Seven of Swords as a Man Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Seven of Swords is the card of lies, deception, scheming, cunning, and resourcefulness. This card depicts a man sneaking away from a military camp with five swords in his arms. He looks over his shoulder at the two swords that he’s left behind. He is smirking, signaling that he is proud to have slipped away unnoticed. 

The Seven of Swords reminds us that there is a light and dark side to everything. The card represents the deception that is often present in relationships, because we are afraid that we cannot be accepted as we are. It also represents the healthy boundary of putting yourself first. Remember that you cannot give to others what you do not give to yourself. Your needs are just as important.

Upright Seven of Swords as a Man

If the Seven of Swords appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is likely to be cunning, possibly deceptive, and engaged in strategies that aren’t fully transparent. His very presence in a room commands attention, but for reasons that might leave you feeling uneasy or suspicious. Though he might not be inherently malevolent, he definitely exudes an air of mystery that suggests hidden agendas and undisclosed intentions.

For physical characteristics, the Seven of Swords as a man represents someone who is sleek and elusive, with a gaze that avoids prolonged eye contact; his voice might have a sly intonation, his touch light and quick, and his scent evasive, like faint wisps of smoke. If you try to lock eyes with him, you’ll find that he deftly shifts his gaze, as though hiding something behind those eyes. His voice may rise and fall with a cadence that seems almost choreographed, leaving you pondering the layers of meaning in his words. Physically, his touch barely lingers, as if he’s wary of leaving behind any evidence of his presence. His scent is similarly elusive, complex but never overpowering, giving off an aroma that’s hard to pinpoint—there one moment, gone the next.

For emotional characteristics, the Seven of Swords as a man represents someone who is calculating, emotionally guarded, and always one step ahead in mental games. He’s not the kind to wear his heart on his sleeve; in fact, you might find it challenging to identify any of his genuine emotions. He possesses an uncanny ability to read people and situations quickly, using this knowledge to navigate social dynamics to his advantage.

Astrologically, the Seven of Swords as a man represents someone who is likely to have strong Mercury placements, especially in signs like Gemini or Virgo, emphasizing communication and analytical skills. Mercury’s influence endows him with quick wit and mental agility, making him a master at strategic planning and execution. In Gemini, this might manifest as a talent for manipulation through language, while in Virgo, it might present as an analytical mind that can dissect a situation and devise a detailed plan stealthily.

For careers, the Seven of Swords can represent a man who works as a spy, investigator, or any role that involves strategic thinking and discretion. In these roles, his knack for stealth and information gathering isn’t just an asset; it’s a job requirement. These careers often necessitate a certain level of emotional detachment and a willingness to operate in the shadows, qualities that align seamlessly with his personality.

The Seven of Swords as a man represents someone who makes you feel wary, as if you should keep your cards close to your chest. When interacting with him, you’ll likely feel a need to be cautious with what you disclose, guarding your own secrets as if expecting a mental chess match. His enigmatic nature is a double-edged sword—both intriguing and unnerving, leaving you ever watchful, ever vigilant.

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Reversed Seven of Swords as a Man

If the Seven of Swords reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is likely rethinking his tactics and may be coming clean after a period of deceit or secrecy. You might notice a palpable change in his demeanor, as if a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. While he still possesses an air of complexity, it feels less like he’s keeping you at arm’s length and more like he’s in a period of self-reckoning.

For physical characteristics, the Seven of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who is less slippery than his upright counterpart; his gaze might now seek contact, and his scent could be more grounded, like damp earth. If earlier he avoided eye contact, now you’ll find a more vulnerable openness in his eyes, as if inviting connection or understanding. His scent, too, changes from something elusive to something more tangible and comforting, like the smell of rain-soaked soil, signaling a return to something more grounded and genuine.

For emotional characteristics, the Seven of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who is feeling guilty or remorseful about past deceptions. This internal emotional shift can manifest as a more open, less calculated approach to conversations and interactions. You might find that he’s more willing to talk about his feelings and vulnerabilities, as if seeking some form of redemption or closure.

Astrologically, the Seven of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who is likely experiencing a difficult Mercury retrograde, prompting a reevaluation of actions and intentions. This astrological transit forces him to confront the consequences of his earlier cunning or deceptive behavior, pushing him towards a more honest self-assessment. Mercury retrograde tends to muddy communications and plans, so this period can serve as a wake-up call for him to reconsider his strategies and perhaps adopt a more straightforward approach.

For careers, the Seven of Swords reversed can represent a man who works as a whistleblower, a compliance officer, or someone involved in rectifying wrongdoings. In these roles, he is transitioning from a space of manipulation or deception to one of ethical responsibility. It’s as if the skills he once used for dubious purposes are now being channeled into more constructive, socially beneficial endeavors.

The Seven of Swords reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel as if a burden is being lifted, but still cautious. While interacting with him, you might sense a greater ease, as if he’s finally letting down some of the barriers he had previously erected. Nonetheless, caution on your part may still be advisable; his journey towards transparency and ethical behavior might still be a work in progress.

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For relationships and feelings, the Seven of Swords represents deception. We always want to show our best selves to our love. Sometimes this can go too far and get into the arena of deceit. The Seven of Swords is a reminder that in the long run, honesty in a relationship will serve us much better than lies. 

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