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The High Priestess is the card of inner balance, intuition, and duality. Her number is 2, balancing two sides to everything. She sits between light and darkness, black and white, sun and moon, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, life and death, conscious and unconscious. In love, she represents a soul connection that transcends karmic cycles. 

The High Priestess sits peacefully between two pillars, one white, one black. She is in perfect harmony with the material and spiritual worlds. She asks you to look within yourself for the answer, because your intuition and feelings will guide you to the truth. 

Upright High Priestess as Feelings

If you are asking about how someone feels about you, and you draw the  High Priestess, that means that this person feels deeply connected to you on a soul level. They may feel that they have always known you and that they know things about you, even if you just met for the first time. There is something telepathic between you two. They feel intuitively drawn to you. Call it soulmates, or a karmic relationship that transcends lifetimes, whatever you will. There are important lessons to be learned here, and they feel that this relationship is not just one that they can walk away from. They feel bonded with you.

The High Priestess as feelings can mean that they feel balanced and at peace when they are around you. They do not feel like they have to always take action and find the next distraction. When they are with you, they can just be. Your presence is calming, and they feel that they can finally be still when you are together. Serenity may be a new feeling for them. They may be slow to act, but they enjoy being with you deeply. They feel that you bring them into the “now,” where they can just be present and in touch with their higher, more spiritual Self. 

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, the High Priestess is a sign that this person feels that you are significant. The High Priestess represents the feeling of having met someone who is going to change your life. Sometimes, you just know because you have a gut feeling. They know. You have struck them deeply, whether consciously or unconsciously. Because the High Priestess is seated in stillness, they may move at a slow pace. However, something deep is there, so dig in. This one is worth it. 

For existing relationships, the High Priestess can represent a feeling of balance. They feel that your relationship is in just the right place. They feel deeply satisfied. They trust you completely. They know that your love goes far beyond initial infatuation and sexual lust. You are life companions, partners, and soulmates. You fulfill each other at every level. They feel spiritually connected to you. You share a very rich inner life with them that is safely guarded away from the drudgery and grind of everyday life. This is what it means to be One with the universe, the conscious and the unconscious.  

How does your ex feel about you? If you are asking about an old flame, the High Priestess can symbolize that they feel that you are a significant person to them. Your relationship was and is important to them, because it helped them grow as a person. This does not mean that they wants to reconcile or get back together with you. Only you know whether or not your karmic cycle with your ex needs to continue, or if it has already reached its end. Look inside, because the answer is already within you. 

Will they propose? Is this relationship headed for commitment? Am I more than a hookup? In the context of seeing how the person feels about commitment, the High Priestess as feelings can mean that they feel that you are their soulmate. They feel deeply connected to you, and they know that your relationship together is significant. They will trust their instincts, and all signs point to a positive outcome. However, they may move slowly and not at the pace that you prefer. If that is the case, be honest with them about your needs and be direct about your expectations. You may find that everything is well, and that there was no need to worry.   

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High Priestess Reversed as Feelings

When the High Priestess is reversed, it indicates that the person’s feelings for you are blocked. They are struggling to connect with you. They may feel that although you are intriguing, it is difficult to get to know you on a deeper level. It is neither their fault nor yours. Sometimes in life, we experience missed connections, and this may be one of those circumstances. 

The High Priestess reversed can be a sign that the person’s feelings for you are out of balance. An upright High Priestess is all about balance and duality. When reversed, this is turned upside down. They may not know what they feel for you. On any given day, they might feel hot and cold, love and hate, calm and anger. If know that you push each other’s buttons, this can very well be the case. Your relationship may be cyclical, and until the cycle is broken, balance cannot be restored.  

The High Priestess reversed can also mean that the person feels that they want to keep you as a secret. The High Priestess rules over the subconscious world. When upright, this means tuning into your inner voice and intuition, but when reversed, it becomes all about secrecy in darkness. This could be lighthearted; perhaps they feel bashful of their crush on you. Secrets can also have a darker side, especially when it relates to infidelity and cheating. The High Priestess reversed is a warning that whatever is in the darkness must one day face the light. 

For singles and those in new relationships, the High Priestess reversed as feelings is a sign for you to trust your intuition on this person. If whatever reason, they are just not clicking with you, let it be and move on. If you sense that they are not completely forthcoming with you, remember that their past issues are not your responsibility. You don’t win any points for wanting to “save” them. Trust yourself, meditate on what a future healthy partnership looks like, and be honest with yourself if this is worth pursuing. 

For lovebirds in committed relationships, the High Priestess reversed means that you need to dig deep and lean into the light: what is your truth? Your partner feels that your relationship is imbalanced and that your communication hasn’t been completely transparent. A humble attitude coupled with an honest conversation can go a long way in addressing these imbalances. If you keep fighting the same fight over and over again, that is a karmic cycle that must be broken. Ask yourself if you have been honest with your partner, or if there is something that you’ve been hiding—even if it just means that you hate that he snores at night, but you’ve been too polite to tell him. 

If you are asking about an ex’s feelings about you, the High Priestess reversed is not a good sign for reconciliation. Either they do not have feelings for you, or they do not feel that there is a path forward for a rekindled relationship. Although you were a significant relationship for them, that cycle is complete for them. In the worst case scenario, they are happy to treat you as an occasional hookup, but they have no intention of bringing you out of the darkness and into the light. You deserve someone who is happy to have you by their side.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, the reversed High Priestess feelings denotes a decisive lack of commitment. As much as they may feel that you are an important part of their life, their feelings for you are blocked. Your relationship may feel cyclical in how it moves from the high highs to the low lows. Until the both of you can be honest with yourselves on what needs to be changed, this vicious cycle will continue. At its worst, your partner may not feel that you are marriage material for them, but keep this truth hidden from you because they are afraid or do not want to hurt your feelings. Only light can pierce the darkness, so be brave and relentless for the truth. 

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For relationships and feelings, The High Priestess is full of duality. It can indicate the highest highs and the lowest lows, connecting them both into a perfect circle and unending cycle. No matter what, the lesson of the High Priestess is to look within yourself for the answers. Your intuition knows. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Your truth is powerful, and it knows no bounds.  

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