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The Page of Wands is the card of adventure, excitement, new ideas, energy, and fearlessness. The card depicts a young man boldly holding a big wand in a barren land. Despite that the land around him is bare, he still finds opportunities in his situation. He is undeterred by what is around him. His eyes are full of wonder and the unknown. 

The Page of Wands reminds us that there is a spark of youthful energy at the start of everything. Big picture vision and the passion to succeed are important. The Page will need to grow beyond his big ideas in order to see his full potential, but what he has is a real start. 

Upright Page of Wands as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Page of Wands, it means your ex still sees potential in your relationship. Despite past hurdles, they are looking forward to a passionate new beginning with you. Pages are messengers, so you can expect a message from them. It is likely that your ex is gathering up their courage to initiate reconciliation. Pages also represent new beginnings, so in the context of reconciliation, your ex may feel they are turning a new leaf in their journey together with you.

Page of Wands as reconciliation is a sign of passion, excitement, and co-creation. This is a positive card that signifies optimism. The relationship itself may not necessarily progress to a higher level, but your ex could be thinking – in the back of their head – that somewhere down the line they would like to start a family with you. This card also signifies communication, so expect a conversation soon. Even if they are not fully committed, it will be fun. This card invites you to go with the flow. Relish the journey. 

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they feel optimistic and giddy. When you draw the Page of Wands, don’t expect to start out with serious discussions. Be aware that your person just wants to pursue the person that they are passionate about: you! However, they might not be ready to take your relationship to the next level just yet. It would be best to match their energy and get on the same page before taking your relationship to the next level. Let reconciliation happen naturally. Don’t rush, take your time, go with the flow, and relax. Carpe diem.

If you’ve recently split up, Page of Wands means they have a lot to say to you. Your ex feels that they haven’t had the opportunity to tell their side of the story. They may feel that you misunderstand their point of view. However, they want to communicate with you. They are very hopeful that their communication will be well received by you. They are eager to be understood. They hope that this will lead to a fresh new beginning.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Page of Wands means your ex still thinks about you every now and then. The passion and physical attraction is still there. They’re probably still the exciting and playful person you knew back in the day, and they haven’t changed much. If you’re okay with casual fun with this person, then this person would definitely be up to it. But don’t expect them to have matured enough to be ready for a higher level of commitment. 

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Page of Wands means they would prefer to stay with you rather than break up. One thing’s for sure: this person has not lost passion for you at all. However, your relationship could be riddled with immaturity. You could have incompatible values, with one party more driven than the other. The two of you have had some heated discussions. Nonetheless, they would love for the two of you to start over with a clean slate.

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Reversed Page of Wands as Reconciliation

If you are asking about how your ex feels about reconciling with you, and you draw the Page of Wands reversed, it may indicate both a lack of stability and progression. While the Page of Wands in the upright represents new beginnings, in reverse, it is a person at standstill. If there is a lack of communication, this could be due to your ex being a little wishy-washy about the prospects of reconciliation. One day they might feel quite fiery and passionate about wanting you back. On another day, they might feel reluctant. They can’t seem to make up their minds.

Page of Wands reversed as reconciliation is a sign of an unstable relationship colored with immaturity. If you are expecting this relationship to lead to a higher level of commitment, this will not happen as soon as you would like. Your partner might be a tad immature for their age. They also could be a little flighty and inconsistent. They want reconciliation because of their need for intimacy and stability. However, they are not necessarily prepared to do the work to make this relationship work.

When your ex thinks about reconciliation with you, they go back and forth with themselves. They can’t decide whether or not to proceed with the reconciliation. In the reverse, the Page of Wands can be a little nervous and wary of losing their freedom. This person still enjoys the single life, they want their alone time, they want to enjoy their adventures. They are not ready for the responsibilities that come with an adult relationship. They would rather go on fun dates with you than start a family. At the moment, they likely are not thinking of a higher level of commitment.

If you’ve recently split up, Page of Wands reversed means your person could be in a sulky mood. They are not ready to own up to their role in the dissolution of your relationship. They still have some maturing to do. They could be distracting themselves by overindulging. This could be something completely harmless, but it is distracting your person from processing the breakup. This unfortunately might hinder them from getting to the crux of your issues.

If you’ve been in separation for a while, Page of Wands reversed means your ex still thinks about you from time to time, but they can’t decide what they want. If you expect a person to have matured since you separated, you might be disappointed. They are not interested in moving into a committed relationship with anyone in particular. In some cases, they may have been in a string of short-lived relationships since breaking up with you.

If the two of you are still considering whether or not you should break up, Page of Wands reversed may signify some brattiness, selfishness, and pettiness. Your partner could be outright refusing to understand your viewpoint. Whereas the Page of Wands upright is immature but open to learning, in the reverse, the Page stubbornly refuses to listen. This person may only cling onto this relationship for the physical intimacy, but they may be lacking when it comes to fulfilling you emotionally or mentally.

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For relationships and reconciliation, the Page of Wands represents big ideas, new opportunities, and spontaneity. The Page of Wands represents the sparks that fly at the start of every relationship, as well as the sparks needed to keep any long-term relationship interesting and exciting. While sparks are not enough by themselves, they are the necessary start to any interesting relationship. See where the sparks go and let them fly. 

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