Queen of Cups as Past Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Queen of Cups is the card of compassion, warmth, kindness, and healing. This card shows a beautiful, introspective woman sitting on a throne at the edge of the sea. She is holding a cup before her. She looks at the cup, deep in thought. Her emotions come from deep within her. She trusts fully in her intuition. 

The Queen of Cups reminds us that we all need the deep, nurturing, and compassionate love that this queen has to offer. It is a love that is almost maternal in nature. It is warm, kind, and healing. It is supportive of us, and it honors our authentic self. The Queen of Cups reminds us of the love that we want to give to the people we care about the most.

Upright Queen of Cups as Past

If you are asking about the past, and you draw the Queen of Cups, it means that you went through a phase of deep emotional connection, nurturing, and a heightened intuition, where understanding and empathy prevailed. This period would have seen you being more receptive to the feelings and needs of others, creating harmonious relationships grounded in mutual respect and understanding. You likely nurtured your intuitive side, possibly discovering deeper layers of your emotional self and using this rich inner world to connect with people on a more intimate level.

The Queen of Cups as the past can represent a period marked by nurturing environments, emotional security, and possibly a strong maternal influence, guiding with love and understanding. This was a time where you were enveloped in warmth, where feelings of safety and security were cultivated through loving and caring relationships. It might have been a stage where a motherly figure played a significant role, guiding you with wisdom, nurturing your spirit, and providing a solid foundation of love and support.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Queen of Cups in the past position means the relationship was nurtured with deep understanding, empathy, and kindness, fostering a loving and compassionate bond. This period was marked by a strong mutual connection where both parties were attuned to each other’s needs and feelings, creating a haven of love and understanding. It was a time where love flowed effortlessly, where understanding was deep, and the bond was strengthened through acts of kindness, consideration, and mutual respect, nurturing a true partnership based on trust and emotional connectivity.

If you are asking about an ex, the Queen of Cups in the past position means that, in the past, the relationship had a deeply nurturing and caring foundation, with a strong emotional bond. This would have been a time where both individuals were deeply connected, truly understanding each other’s worlds and being there for each other in times of need. The relationship likely flourished in an atmosphere of emotional security and trust, where feelings were acknowledged, and understanding was a cornerstone, creating a secure space for love to grow and flourish.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Queen of Cups in the past position means your relationship with them was grounded in emotional understanding, mutual support, and deep affection, characterized by a nurturing energy. This period might have been marked by a lot of heart-to-heart talks, a willingness to support each other through thick and thin, and a deep-seated affection that strengthened the bond between you. It was a time of deep understanding and mutual respect, where the nurturing energy fostered a safe space for both of you to be your true selves, creating a lasting bond built on trust and affection.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Queen of Cups in the past position means your approach was guided by intuition and empathy, fostering a nurturing and compassionate work environment. During this time, you likely relied on your instincts to guide your career choices, bringing a kind-hearted and understanding approach to your workplace. This strategy not only enriched your working relationships but also created a harmonious environment where collective goals could be pursued with a unified and compassionate spirit, leading to a fulfilling and mutually respectful work environment.

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Reversed Queen of Cups as Past

If you are asking about the past, and you draw the Queen of Cups reversed, it means that there may have been periods of emotional instability, being overly sensitive, or possibly experiencing an emotional withdrawal and not being open to receiving or giving nurture. This phase might have been characterized by an inability to balance emotional needs with the demands of daily life, causing a disconnect from those around you. It was a time where you found it challenging to open up completely, perhaps holding back from sharing your true feelings, or not being in a space to provide the nurturing and understanding that relationships need to flourish.

The Queen of Cups reversed as the past can represent a time when you might have faced emotional disruptions, possibly being too immersed in your emotional world, neglecting the practical aspects of life. This was a period where it became easy to lose sight of the larger picture, getting caught up in the whirlpool of emotions and possibly overlooking necessary practical duties. It was a challenging time where maintaining a balanced perspective might have been difficult, and it took a conscious effort to not let emotions overshadow the real-world responsibilities and relationships.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Queen of Cups reversed in the past position means the relationship possibly went through phases of emotional instability, where nurturing was lacking or was too smothering. There might have been times where the balance between giving and receiving affection was not harmonious, causing periods of strain and misunderstanding. The relationship may have felt like a rollercoaster at times, with emotions fluctuating wildly, and it was a period that tested the strength and resilience of the bond you both shared.

If you are asking about an ex, the Queen of Cups reversed in the past position means that the relationship might have suffered from emotional turmoil, perhaps characterized by a lack of nurturing and understanding. During this time, there could have been episodes where you or your partner withdrew emotionally, unable to provide the support and understanding needed to nurture the relationship. It was a tumultuous period, with heightened emotions and possible misunderstandings that strained the relationship, requiring a lot of effort to navigate the emotional landscapes that kept shifting.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Queen of Cups reversed in the past position means the relationship may have faced periods of emotional distance, a lack of understanding, or nurturing. This could have been a time where you felt a certain coldness or detachment creeping into the relationship, making it difficult to connect on a deeper level. The bond might have experienced strain due to misunderstandings or a lack of open communication, where nurturing energy was not flowing freely, causing a sense of disconnection and loneliness.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Queen of Cups reversed in the past position means there might have been a time of emotional instability, which impacted your ability to nurture your career effectively, potentially leading to missed opportunities. This was a period where your emotional well-being might have been on shaky ground, affecting your capacity to focus on your career growth and to seize potential opportunities that came your way. It was a phase where you might have found it hard to bring your full self to your work, perhaps feeling emotionally drained and finding it challenging to nurture your career paths in the way they needed to be nurtured, affecting your progress and fulfillment in your career.

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For relationships and feelings, the Queen of Cups represents compassion, loving kindness, and emotional support. There is wholeness, harmony, and a sense of belonging here. The nurturing and complete love of the Queen of Cups is amazing, and it is something we should strive to show our partners in any relationship. 

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