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Judgement is the card of purpose, awakening, renewal, and reckoning. This card is about turning points, and it depicts people rising up to the angel Gabriel’s call. They are finding their calling, and they are reaching their purpose in life. This is also a card of karma. Their outstretched arms show that they are ready to meet their judgement and see where the dice land for them. 

Judgement reminds us that none of us are exempt from karma. We are all subject to the forces of the Universe. If we put out negativity, we will reap what we sow. If we send out positivity, we will be paid back in kind. There will always be a reckoning and a time for self-reflection.  

Upright Judgement as Feelings

If you are asking about how someone feels about you and you draw Judgement, it means that this person is feeling that your relationship is at a turning point. You have taught them so much. You’ve changed their life. They are feeling self-reflective. Issues between you two that were once ignored are seen clearly now. The past is catching up, and now is the time for both of you to focus on your future.

This person is also spending a lot of time thinking about your relationship. They are ready to make a renewal of love and commitment. They are also thinking about how they can make adjustments in the relationship to make it work for both of you. Keep communication between the two of you open, and make sure that you are aware of each other’s needs. 

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, Judgement means that this person’s feelings towards you are coming from a good place. If they seem closed off, it’s because they are reflecting on how the two of you mesh and what that means for a future together. Since meeting you, they feel like their life has changed. You’ve awakened something in them, and they feel like this relationship with you has a deeper purpose. 

For existing relationships, Judgement indicates that this person feels that your relationship is at a turning point right now. Small issues that were ignored in the past can no longer be ignored. They want to make it work, and they are willing to make adjustments in the relationship so that both of your needs can be met. This is not a negative thing, but a growth phase that all relationships go through. You are finding your way.   

If you are asking about an old flame or an ex’s feelings about you, Judgement indicates that they are thinking about you deeply. You completely changed their outlook on love and relationships and life. Your relationship was life-changing and you are very consequential to who they are today. In terms of reconciliation, they are considering it. They are in a very self-reflective mood right now, and they are thinking about the pros and the cons of getting back together. You may hear from them. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Judgement is a sign that there are still some things that need to be worked out in the relationship before the two of you take that big next step. This can be resolved through communication, and your partner wants to try. Once you have worked this out and made the necessary adjustments, you will naturally go onto the next step. 

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Reversed Judgement as Feelings

When Judgement is reversed, it means that this person is frustrated and is placing the blame on everyone except themselves. They may feel critical of you and the relationship, whether these feelings are justified in reality or not. This person is in denial about their own role in their problems. This is a sign that this person needs to open their eyes and look at their own situation more objectively, both good and bad.

This person is also finding it difficult to accept compromise, even when compromise and moderation is needed. This person needs clarity, but they are asking for it in all of the wrong ways. You may be able to help them, but you may also not be able to help them, because this is all stemming from themselves.

For singles and those in new relationships, Judgement reversed is a sign of feeling frustrated. This person’s energy is blocked for some reason, likely caused by themselves. This person is finding it hard to communicate and accept compromise. They are judgemental and blame everyone except themselves. If you are still evaluating whether or not to pursue a relationship, remember that you deserve someone who communicates well with you and is willing to put in the work to make it work. 

For those in committed relationships, Judgement reversed is a sign of feeling frustrated and critical of your relationship. They feel like something is missing, but they aren’t doing the work to fix it. They want to see your relationship clearly, but they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. They may be in denial of their own missteps. This person needs to be honest with themselves in order to take the right next step.

If you are asking about an ex’s feelings about you, Judgement reversed means that they dwell more on the bad than the good of your relationship. Even though there were many positive things about your relationship, your ex is focused on the negative. Even though you’ve changed their life, they don’t see it. They only see the negatives. During the relationship, they may have taken you for granted. If you are asking about reconciliation, Judgement reversed indicates that it is unlikely unless your ex changes their mindset to a more positive one and takes accountability for their own actions. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Judgement reversed means that they are feeling critical and taking what you have for granted. They feel that they have no incentive to take the next step, even if it’s something that they want to do. Though things are at a turning point, they still need to put in the work. Something is preventing this person from seeing the truth in what they already have. When they can connect with their inner gratitude and realize what they have, they’ll naturally want to commit further. 

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For relationships and feelings, Judgement represents a turning point and the potential for awakening. All relationships go through turning points at one point or another. Whether upright or reversed, Judgement reminds us that we all will be faced with important decisions in life. The decisions that we make will have a profound effect on our lives. This is a time for you to do some self reflection and find the purpose of your relationship.

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