Five of Swords as Reconciliation Tarot Card Meaning Sibyl Tarot

The Five of Swords is the card of conflicts, arguments, disputes, fights, and stress. The card shows a man picking up three swords from the ground. Behind him, two men are walking away from their swords. A battle has been fought and lost. There is conflict and strife. Even though the fighting has stopped for the time being, the air has not been cleared. 

The Five of Swords reminds us that conflict is a part of every relationship. Wherever there are people, conflict will always exist. Conflict can even be beneficial to a relationship, as it establishes boundaries and tells us when our needs are not being met. However, it is how we respond to conflict that matters. Conflicts can explode into strife, but they can also be worked through amicably. 

Upright Five of Swords as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Five of Swords, it means they are not in the headspace to try again with you. They are feeling hostile, irritable, and resentful toward you. It would be best to give this person space and time for now as they may react aggressively. They are too belligerent to make any reconciliation work. Your ex is still too defensive or angry about the reason you split at the moment.

Five of Swords as reconciliation is a sign of a forced relationship. One or both of you were not really ready to work things out when you agreed to give it another try. They have not forgiven you, or they were insincere about apologizing. There is too much resentment to make amends. Arguments may erupt, tempers may flare up, and past mistakes could be brought up. Overall, this is a hostile relationship where sharp words are exchanged. Make sure to establish healthy boundaries.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel belligerent and defensive toward you. Your ex has not done their shadow work, they struggle with inner conflict. They feel the need to “win” all arguments at all costs. Your person may feel too resentful to speak to you right now. They are also reluctant to accommodate your needs in the relationship, as they are in a selfish mindset.

If you’ve recently split up, Five of Swords means they still feel raw from your breakup. They are angry and irritable, you need to give them space so they can cool down. Attempting to initiate contact with this person could result in conflict. Their stress management is not the best.

This person feels a compulsive need to “win” in love and social situations. If they’re vengeful, they could rush into rebounds to make you jealous.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Five of Swords means this person still has hostility toward you. They are bitter about both what happened between the two of you and their life in general. Things are not going well. If ego was an issue in your relationship, their ego is still an issue now. Your ex’s ego problem is getting in the way in various areas of their life. Reconciliation might result in repeating unhealthy cycles with this person.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Five of Swords means you need to have a constructive, healing, non-judgmental conversation. One or both of you need to feel like they’re the “winner” in every disagreement. If one of you feels wronged by the other, there’s a lot of resentment brewing. Communication might be an issue, there’s either silent treatment or explosive arguments.

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Reversed Five of Swords as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Five of Swords reversed, it means they feel there’s no point in reconciling with you. They think there is no hope. Your ex feels defeated and they struggle to see a solution. Your person could feel like no matter what they do and how hard they try, nothing works. They dread communicating with you as they believe it will not end well.

Five of Swords reversed as reconciliation is a sign of lack of harmony at best. At worst, this could represent a hostile relationship coloured with passive-aggressiveness. Both or one of you are defensive. Rather than discussing ways to make the relationship work, there is an uncomfortable silence. There is a sense of mistakes being irreparable or unforgivable. Neither of you trusts the other fully.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel hopeless. Your ex could feel like they’ve tried everything, but nothing is helping heal the relationship. They’re not too excited about reconciliation because they have a pessimistic view about it. Your person doubts there is anything they can do to salvage the relationship. They think the best thing to do is walk away. Perhaps this is a sign for you to look for a better suited partner who shares the same goals.

If you’ve recently split up, Five of Swords reversed means your person feels like breaking up was for the best. They tried their best to make the relationship work, but nothing improved. Your ex has decided it is best for the two of you to part ways and move on. They might not be open to getting back together. This may be hard to hear, but there’s still someone out there for you who better matches your energy.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Five of Swords reversed means your ex has moved on. They don’t see how they can bridge your irreconcilable differences. Your ex views your differences to be too fundamental. They have come to terms with the idea that there were too many hurdles in your relationship. Your person has cut their losses and they are not interested in a reunion. It would be best for you to focus on finding somebody who can give you what you want in a partnership.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Five of Swords reversed means breaking up could be the healthiest option for you. When forced, this relationship could develop into a dysfunctional one. Your partner is not putting in the work to make your relationship work out. They are not communicating in a way that fosters healthy relationship dynamics. It would be best for your wellbeing to cut your losses and find someone who is willing to work on a relationship.

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For relationships and reconciliation, the Five of Swords represents conflict. Conflict will always exist, wherever people exist. Conflict is important, because it tells us when something is not right. It’s how we deal with conflict in relationships that matters. The choice is on us, whether we want to take it as an opportunity to explode or see it as potential to grow. 

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