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The High Priestess is the card of inner balance, intuition, and duality. Her number is 2, balancing two sides to everything. She sits between light and darkness, black and white, sun and moon, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, life and death, conscious and unconscious. In love, she represents a soul connection that transcends karmic cycles. 

The High Priestess sits peacefully between two pillars, one white, one black. She is in perfect harmony with the material and spiritual worlds. She asks you to look within yourself for the answer because your intuition and feelings will guide you to the truth. 

Upright High Priestess as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the High Priestess, that means that this person feels a soul-deep connection with you. You are soulmates — it doesn’t matter if you’ve only recently met, they feel that they’ve known you their entire life and vice versa. There’s a special telepathic connection that exists only between the two of you, where a simple look is enough to communicate a thousand words. They feel that their bond with you runs so deep that they cannot simply walk away from you.

The High Priestess as reconciliation is a positive sign. When they are with you, they can simply just be. They feel no pressure to keep the conversation going, or do not feel the need to search for distractions. Just being around you calms them to their core. They may be a little slow to act but they enjoy being around you and spending time with you. You keep them grounded and keep them from retreating into themselves. You bring them into the “now”, where they can just be present and in touch with their higher self. 

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, the High Priestess can symbolize that they acknowledge that you’re a significant person to them. You’ve struck them deeply and your relationship was and still is, very important to them because it helped them blossom into a better version of themselves. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will actively seek to reconcile with you. 

If you’ve recently split up, they may still feel that you are their soulmate however, you probably couldn’t see eye-to-eye in terms of the pacing of the relationship. They cherish you and will continue to do so but they move at a slower pace. If you’re able to clearly communicate your needs and expectations to them then it’s possible to successfully rekindle your relationship. There is something precious between the two of you and if you dig deeper and can slow your pace down, this one is worth it.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, they remember you and your relationship fondly and continue to hold you in a good place in their heart, but it doesn’t mean that they will seek you out again. The answer to whether or not they will come back to you is already within you. Only you can say if the flame with your ex is still there or it has already been extinguished — sometimes you just have a gut feeling.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, the High Priestess can mean that your person feels as though you are their soulmate. They feel deeply connected to you and they know that this relationship is something special. Trust your instincts on this one because all the signs do point to a positive outcome. However, the High Priestess is seated in stillness, so if you were looking for a fast-paced relationship, this may not be it, but, if you can clearly communicate your needs and expectations then you may find that everything will work out in the end. After all, this relationship is definitely worth pursuing.

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High Priestess Reversed as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the High Priestess reversed, it means that they are struggling to establish a meaningful connection with you. Their feelings for you are hazy as they do think that you’re interesting, however, they struggle to connect with you on a deeper level. They feel as if they don’t know the real you. It isn’t your fault though, and neither is it theirs. It’s unavoidable to experience missed connections and while the potential is there, that’s all there is to it — a missed connection.

The High Priestess reversed as reconciliation can be a sign that your person’s feelings for you are out of balance. Since the upright High Priestess is all about balance, serenity, and duality when it’s reversed it means the opposite. They’re confused about what they truly feel for you as their feelings fluctuate wildly on opposite ends of the spectrum. For example, in a day they might feel love and hate or calm and anger at once. It may be a cycle of ups and downs but until that harmful cycle is broken, your relationship will not find balance.

Additionally, the High Priestess reversed can also mean that they want to keep you as their little secret. When upright, the card means to trust your gut and listen to your intuition, but when reversed, it becomes all about secrecy. However, this doesn’t automatically have to have a negative connotation. It’s possible that they have a harmless crush on you and are too shy to admit it. But, on the darker end, it could also hint at cheating or infidelity. The High Priestess reversed is a warning that whatever is hidden in the dark must come to face the light one day.

If you’ve recently split up, a humble attitude along with an honest and direct conversation could be your relationships saving grace. You or your partner probably feel as though you’ve been hiding things from each other and that your communication hasn’t been the best. Again, the karmic cycle must be broken if you have hopes of reconciling. Look within and ask yourself whether you’ve been hiding something from your partner. It doesn’t have to be something groundbreaking, even just a simple confession that you think he snored a little too loudly at night is enough. Remember, their feelings are a little muddled so you need to clear the air if you have hopes of resuming your relationship.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, then chances are that the connection had faded. Although you were significant to them, they understand that you weren’t able to break the cycle and now the relationship is over. Either their feelings have completely faded or the path toward a rekindled relationship is blocked to them. In the worst-case scenario, they’ll be happy to occasionally hook up with you and continue keeping you a secret but have no intentions of bringing you into the light.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, if you’ve noticed that you’ve been fighting over the same things, over and over again, then it may be better to go your separate ways. The reversed High Priestess denotes a decisive lack of commitment. You may feel as though something just isn’t clicking and that’s okay. Reflect and take the time to picture what a healthy relationship looks like, and be honest with yourself. Until you and your partner can be honest with yourselves, the vicious cycle will continue. Sit down and really think about whether this relationship is worth continuing. 

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For relationships and reconciliation, The High Priestess is full of duality. It can indicate the highest highs and the lowest lows, connecting them both into a perfect circle and unending cycle. No matter what, the lesson of the High Priestess is to look within yourself for the answers. Your intuition knows. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Your truth is powerful, and it knows no bounds.  

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