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The Devil is the card of addiction, sexual desire, codependency, and attachment issues. 

This card shows two people, a man and a woman, chained to the devil himself. Though it seems like they are being held against their will, look further and you will see that the chains around their neck are quite loose. They have the capability to free themselves if they wish. 

The Devil reminds us that while desire is good, taken to an extreme, it becomes deadly. Addictions (whether to drugs, sex, or love) kill loving relationships. Codependency is dangerous, and we must develop our own individuality in a relationship. The Devil also reminds us that the greatest chains are the ones we set upon ourselves. It is up to us if we want to make a change. Our greatest power is within us. 

Upright Devil as Feelings

If you are asking about how someone feels about you, and you draw the Devil, it means that this person feels addicted to you. Your chemistry is out of this world, and they’re full of desire for you. However, the Devil has a dark side, and this kind of desire can easily be taken to the extreme, where it becomes selfish and unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with having fun or hooking up, but it’s important to make sure that everyone is on the same page and has the same expectations. 

The Devil is also a sign of addiction and codependency. In some cases, it means feeling addicted to love, and needing to be with someone for the sake of being with someone. Over time, this is destructive to the individuality and self-respect of both partners. Be sure that you are communicating with your partner, so that both of you have the space you need to learn and grow as individuals. 

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, the Devil means that this person feels highly sexually attracted to you. The Devil indicates a sense of lust and selfish desire for gratification. This person might even feel addicted to you. There is nothing wrong with a hookup or FWB situation, as long as you are both clear about the expectations. However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you will need to clarify your intent.  

For existing relationships, the Devil indicates that this person feels codependent and trapped in your relationship. On one hand, they find you addicting and intoxicating. Perhaps you two have amazing chemistry. On the other hand, there are darker undercurrents to the relationship. With codependency, it often means feeling afraid to speak up for one’s needs and developing an independent self outside of the relationship. If you are experiencing these difficulties, communication will be more important than ever. Work together so that your needs are met and that the two of you can be strong individuals outside of your relationship. 

If you are asking about an old flame or an ex’s feelings about you, the Devil indicates that your ex feels tempted by your relationship, but ultimately sees it as a destructive force. Your relationship may have had high highs and low lows. Your ex was certainly drawn to that, and that made the ending difficult. However, your ex recognizes that going back would cause pain as well as pleasure. Unless something changes in the balance, a healthy and long-term reconciliation is not looking likely.  

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the Devil as feelings means that this person feels that there are underlying issues that must be resolved. Though they are wildly attracted to you, there are deeper conflicts in the relationship that make a serious commitment unclear. This often has to do with codependency and emotionally unhealthy patterns of behavior. To remedy this, open and honest communication about your needs are a must. 

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Reversed Devil as Feelings

When the Devil is reversed, it means that this person feels ready to break free of what has been holding them back. If they had baggage from the past, they are ready to let it go. If they were stuck in negative behavioral patterns, they have worked hard to release themselves from it. No longer chained, they can move forward into a brighter future. The Devil reversed is a call to embrace this positive change. 

The Devil reversed is also a sign of feeling ready to break away from a relationship that is no longer serving them. If this person has been in a codependent relationship with a domineering partner, they have finally experienced the last straw. They now see that the relationship is neither healthy nor supportive–for either partner. This can be hard to hear if this person’s partner is yourself. However, know that nurturing your own independence allows both of you to grow and live happy lives. 

For singles and those in new relationships, the Devil reversed is a sign of feeling ready to break free of old, negative behaviors. Perhaps this person is ready to let go of their past baggage to start something new with you. Alternatively, if there have been red flags in your early relationship that call to codependency, this is a sign to cut your losses and not proceed further. By starting a relationship off on the right foot, you will be rewarded down the line. 

For those in committed relationships, the Devil reversed is a sign of change. If the two of you have been working on your relationship recently, it is a positive sign: of breaking free from the negative emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Alternatively, if your relationship has been mired in codependency and volatility, it may mean that your partner has made a decision to end the relationship.Either way, you need to lean into yourself and nurture your own growth and independence.

If you are asking about an ex’s feelings about you, the Devil reversed means that they feel free of the constraints your past relationship set on them. Since spending time apart, they have done some personal self-growth, and they are feeling more in control of their love life than ever. Your relationship and chemistry was likely addicting, but not healthy in the long run. Reconciliation is not likely to be in the cards, unless you have done the work to change as well. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the Devil reversed indicates that this can go either way. If you’ve done a lot of work on your relationship lately, this can be a sign that they feel that you are breaking free from negative emotional patterns or addictions that have stood in the way of a stronger commitment. In other circumstances, this card is a sign of feeling ready to break away from a codependent relationship with a domineering partner. Assess your situation to see what rings the most true for you. 

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For relationships and feelings, the Devil reveals the darker side of lust and desire. Chemistry can be a great thing, but taken to an extreme, can become an addiction. No matter how tempting, unhealthy behavioral patterns ultimately do not produce the results that we want. The Devil serves as a warning sign, urging us to identify and bring the issues out of the dark and into broad daylight. With honest communication, we can build a solid foundation for the future.  

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