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The Sun is the card of happiness, success, optimism, confidence, and joy. The card depicts a sun rising above a joyous, happy child. The sun is a symbol of vitality, optimism, happiness, and the joy found in the here and now. Compared to its counterpart the moon, the sun’s light is strong, vibrant, and fully illuminating. 

The Sun reminds us that there is something positive to be found in every situation. Even when your relationship feels like it’s languishing, there is something to appreciate and to love. There is positivity everywhere, even if it is hidden behind a cloud. The Sun reminds us to tune into gratitude and to be positive.  

Upright Sun as Hopes and Fears

If you are asking about hopes, and you draw the Sun, it means that you’re seeking joy, success, and clarity. You aspire for a time of great positivity, where your endeavors are fruitful and your relationships are fulfilling. The Sun symbolizes a period of enlightenment and vitality, suggesting that the path ahead is illuminated with the promise of prosperity and happiness. It encourages you to embrace the warmth and energy it brings, assuring you that positivity will radiate through all aspects of your life, fostering growth and contentment.

The Sun as fears can represent the fear of happiness being fleeting, the anxiety of success not being as fulfilling as anticipated, or the dread of underlying issues being overshadowed by temporary joy. This reflects concerns about the durability of good fortunes and whether they can truly bring the satisfaction you seek. It serves as a reminder that true happiness and fulfillment come from within, urging you to find balance and to appreciate the present while working towards resolving deeper issues that may lie beneath the surface.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Sun in the hopes and fears position means you’re hopeful for a period of happiness and mutual understanding, yet there may be a fear that this happiness could mask deeper issues. This card suggests a longing for a relationship that is not only joyful and harmonious but also grounded in genuine understanding and emotional depth. It highlights the importance of addressing any underlying concerns to ensure that the joy experienced is not just a fleeting moment but a reflection of a truly strong and healthy partnership.

If you are asking about an ex, the Sun in the hopes and fears position means there’s a hope for finding peace and closure, allowing both parties to move forward positively, yet there’s a fear of unresolved feelings casting a shadow on future happiness. This indicates a desire to let go of the past with grace and to embrace the light of new beginnings, while still acknowledging the potential for past emotions to affect your path to moving on. It encourages you to seek closure and healing, trusting that doing so will allow you to fully enjoy the brightness of the future without being held back by what has been.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Sun in the hopes and fears position means you’re looking forward to joyous times and strengthening bonds, but there might be a fear that unresolved conflicts could dim these bright prospects. This card embodies the hope for laughter, shared joy, and deeper connections, while also recognizing the need to confront and resolve any lingering issues that could hinder this positive outlook. It suggests that true enjoyment and harmony within relationships come from addressing and overcoming challenges together, paving the way for genuine happiness.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Sun in the hopes and fears position means you’re aiming for success and recognition in your endeavors, with a fear that the achievement of these goals won’t address underlying dissatisfaction. This reflects a desire for professional achievements that not only bring external rewards but also internal satisfaction, highlighting concerns about finding true fulfillment in your work. It advises you to align your career and financial pursuits with your deeper values and passions, ensuring that your successes bring not just material gains but also a sense of personal accomplishment and joy.

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Reversed Sun as Hopes and Fears

If you are asking about hopes, and you draw the Sun reversed, it means that there’s a concern over missed opportunities for joy, a lack of clarity, or the dimming of vitality and success due to unresolved issues or obstacles. This position hints at the potential for brightness and fulfillment being clouded by doubts or complications that have yet to be addressed. It suggests a need to re-evaluate what is hindering your happiness and success, encouraging you to clear away the clouds so that the sun can shine brightly once again in your life.

The Sun reversed as fears can represent the anxiety of joy being overshadowed by unresolved issues, the fear of success being hollow, or the dread of not fully experiencing the happiness and clarity you seek. This reflects a deep-seated concern that the achievements and moments of happiness you attain might not feel as rewarding or genuine as you hoped, due to lingering doubts or unresolved challenges. It underlines the importance of confronting these issues head-on to fully embrace and enjoy the successes and joyous moments in your life.

If you are asking about a romantic relationship, the Sun reversed in the hopes and fears position means there’s a worry that happiness in the relationship is not as complete as it appears, fearing underlying issues might be ignored. This suggests that while there may be moments of happiness, there’s a concern that they are merely superficial, masking deeper problems that could eventually surface and disrupt the relationship. It calls for open and honest communication between partners to address and resolve these issues, ensuring that the relationship’s foundation is strong and genuine.

If you are asking about an ex, the Sun reversed in the hopes and fears position means there’s a concern that the joy of moving forward is hampered by lingering issues or unresolved emotions. This implies that while there’s a desire to move on and embrace new beginnings, the shadow of the past relationship continues to cast a pall over your efforts to find happiness elsewhere. It emphasizes the need for closure and healing, allowing you to fully let go of the past and step into a brighter future unencumbered by what was left unresolved.

If you are asking about a friend or family member, the Sun reversed in the hopes and fears position means there’s a fear that the joy of your connection is superficial, masking deeper issues that need to be addressed. It indicates that what appears to be a happy and positive relationship on the surface may actually be fraught with unresolved tensions or misunderstandings that could undermine its true depth and meaning. It highlights the necessity of confronting these hidden issues to foster a more authentic and fulfilling connection.

If you are asking about career and financial matters, the Sun reversed in the hopes and fears position means there’s an apprehension that success may not bring the fulfillment expected, or that achievements may be undermined by overlooked problems. This points to concerns that professional accomplishments or financial gains may not be as satisfying as anticipated, perhaps because they come with their own set of challenges or because they fail to address deeper, personal aspirations. It underscores the importance of aligning your career and financial objectives with your broader life goals and values, to ensure that the success you achieve is truly meaningful and rewarding.

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For relationships and feelings, the Sun is a very positive card. Whether upright or reversed, the Sun shines its light on everything. The lesson in this card is that the truth will always come out, one way or another. Daylight always comes again, and summer will always be just around the corner. The best way to move forward is through communication. Don’t take your partner for granted. Show appreciation every day, and your positivity will shine through.

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