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Judgement is the card of purpose, awakening, renewal, and reckoning. This card is about turning points, and it depicts people rising up to the angel Gabriel’s call. They are finding their calling, and they are reaching their purpose in life. This is also a card of karma. Their outstretched arms show that they are ready to meet their judgment and see where the dice land for them. 

Judgement reminds us that none of us are exempt from karma. We are all subject to the forces of the Universe. If we put out negativity, we will reap what we sow. If we send out positivity, we will be paid back in kind. There will always be a reckoning and a time for self-reflection.  

Upright Judgement as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw Judgement, that means that your person views meeting you as a major life event. Your relationship is a turning point for this person and they feel you’ve changed their life. The Judgement card is astrologically associated with Pluto, the planet of transformation. Your person might even see you as a wakeup call, they felt motivated to change for the better. There is a depth to your relationship – it makes them self-reflective and they learn a lot from you. If they were not ready for a relationship before, they are now.

Judgement as love outcome is a sign of you and your person feeling like this was meant to be. If you or your person has been unlucky in love, you might see each other as “good karma”. This is a deeply spiritual relationship that will catapult both of you into your life’s purpose. The tone of your relationship is self-reflective, focused on growth, and philosophical. Relationship issues are being highlighted as you grow together and transform one another. There is a realization that you’re meant to be, and you want to strengthen your commitment. 

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, Judgement as love outcome means that your person has literally made a “judgment call” on who you are to them in their life. The Judgement card is often seen as a wakeup call, so they’ve come to a realization about you. Since Judgement was drawn in the upright, this would mean they see your potential as a partner. However, your person may realize that being with you might come with certain personal challenges. They might believe that they’ll have to make certain adjustments to step up their game. Your person could become more determined than ever, or they could let their insecurities get the best of them.

If you are in a new relationship, Judgement as love outcome means your relationship will be a transformative journey for both of you. Transformations are never easy, and this card specifically advises you to communicate well with your partner. Traditional depictions of this card usually include Archangel Gabriel, the messenger. For this relationship to work out, there will have to be several important conversations to be had. There could be an elephant in the room to address before the relationship can really take off. That may not sound like fun, but trust that these tricky conversations will ensure your relationship is built on a strong foundation of trust.

If you are in an existing relationship, Judgement as love outcome means you are at a very important stage of your relationship. Perhaps a major life event occurred, such as a move or the birth of a new child. Both of you are adjusting and growing to these changes during this turning point. There’s no ignoring what changes need to be made to ensure this relationship continues on a positive path. In some cases, your partner may want to progress to a higher level of commitment.

If you are currently in separation with each other, Judgement as love outcome means your person is making an assessment of your situation. If you are separated by distance, they’re working out how to make a long-distance relationship work. They could also be weighing the pros and cons of some of the ideas and plans they have. If you’re inquiring about an ex, they think about how life changing you’ve been in their lives. They think deeply about you, but they’re more focused on their own self development right now. They might be open to reconciliation, but it would be wise to give them time and space and center and ground themselves.

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Reversed Judgement as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw Judgement reversed, that means that your person is struggling with self awareness. Sometimes the Judgement card can be about literally making judgements about ourselves and others. When drawn in the reverse, it could indicate a person who places blame on everyone but themselves. They could be overly judgemental of you, or it could warn against being too judgmental toward your partner. Either way, the Judgement card is a very karmic energy – and as uncomfortable as this lesson might be, it’s essential to your soul’s growth.

Judgement reversed as love outcome is a sign of lack of compromise and understanding. Underlying issues that you have chosen to sweep under the rug could resurface. This could be something that you need to work out together with your partner as a unit. Alternatively, this could mean that you or your partner have childhood wounds or past relationship hiccups that need to be addressed once and for all. This card often appears in our readings when we need to dive deep and learn an important lesson. Maybe one or both of you could benefit from talking about your concerns with each other, or even therapy.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, Judgement reversed as love outcome means this person is or was weighing the pros and cons of your relationship. They may have realized something about you that triggered their insecurities. Alternatively, they may have realized that being with you meant that they’d have to make certain changes, such as walking away from a bad habit. However, rather than making adjustments and grow, your person has chosen to blame you. They could have thrown in the towel before even starting because you intimidated them or they were too stubborn. You deserve better.

If you are in a new relationship, Judgement reversed as love outcome means there could be frustrations in our relationship. There could be a lack of communication leading to uncomfortable situations. As with any new relationship, there needs to be compromise to make things work. Unfortunately, your person is too stubborn or unwilling to make those adjustments or have those uncomfortable conversations. Unless both of you work on getting on the same page, it would be hard to build a strong foundation for this partnership. Don’t delay these conversations as certain issues could come back and bite you boh in the future.

If you are in an existing relationship, Judgement reversed as love outcome means you have reached a breaking point. One or both of you may feel frustrated and critical of the other in this relationship. Your person could struggle with taking accountability for some of the things that they’ve done. They could even manage to put the blame on you, even if you have little to do with their decisions. This could be your wakeup call to address ongoing resentments once and for all. You might even come to the realization that you can no longer deal with this, acknowledge your worth, and walk away.

If you are currently in separation with each other, Judgement reversed as love outcome means there could be too much focus on the negative. If you’re separated by distance, your person could be complaining too much about the circumstances. They could feel unhappy and dissatisfied with the long-distance arrangement you have together, but they’re unwilling to do anything about it. There is a lack of willingness to make any compromises. If you’re inquiring about an ex, your ex is overly focused on what went wrong in the relationship. Reconciliation will be difficult if they can’t even acknowledge or be grateful for the good times you did have, especially if they’re also unwilling to reflect on the role they played in the break up.

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For love readings, Judgement represents a turning point and the potential for awakening. All relationships go through turning points at one point or another. Whether upright or reversed, Judgement reminds us that we all will be faced with important decisions in life. The decisions that we make will have a profound effect on our lives. This is a time for you to do some self reflection and find the purpose of your relationship.

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