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Justice is the card of fairness, truth, and law. Justice sits in her chair, holding balanced scales in one hand and a sword in the other. She symbolizes impartiality and karmic comeuppance. With her scales, Justice weighs in on the truth of a situation, ensuring equal balance. With her sword, Justice delivers consequences for those who have done injustice to others. 

Justice is a reminder that what you sow will also be what you reap. Though we may get away with unjust acts in the moment, we will not be able to run from the hand of justice forever. Although you may face difficult moments in life, know that by doing the right thing, you will be rewarded in the long run. Leaning into the spirit of justice helps us practice positivity and kindness. 

Upright Justice as Feelings

If you are asking about how someone feels about you, and you draw Justice, it means that this person is very level headed and analytical. Their feelings about you are not solely dependent on your chemistry. Rather, their feelings are based on how they’ve been treated by you in the past. Justice is about karma, so if you have been putting forth positivity, love, and kindness, that will come back to you in spades. On the other hand, if you haven’t treated them well, they are aware of this and feel accordingly. 

Because Justice is upright, this person may feel that you have treated them fairly and with love. You have been tactful in asking for what you need, and they are appreciative of you being mindful of their feelings. Your partner feels confident that you are honest and acting in good faith. 

For singles and those embarking on new relationships, Justice means that this person is analyzing how they feel about you. They are less guided by their feelings than most. Rather, they are an insightful observer of your actions. They believe that love is a verb. If you have treated them with kindness and tact, expect karma to reward you. If your actions have not been so warm towards them, their natural reaction is to withdraw. 

For existing relationships, Justice indicates that this person’s feelings are in direct measure with how they’ve been treated by you in the past. If you’ve been compassionate, empathetic, and loving, this person feels the same way. If you have not been treating your partner with fairness, respect, and tact, they may feel resentful. Compromise and understanding is needed now. As long as you handle your relationship with honesty and in good faith, your relationship will thrive. 

If you are asking about an old flame or an ex’s feelings about you, Justice indicates that your ex feels satisfied with how the relationship ended. Your relationship was important and even transformational for them. Lessons were learned. However, they feel that how it ended was fair. Reconciliation is not currently on their mind. 

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Justice as feelings indicates an answer dependent on how you’ve treated this person in the past. If you have been kind, loving, and fair, Justice indicates that you will reap your just rewards. Your partner recognizes the value you bring, and they are eager to take that next step. On the other hand, if your actions have been deceptive, manipulative, and unkind, Justice indicates that your partner can no longer hide from the truth. Justice reminds us that love is a verb, and it asks us to look to our actions. 

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Reversed Justice as Feelings

When Justice is reversed, it indicates feeling that your relationship dynamic is unfair or unbalanced in some way. This can manifest in many ways. Perhaps one of you is more giving than the other. Perhaps there is resentment festering in the relationship because of broken promises. In some cases, there may even be infidelity and cheating involved. Whatever the case, this person is not happy about where the relationship stands currently. The only way forward is by communicating with honesty and integrity. For injustices to be made just, the truth must be revealed. 

Additionally, Justice reversed can mean feeling unwilling to take responsibility or be held accountable for one’s actions. Rather than being critical about oneself and their own role in a situation, this person finds it easier to blame others. If this is the case for your situation, there is very little that you can do about it, as a relationship goes both ways. 

In some cases, Justice reversed can mean feeling held up to unreasonable expectations. This person feels ashamed that they cannot live up to who you want them to be. Perhaps they have taken the blame for all of your previous disagreements, and they need to see accountability from you too. Ask yourself what it is that you need to do to make your relationship fair. 

Sometimes, love and romance can be unfair. You may be doing your part in putting yourself out in the world, but luck is still not on your side. Whatever the case may be, sometimes one must grit their teeth and carry on. Now may also be a good time to check whether your are being fair with your expectations about love. Are you looking for someone absolutely perfect, but are unable or unwilling to work on your own flaws? Be honest with your requirements, as well as your own baggage. If you’re in a relationship, this may be a difficult time, and fairness and compromise are needed more than ever. Don’t blame others, or your partner for things that are your responsibility.

For singles and those in new relationships, Justice reversed is a sign of feeling “off” about your potential relationship. Is something unbalanced in your relationship dynamic? Is one of you giving or taking more than the other? This person feels that something is unfair in your relationship. If you feel that it’s important to make this right, see if you can have an honest conversation about both of your needs. On the other hand, the compatibility may just not be there. 

For those in committed relationships, Justice reversed is a sign of feelings of resentment and blame. This person feels that your relationship is unbalanced in some way. Perhaps they feel that they are constantly giving, without any appreciation from you. Or, they feel that you give too much. Either way, they feel that something is unfair about your relationship. On the extreme end, injustice could mean infidelity. Ask yourself what rings true to you, and if so, what both of you need to do to make this relationship right. 

If you are asking about an ex’s feelings about you, Justice reversed means that they feel that they feel bitter about the way things ended. They are not willing to take accountability in their role in the ending of the relationship. They may feel critical of you and any mistakes that you made. A healthy and true reconciliation is not possible unless they can overcome these feelings of imbalance and unfairness.  

In the context of whether or not a relationship is headed for commitment, engagement, or marriage, Justice reversed indicates that there are serious obstacles that the relationship must first overcome. This person feels that your current relationship is unbalanced. This can manifest itself in different ways. Perhaps they feel that you have been unfair with them in the past. In some cases, there has been infidelity in the relationship. In other cases, one person in the relationship gives or takes more than the other. 

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For relationships and feelings, Justice reveals the cyclical and karmic nature of love and life. When we are good to others, they will return it to you in spades. Justice reminds us to practice loving kindness, because what we sow is what we reap. If we lean into Justice’s fair and balanced nature, we will be a better partner in our relationships. By being compassionate and empathetic, you will invite positivity and love into your life. 

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