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The Hierophant is the card of traditions, education, faith, marriage, and spirituality. He is the male counterpart of the High Priestess. The Hierophant sits between two pillars. At his feet are two people who look to him for guidance and two keys representing the physical and spiritual realms. He presides over ceremony, kindness, charity, and metaphysical guidance.  

The Hierophant is conventional in his outlook on love, and he cherishes the stability of time-tested institutions, like religion, marriage, and childbirth. He serves the world in spiritual attunement by providing his flock of followers with rules and guidance. 

Upright Hierophant as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw the Hierophant, that means that you’re going to be very happy if you want a conventional, monogamous relationship. It’s a great card to see for those who value tradition: marriage, children, traditional roles. This card can be bad news for those who would prefer more non-traditional relationships or alternative lifestyles. However, it can also indicate a non-traditional relationship being recognized and given equal legal rights by an authority. The Hierophant card is a nuanced card which can mean different things to different people.

The Hierophant as love outcome is a sign of a wholesome, good time. The Hierophant is astrologically associated with Taurus, which makes it a card of contradictions. Taurus rules sensuality, good food, fine wine, the best vacation, creature comforts, and luxury. It’s a relationship that can be wholesome and decadent at the same time. It also rules personal finances, values, and self worth. Your person would want to pamper you, give you the best of everything. They may worship your looks, whether you consider yourself conventionally attractive or not. This person sees something in you that just draws them to you.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, the Hierophant as love outcome can mean two things: On one hand, it can be a card of chastity. If you don’t know them too well, their feelings are still platonic. However, if the relationship progresses, it could be headed to a higher level of commitment. Your person is of a traditional mindset. They’re not going to want a one night stand! They’ll either keep things respectful and platonic, or if they do pursue you they’ll do it right. In their eyes, you’re marriage material. Your person may be drawn to you for some spiritual reason. They could be impressed by your spirituality and see a kindred soul in you. They want to take care of you and ensure that you feel safe around them too.

If you are in a new relationship, the Hierophant as love outcome means your person wants to get serious fast. Seeing the Hierophant card in the early stages of a relationship indicates long-term thinking. If your person is religious, they want to have this relationship recognized by religious authorities. If your person is not so religious, they want to introduce you to the family soon. They want to include you in their fold, have you around during holidays or family events. Your person is very hopeful that their family likes you and gets along with you.

If you are in an existing relationship, the Hierophant as love outcome means they’re certain of what they want from you. And what they want is a higher level of commitment. Not only that, they want it to be official somehow. This could range from wanting to announce your relationship status on social media to marriage. They feel like you’ve brought in the best in them and helped them grow into a better person. Your person wants to do right by you, they alway make sure they’re doing the right thing. They believe you were somehow fated to meet in the lifetime.

If you are currently in separation with each other, the Hierophant as love outcome means your person wants to go back to the status quo. They’ve realized that your intentions were pure all along. They have deep regrets for how things are at the moment. If you’re separated by distance, they want to move in and have a traditional living arrangement. They have no intention of ‘playing’ you. If things don’t work out, they want the breakup to be as painless as possible for both of you. They will also wish to remain friends. If you end up having to break up, they will always love you, just not in a romantic way.

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Hierophant Reversed as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw the Hierophant reversed, that means that it is a spiritually blocked partnership. Something about the relationship prevents you from being honest with others and yourselves. The Hierophant is a card that can represent dogma and being inflexible with rules. It is also astrologically associated with Taurus, the sign of overindulgences and the finer things in life. In the reverse, this is a card that represents hypocrisy. You could find yourself keeping up appearances in this relationship. Both of you could present a “socially acceptable” face that does not represent your reality. Ask yourself: is this how you want to live forever? What can you do to lessen the load for both you and your partner? The best place to start is being honest with yourself about what’s best for you.

The Hierophant reversed as love outcome is a sign of an unconventional relationship. If this is what you want, then own it. You can be an empowering example for others who are just like you. However, if you want a more traditional relationship while your partner wants an alternative lifestyle, then you need to speak up. A serious, honest discussion needs to be had. Set boundaries and be honest about what you want. You will also need to consider what your partner wants and needs. If they’ve been forthcoming from the beginning about not wanting a conventional relationship, maybe it’s time for you to move on. You should be able to find somebody better suited to your preferences and needs.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, the Hierophant reversed as love outcome means that “boring” will be the last thing this relationship will be. Make sure they’re clear on where you stand as they may just want some one night fun. If you don’t know this person too well, they could just see you platonically. This could be good news if you’re excited for an unconventional relationship. Another possibility is that you may realize after a while that you and your partner are incompatible. If you’re expecting them to commit to you in a traditional sense, they may not be ready. If they simply don’t believe in tradition, don’t force your beliefs on this person as it may lead to resentment. This card advises you to stick to your values while respecting others’ values.

If you are in a new relationship, the Hierophant reversed as love outcome means you need to ask yourself whether you’re connecting on a spiritual level. This card is astrologically associated with Taurus, which rules sensuality, self worth, and values. The chemistry and physical connection may be off the charts, but what else do you have in common? Taurus usually indicates a slow-burning but deep relationship. When this card is drawn in the reverse, it can be fast moving, a boost to our egos, but mismatched in areas where it matters. Are you connecting at a deeper, emotional level?

If you are in an existing relationship, the Hierophant reversed as love outcome means there could be something lacking in your relationship dynamic. There are also fundamental questions that need to be asked. Do you share the same values and beliefs? Do your differing values lead you to hide your true self out of fear of judgment? Are you both as a unit keeping up appearances for some reason? Another issue that may occur is your person’s family and friends not seeing eye-to-eye with you. How far are you going to let these outside influences dictate your relationship? Try to work on these issues as some are workable, but ensure you’re also being fair to yourself.

If you are currently in separation with each other, the Hierophant as love outcome means your person might feel resentful over being stifled somehow. Perhaps your differing values had them feeling you were too controlling or too judgmental. They could have a hard time reconciling your beliefs on issues like religion, kids, and personal finances. If you’re separated by distance, they could feel like you don’t trust them enough. The Hierophant advises you to give your person time and space to think. If you’ve just had an argument, let them cool off a bit before having a very necessary discussion. Try to get on the same page, but if you can’t, trust that you can find someone who values your values.

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For love readings, The Hierophant is a tricky card. At its best, it represents the highest form of spiritual, platonic love. This is the critical foundation for every great relationship and commitment, but it is not enough in itself. Some relationships are not meant to progress beyond just friends. As much as that can hurt in the moment, know that you are best served by meeting someone who is aligned with you at a soul level. You will have to judge what the Hierophant is trying to tell you by the context of your reading and relationship history. 

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