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Serena’s Readings are wise, caring, inspiring and truthful

December 5, 2023

I have had many Tarot readings in my life.

Those experiences have allowed me to be able to see/feel/understand when someone has been gifted with that special energy to read messages that come through Tarot cards and energy.

Serena is such reader! She, incredibly thorough, right on point, and has given me deep, honest readings every time!

She has the gift for sure!

Her ability to read/sense people’s energy, their intentions, is uncanny!

Then, Serena’s ability to translate all of what’s happening into simple, yet beautifully easy to understand language is obsoletely refreshing and leaves you with a sense of “Oh, I can breathe easier now 😌”

She has brought so much peacefulness to my emotional conundrums, and her uplifting, honest, caring style is priceless to me.

THANK YOU for the incredibly touching, high quality work you do!! ❤️



September 7, 2023

Serena did an amazing reading for me, she has now done quite a few. Her words are so smooth and guiding yet gentle and warm to the soul. It’s like therapy for intuitives. She’s very intuitive and on point.


About my reader Serena

August 17, 2023

My reader Serena is amazing. She has been so on point with my readings. Because of her I have now found my soulmate. She was so on point to the fact that he was in the military. I am such in a happy place in my life right now and its all thanks you Serena. I just love her I go to her about everything and she always seems to point me in the right direction.

Donneshia Marrs

Grateful for Serena

July 25, 2023

When I signed up for sibyl, I didn’t know what to expect but I’ve truly been blown away by my readings from Serena. She is probably the kindest person I’ve ever interacted with and has made me feel so safe and hopeful in this journey of life. Sometimes you just need someone to put words to your feelings and help you navigate your way to your best self. Serena is that person and I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon her. I’ve gotten such amazing advice and insight in all areas of my life and I really feel like I’m starting to move through challenges differently. Thank you Serena!!! You’re such an angel.


Amazing and Insightful I

June 7, 2023

I absolutely love Serena. Her insight is invaluable to me. She doesn’t tell me what I “WANT” to hear, She tells me what I “NEED” to hear . The truth. Thank you for this website and for Serena!

Kathy Freeman

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