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Strength is the card of strength, compassion, influence, persuasion, and determination. A woman is gently stroking a lion—she has completely tamed this wild beast. Strength shows what is possible when resilience and kindness is applied to a situation. Sometimes, it is not brute force, but inner strength that makes the most impact on a person or a relationship. 

Strength is not a traditional “love” card, and many readers get confused when it shows up in a love reading. Does it literally mean that someone feels strongly about you? There are many other cards that speak to romantic passion, so we have to ask ourselves, what is Strength trying to say in particular? As you’ll see, I interpret Strength as speaking to the dynamics between people. In love readings, Strength asks us to consider the balance of power and care in a relationship. 

Upright Strength as Intentions

If you are asking about someone’s intentions towards you, and you draw Strength, that means this person intends on submitting to you. You overpower them in the relationship, and they intend on letting you. They do not intend on rearranging the power dynamic in the relationship. You have the strength, and they respond with compassion and affirmation. The Upright Strength in relationships means that both parties are zealous about each other. The relationship is strong, and your person intends on letting you continue your dominance.

Strength as intentions means that they intend to continue your relationship. They intend to return all of the care, kindness, love, and understanding that you offer to them. They desire the strength of love you bring into the relationship, and they intend on making sure you feel the same way. 

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, Strength is a sign of them intending to change their life for you. You deeply affected them with your inner strength, and they intend on reevaluating their life and determining if it would be better with you. In most cases, they agree that it will. If they rarely settle in a relationship or never had one, they intend on changing because of how your strength affected them. They intend on starting a relationship with you. 

For existing relationships, Strength represents an intention to go further in the relationship. Strength, fortitude, and fiery passion bind you and your partner in love. They intend to venture further into these intense feelings. Nothing else in life affects your partner like your energy does. You complete them as a person and offer them a foundation of security. They intend to attach to you and even further grow your bond. Your strength gives them strength, and they intend to keep it this way.

If you are asking about an ex’s intentions, Strength shows that they intend to keep you and your memories shared together in mind. Your past relationship helped them learn a lot about passion, kindness, and fortitude. They intend to remember this as it will assist them in future relationships. You did well in the positive parts of the relationship, and they will remember it all. They may intend on getting back together, but they know you will be satisfied in life with or without them. They appreciate the security you provided for them through your strength, and they will never forget it. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Strength means that this person’s intentions are to commit to you. They desire your strength and passion and cannot get enough of it. If you decide to propose, they intend on accepting. However, if you are waiting for them to propose, they will be reticent because they are waiting for your lead. 

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Reversed Strength as Intentions

If you are asking about someone’s intentions towards you, and you draw Strength reversed, that means this person has mixed intentions. The relationship lacks connection and strength. This makes them extremely weak and upset with the relationship. They intend to fix this, but they do not have the courage or strength to do so. They need encouragement to address their weakness, and they intend on finding it. 

Strength reversed as intentions means that they intend to depend on you for strength. They are too weak without your strength. They do not intend to separate from you because they do not harbor the strength to live without you. They cannot lose you, but at the same time you make them feel extremely beaten. This creates a harmful dynamic in the relationship. They know leaving the relationship will benefit them stupendously, but they cannot change their subconscious intention to remain with you.

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, Strength reversed is a sign of them intending on addressing the weak foundation of the beginning or proposed relationship. The reversed Strength advises that no foundation capable of fostering a relationship exists. Most of the time, they intend on explaining to you that things will not work out. Your pre-relationship interactions lack compatibility, fortitude, and passion. They intend on remaining single or making significant changes to the new relationship in order for it to continue.

For existing relationships, Strength reversed represents an intention to depend on you. Their dependence will most likely perturb you and make your life difficult. This dependence for your strength will also come with toxicity because the person needs you, but is not happy in the relationship. They intend on depending on your strength because they lack it themselves. You should intend on directly addressing their dependency as it is unhealthy for you and the other person.

If you are asking about an ex’s intentions, Strength reversed shows that they intend to get back at you for the breakup. Your breakup produced intense insecurity for them. They intend on moving on, but they do not have your strength that they relied on and lost after your breakup. They are trapped and do not know how to move on from their reliance on you, so they could intend on doing something harmful to you.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Strength reversed means that this person’s intentions are not to commit before solving the issues in the relationship. One of you dominates the relationship, as the upright Strength suggests, however, the domination does not work for the submissive person. It weakens and depresses them, and they certainly do not intend on committing to this relationship. 

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For relationships and feelings, Strength reveals the foundational state of a bond. It shines light into how secure a person is feeling. It also shows us what we need to do to bring that energy of strength and security into our lives–by leaning into our inner fortitude, kindness, and empathy. If you allow it, Strength’s energy will make your relationships stronger and more durable. Shine in your own confidence. 

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