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The Sun is the card of happiness, success, optimism, confidence, and joy. The card depicts a sun rising above a joyous, happy child. The sun is a symbol of vitality, optimism, happiness, and the joy found in the here and now. Compared to its counterpart the moon, the sun’s light is strong, vibrant, and fully illuminating. 

The Sun reminds us that there is something positive to be found in every situation. Even when your relationship feels like it’s languishing, there is something to appreciate and to love. There is positivity everywhere, even if it is hidden behind a cloud. The Sun reminds us to tune into gratitude and to be positive.  

Upright Sun as a Man

If the Sun appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is vibrant, optimistic, and exudes a radiant positivity that illuminates the lives of those around him. When you’re near him, you might feel as though you’re basking in a warm, summer day; your senses are filled with the uplifting scents of blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass. Even the air around him seems to taste sweeter, as if he’s in sync with the very essence of life.

For physical characteristics, the Sun as a man represents someone who is golden-toned with a warm smile, bright eyes, and a robust health that feels invigorating. When he touches you, his hands feel warm, like a soothing touch of sunshine. His voice could have a melodic and cheerful tone that rings true and clear, resonating like a joyful song.

For emotional characteristics, the Sun as a man represents someone who is uplifting, confident, and has a childlike enthusiasm for life. His laughter is hearty and infectious, making even the most mundane moments feel like an adventure. With him, you feel listened to and valued; his attentive gaze can make you feel like you’re the only person in the room.

Astrologically, the Sun as a man represents someone who is influenced by Leo, displaying its charismatic, generous, and confident nature. You might find strong Leo placements in his natal chart, particularly with the Sun or Ascendant in Leo. Additional fire sign influences, perhaps Sagittarius or Aries, could further emphasize his optimistic and adventurous spirit.

For careers, the Sun can represent a man who works as a motivational speaker, a performer, or any role where he is in the spotlight. His workspace is likely to be open and bright, perhaps adorned with inspirational quotes or vibrant artwork that reflects his sunny disposition. People are naturally drawn to his energy, making him a center of attention and a catalyst for positive change in group settings.

The Sun as a man represents someone who makes you feel energized, cherished, and full of possibility. Your heart may feel lighter in his presence, as if burdens have been lifted, allowing your own inner light to shine brighter. With him, even the simple act of holding hands can feel like a silent promise of brighter days ahead.

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Reversed Sun as a Man

If the Sun reversed appears in a Tarot spread as a man, that means that this person is experiencing a loss of vitality, overconfidence, or facing some hidden doubts. His energy might feel stifling, like the muggy air of a summer afternoon, and you may sense a certain heaviness around him, as if the joy he once radiated has been clouded over. The smell around him might no longer be the invigorating scent of blooming flowers, but rather stagnant, like soil in need of refreshing rain.

For physical characteristics, the Sun reversed as a man represents someone who is less radiant, with a forced smile and a look of uncertainty behind his eyes. His touch could feel tepid, lacking the usual warmth and assurance, and the tone of his voice may have lost its clear, confident ring, becoming shaky or hesitant instead. Even his physical health might appear compromised, maybe he’s lost weight or his posture seems slouched, a far cry from the robust health he usually possesses.

For emotional characteristics, the Sun reversed as a man represents someone who is less self-assured, prone to bouts of arrogance, or struggling with acknowledgment. His laughter might sound forced or infrequent, and the light in his eyes could seem to flicker, as if struggling to stay ignited. The former enthusiasm and clarity are replaced by a cloud of insecurity, making conversations with him feel more draining than uplifting.

Astrologically, the Sun reversed as a man represents someone who is grappling with the challenging aspects of Leo, such as pride, ego, and a need for validation. In his natal chart, you might find the Sun or other personal planets in Leo but afflicted by challenging aspects like squares or oppositions. A poorly placed Sun, perhaps in the 12th house of hidden things, could further hint at the struggles he’s facing with his own light and vitality.

For careers, the Sun reversed can represent a man who works as a failed artist, a disillusioned public figure, or someone in the shadows of fame. His office or workspace might be cluttered with remnants of unfulfilled dreams, with awards gathering dust or accolades that now seem meaningless. The ambition and spotlight he once relished could have become burdens, leading him to retreat from public life or lose his creative drive.

The Sun reversed as a man represents someone who makes you feel sympathetic, a desire to uplift, and slightly cautious. Though you might yearn to rekindle the warmth and vitality that seem to be dwindling within him, you also feel a sense of caution, aware that his struggle is complex and internal. The taste left in your mouth after an interaction might be bittersweet, tinged with both compassion and a subtle, nagging worry.

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For relationships and feelings, the Sun is a very positive card. Whether upright or reversed, the Sun shines its light on everything. The lesson in this card is that the truth will always come out, one way or another. Daylight always comes again, and summer will always be just around the corner. The best way to move forward is through communication. Don’t take your partner for granted. Show appreciation every day, and your positivity will shine through.

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