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The Magician is the card of manifestation: turning dreams into reality. Numbered “1,” the Magician is in charge and ready to make it happen, no matter what. When the stars align, he is “the One.” He is resourceful and he has everything he needs at his disposal: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. He symbolizes everything in the saying, “As above, so below.” 

The Magician has access to infinite potential, as denoted by the infinity sign above his head. He is confident that he can bring whatever he wants into fruition, because life and love is abundant for him. 

Upright Magician as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Magician, that means that this person feels that you are very special to them — even going as far as believing you might be “The One” for them. They feel comfortable around you and feel as though they can speak to you about anything and everything on their mind while facing no judgment from you. They also feel that you positively challenge and stimulate their senses; physically (pentacles/ earth), emotionally (cups/ water), spiritually(wands/ fire), and intellectually (swords/ air). Your relationship with them is genuine and their feelings for you go beyond just “what if’s.”

The Magician as feelings means that they are charmed and inspired by your very being. You bring magic into their world and make them giddy to be alive. They feel creatively unleashed and are acutely aware of their purpose. You make them feel confident in themselves and their desire to form a relationship with you. Because of that, they have a strong vision of your future relationship and can picture where your place in their life is.

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel motivated, happy, and inspired around you. Their feelings for you go way beyond a small crush and they truly believe that you are the love of their life. They fondly remember your relationship and the memories you’ve shared and think of you with a smile on their face.

If you’ve recently split up, the Magician means that your ex will reappear in your life shortly. It symbolizes that their old feelings for you have been reignited, which gives them the urge to return back to you. If they haven’t reached out yet, they probably will soon and once they do, they will be making their intentions of getting back with you very clear.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, the Magician means that your ex has realized that the grass is not actually greener on the other side. They’ve realized what a mistake it was to let someone like you go. They miss you and want to work things out. Whether or not it is too late for reconciliation, the Magician reminds you that nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. You must take action if you want to come back together with your ex. If they’ve already moved on, focus on yourself and learn from this experience so that you are in a better place next time around.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, the Magician means that your partner realizes that breaking up with you is foolishness. This relationship is serious and is headed straight for commitment. You’ve been with them through thick and thin and have always been there for them. You’ve created a life with them, and they understand that it would be a great loss not to have you in their life anymore. Instead of breaking up, the Magician, as a card of Manifestation, means that they are probably looking to take your relationship to the next level and will do whatever it takes to turn the future they see with you into a reality. 

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Magician Reversed as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how someone feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Magician reversed, that means that this person has thought about it, but ultimately feels like a new beginning between you is blocked as they aren’t sure if you’re “The One” or not. This could be on their end. For example, they might feel fearful of the unknown, and that is preventing a reconciliation. They are asking themselves, “What am I getting myself into?” They are worried that any action will lead to a result where they are out of control, and so they would rather stay at a standstill than pursue reconciliation. 

The Magician reversed as reconciliation is a negative sign. It means that they feel like your visions are misaligned and that something isn’t quite right. Though, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be separating immediately. Instead, it could be a sign that you and your partner must have an honest look within yourselves and realign your relationship. Something was probably lost in translation somewhere, and you must rediscover why you got into a relationship with each other in the first place.

At its worst, though, the Magician reversed symbolizes that either you or your partner feel like you haven’t been very honest with each other. It could be that you’ve taken advantage of them in some way, or they, you. They may feel that you’re only the means to an end and will not hesitate to use you. Self-reflection is essential here. Take a step back and look within yourself and your relationship from a non-biased point of view and figure out if there may be some truth in the way that you or your partner is feeling.

When your person thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel confused. They aren’t sure whether your interests lie in the same direction and aren’t able to clearly see the path to reconciliation. They may also see you as “easy” and will only approach you with an ulterior motive in mind.

If you’ve recently split up, the Magician reversed means that you and your ex may have the chance of getting back together if, and only if, you are able to resolve the difference in views and find common ground. If common grounds aren’t found, then it’s highly possible that your partner will only want to get back with you to use you for their own pleasure.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, the Magician reversed means that you and your ex were unable to find common ground, and it’s better for the both of you to move on. The ship has sailed. It means that your ex has moved on and is not interested in getting back together with you. The Magician reversed means that your ex believes that both of you should find love elsewhere.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, the Magician reversed means that your partner isn’t quite ready to fully commit to you yet. Going back, they aren’t completely convinced that you are “The One” and feel that you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. It’s important to sit down with them and have a candid talk about some topics that may be uncomfortable so that you can see where each other’s interests lie. If you are unable to find clarity, then it will be better to go your separate ways. But, if you’re able to figure out your “why’s” again, then your relationship is worth fighting for as it will ascend to even higher levels. 

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For relationships and reconciliation, the Magician is an amazing card. It gives incredible clarity into where your relationship stands at a philosophical level. This card gives a litmus test into your relationship. At its core, it asks, does a shared vision for a path forward exist? Without a vision, there is no space for healthy, long-term manifestation. But with a vision, all of your dreams can become reality. When you work together towards a common goal, you can achieve anything. Your potential is limitless.  

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