Six of Cups as Future Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Six of Cups is the card of childhood, nostalgia, comfort, and familiarity. The card shows a young boy leaning down and passing a cup filled with flowers to a young girl. The girl is happy and grateful, looking back to the boy with love. This shows the passing of traditions, happy reunions, and childhood innocence.  

The Six of Cups reminds us that our inner child is important in a meaningful relationship. When we are with someone who we truly love and trust, our inner child will feel free to roam and play. Listen to your innermost self, as your young self is deeply in touch with your intuition. Your child self is young, but they are also wise. 

Upright Six of Cups as Future

If you are asking about the future, and you draw the Six of Cups, it means that nostalgic feelings and memories from the past will play a significant role. This card brings a warm, comforting energy that encourages you to reconnect with the joy and innocence of your younger days. It invites you to take a joyful walk down memory lane, revisiting cherished moments and potentially using this warmth and familiarity as a guiding force in your current situation, helping you to navigate your path with a heart full of fond memories and learned experiences.

The Six of Cups as the future can represent a reconnection with your inner child or someone from your past. This period will be characterized by a warm, nurturing energy that facilitates healing and encourages you to explore the world with the same wonder and amazement that you did as a child. It might also herald a time where you reconnect with an old friend or a loved one, rediscovering the joy and comfort that your relationship brings, and experiencing precious moments of recognition and mutual understanding, nurturing those old bonds and perhaps creating new, delightful memories together.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Six of Cups in the future position means a wholesome, innocent, and pure connection developing. This card suggests that your relationship will evolve into a nurturing, trusting space where both partners can be their authentic selves. It calls for a kind of love that is pure, innocent, and unblemished by past hurts, a relationship that evokes the best parts of each individual, encouraging mutual growth and a deep connection rooted in honesty, understanding, and playful exploration of each other’s worlds.

If you are asking about an ex, the Six of Cups in the future position means the resurfacing of fond memories and a possible reconnection. During this time, you may find yourself reminiscing about the happy moments you shared, and this reflective period could potentially lead to a rekindled friendship or understanding, fostered through mutual respect and a shared history. It suggests a time of understanding and forgiveness, where old wounds can be healed, and a new, nurturing connection can be formed, guided by a mature understanding and a cherishing of the joyful moments shared in the past.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Six of Cups in the future position means a harmonious and comforting time reminiscent of good old days. This time promises an enriched bond, rooted in mutual understanding, respect, and shared history. It’s a period where you might recreate cherished traditions or simply enjoy each other’s company, reminiscing about joyful moments from the past, fostering a warm and comforting space where you can both be your true selves, united in a bond that is strengthened through shared memories and affectionate familiarity.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Six of Cups in the future position means you may find joy and satisfaction in familiar settings or tasks. You might be drawn towards projects or roles that resonate with your inner child, encouraging you to bring passion and creativity into your work. It’s a wonderful time to embrace what truly resonates with you, perhaps rediscovering old passions and incorporating them into your career, fostering a work environment that is both nurturing and fulfilling, as you find joy in the familiar and take steps to create a career path that truly reflects your innermost desires and values.

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Reversed Six of Cups as Future

If you are asking about the future, and you draw the Six of Cups reversed, it means that you might find yourself struggling to move past old issues. This suggests a period where past regrets or unresolved issues could resurface, obstructing your path forward. It’s a call to consciously work on releasing those memories and experiences that no longer serve your highest good, to allow new, positive energies to enter your life. It encourages you to face those old issues head-on, understand what lessons they hold, and use that knowledge to foster growth and forward momentum.

The Six of Cups reversed as the future can represent being stuck in the past and unable to see the growth that is possible now. It might indicate that you are holding onto childhood memories or past experiences too tightly, preventing you from embracing the present fully. It encourages you to differentiate between beneficial nostalgia and being overly attached to the past, as the latter can restrict your personal growth. Recognize the beautiful opportunities awaiting you now, and allow yourself to break free from the chains of the past to seize them.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Six of Cups reversed in the future position means you might face challenges rooted in past issues. This could be a signal that unresolved matters from your shared history are bubbling to the surface, requiring attention and healing. Addressing these challenges openly, honestly, and with a loving heart can pave the way to a deeper, more understanding connection. It’s important to have open dialogues where you both feel heard, and working through these challenges together can potentially strengthen your bond, as you build a future free of the shadows of the past.

If you are asking about an ex, the Six of Cups reversed in the future position means an unhealthy fixation on the past, hindering present progress. It suggests that there is a risk of getting caught in a loop of past memories, which might prevent you from healing and moving forward. To foster growth and open up to new possibilities, it would be beneficial to focus on the present, allowing yourself to heal and grow from those experiences. Encourage yourself to seek closure, emphasizing personal growth and wellbeing over past attachments, steering towards a future where you can thrive and flourish.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Six of Cups reversed in the future position means it might be time to address long-standing issues or move past outdated dynamics. This card urges you to revisit unresolved matters, fostering a fresh perspective and a more mature understanding of each other. It might be a time to have heartfelt conversations where you express your feelings openly, paving the way for a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. This period calls for conscious effort to grow beyond past issues, nurturing a relationship grounded in mutual respect, understanding, and current realities, rather than outdated perceptions.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Six of Cups reversed in the future position means it could be beneficial to avoid dwelling on past achievements and focus on the opportunities at hand. This phase encourages you to shift your focus from past glories to the exciting prospects that the present moment offers. It suggests that embracing a forward-thinking mindset will be your ally, helping you to seize new opportunities with eagerness and optimism. Envision a path defined by growth, innovation, and continuous learning, where your past experiences serve as a rich foundation for the exciting potential that lies ahead.

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For relationships and feelings, the Six of Cups represents nostalgia and familiarity. With someone you truly love and trust, your inner child will want to come out and play. Being able to be this comfortable with someone is an amazing sign for any relationship. Remember that your young self is wise, as it stays close to your intuition. 

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