional magnetism that draws people into his world of endless inquiry and reflection. But this intellectual zeal may sometimes make him seem restless or anxious, especially if he feels like he’s in a situation where his thirst for knowledge or truth is stifled.

Astrologically, the Page of Swords as a man represents someone who is likely to have strong Gemini, Mercury, or 3rd House influences in his chart, emphasizing intellect and communication. These placements underscore his versatility, adaptability, and insatiable curiosity. A Mercury-dominated chart could make him an excellent communicator, while a strong 3rd House might indicate a life filled with constant changes and learning experiences.

For careers, the Page of Swords can represent a man who works as a journalist, a researcher, or a data analyst. These careers perfectly align with his skills and interests, providing ample opportunities for him to dig deep, ask questions, and unveil hidden truths. His workplace is likely scattered with notes, books, or data graphs, highlighting his love for information gathering and problem-solving.

The Page of Swords as a man represents someone who makes you feel intrigued and intellectually stimulated. Conversing with him might feel like a mental workout, as he challenges you to think deeper and explore multiple angles of a topic. His youthful energy and intellectual magnetism often inspire you to engage in your own quest for knowledge, pushing you to read more, ask more, and discover more.

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Reversed Page of Swords as a Man

If the Page of Swords reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is dishonest, prone to gossip, or intellectually immature. This individual may seem preoccupied with trivial matters, often lacking the depth or sincerity for meaningful conversation. He might appear as someone who enjoys stirring the pot, more interested in rumors and hearsay than in truth or constructive dialogue.

For physical characteristics, the Page of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who is distracted in his demeanor, with darting eyes; his voice may be tinged with sarcasm, his touch erratic, and his scent unsettling, like static in the air. You might notice that his eyes rarely make sustained contact, as if he’s always looking for the next piece of information or gossip. His voice can be filled with undertones of mockery, making it difficult to know when he’s being sincere. When he touches objects or people, it’s often in a fidgety or unpredictable manner, revealing his scattered energy. As for his scent, it’s neither fresh nor stale but somewhat disconcerting, like the sensation you get when there’s a buildup of static electricity.

For emotional characteristics, the Page of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who is untrustworthy and may lack focus or sincerity. He seems to switch emotional lanes frequently, making it challenging to gauge his true intentions. His lack of sincerity often manifests as a knack for saying things that he doesn’t necessarily believe, just to provoke a reaction or to fit into a conversation.

Astrologically, the Page of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who is likely to have challenging Mercury retrograde aspects or afflicted Gemini placements, indicating poor communication skills. These difficult aspects might manifest as a tendency to misunderstand or misrepresent situations, or even to indulge in deceptive or manipulative speech. An afflicted Gemini placement could contribute to his superficiality and gossip-prone nature.

For careers, the Page of Swords reversed can represent a man who works as a tabloid reporter, a gossip columnist, or someone in a profession that may lack ethical grounding. These roles amplify his propensity for bending the truth or focusing on the sensational, often at the expense of ethics or deeper insight. He thrives in environments where information is currency, even if that information is of dubious quality or integrity.

The Page of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel skeptical and guarded. Being around him may trigger your internal alarm bells, causing you to be extra careful about what you share or disclose. His presence often leaves you with a sense that you should double-check the facts and be wary of taking his words at face value.

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For relationships and feelings, the Page of Swords represents mental attraction and wit. A good relationship has physical attraction and mental attraction. When you have an inspiring partner who really connects with you on an intellectual level, it is a beauty to behold. The Page of Swords is a reminder of this aspect of love. 

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