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The Empress is the card of abundance, fertility, marriage, and unconditional love. She is Venus, ruling over all matters of the heart: love, relationships, sexuality, affection, desire, beauty, luxury, and art.

The Empress is as generous as she is sensuous. As the mother of all creation, she believes that everyone deserves to be loved. She provides, nurtures, and cares. Her love is everlasting. 

Upright Empress as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Empress, that means that your person loves you unconditionally. You bring out the best in them, and vice versa. They deeply care about you and know that you’ll both be able to grow exponentially while in a relationship. They feel that a life with you will be full of abundance, and not just because they can afford to be generous, but because you inspire them to give. 

The Empress as reconciliation symbolizes a lasting and unwavering love. Additionally, the confidence you empower them with also means that they desire you on a physical and sexual level. Their love for you is not only warm and everlasting but also highly passionate and full of eros. When they think of you, their feelings are very down to earth — plowing the field, sowing the seed, and reaping the harvest of love. This could mean either a physical pregnancy or the birthing of a new phase in your lives.

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, the Empress symbolizes that they understand there’s no one else like you. The Empress also represents feelings of tenderness and loyalty, meaning they would want to stick with you no matter what. They would be proud to have you by their side. 

If you’ve recently split up, and you draw this card then chances are that your ex still thinks of you daily. You inspired them and brought out the best in them and they look forward to the chance of rekindling your romance. You still hold a large part of their heart and they feel that you always will. Reconciliation is just around the corner for the both of you.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, then your ex has probably realized that time away from each other is good and in this time you’ve both realized just how much you mean to each other. Your ex recognizes that the spark between you two is something that will last and they will never be able to simply move on from you. It is highly possible that after time away from each other, they are now ready to test the waters again and see where your relationship will take you next.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, do NOT. As the guardian of all things family and childbirth, the Empress is one of the best cards for long-term relationships, so much so that marriage is definitely in your future. Your partner is confident that you would make a great parent and partner for the rest of their lives, and frankly, they wouldn’t want anyone else but you anyway. This is a lasting love and it’s worth fighting for. 

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Empress Reversed as Reconciliation

If you’re asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you and you draw the Empress reversed, it shows that the nurturing and giving energy of the Empress is blocked. However, this can go in many directions. In one case, it means that they feel like you aren’t able to give them the love they’re looking for. That probably stems from some childhood issues having to do with unhealthy maternal examples in their early life. However, know that their childhood issues have nothing to do with you and your worth.

When the Empress is reversed, it indicates neglect and a lack of love — whether that’s on your part or theirs. They feel that they’ve given you a lot but have barely received anything in return which just deepens the rift between you two. We all have our own love languages and it’s possible that you just weren’t able to, unconsciously or consciously, meet theirs.

The Empress reversed could also be a sign of attachment issues. They may feel like they’re too dependent and clingy and feel insecure about the stability of your relationship. This goes both ways though as it’s also possible that they feel like the problem lies with you being too needy and demanding. While nurturing each other is good, it can also be overbearing when there is too much of it. Similarly, too much passion and desire for each other can spur unhealthy bouts of jealousy that can weaken your relationship instead of strengthening it.

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, the Empress reversed means that they have mixed feelings about you. They still desire you physically, but emotionally, that isn’t the case anymore. They feel that your past relationship was out of balance and lacked the love they needed. There is something blocking the emotional connection. If you have hopes of reconciling then it’s important to openly and honestly explore what could be blocking that connection.

If you’ve recently split up, it’s highly possible that you will reconcile because of the physical attraction that is still there. While the emotional connection is blocked, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely gone. They are willing to retry pursuing a relationship with you since the separation isn’t due to a lack of trying on either of your parts, but rather due to your conflicting dynamic.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, then it’s probably best to assume that the ship has sailed. Simply having physical attraction can only get you so far. If time has passed and you were both unable to confront the emotional issues that are barring you from each other then it’s highly possible that even if you do reconcile after time has passed, it’s inevitable that you will separate again soon after. At this point, it’s better to pack up your things and move on.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, it’s worth considering undergoing couples therapy. Your relationship isn’t completely a goner yet as there is some sort of attraction still there and you both love each other, just in different ways. There is definitely hope for you two. It’s important to communicate with each other and let each other know the exact type of love you need. They love you, but you two must resolve your emotional blockage first.

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For relationships and reconciliation, The Empress is queen. She speaks to the unbounded, unconditional love each one of us deserves to cultivate and experience. At its highest, love is infinite. She also warns of the difficulties of putting love into practice. Love is a verb and best shown through actions.  

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