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The Queen of Wands is the card of confidence, passion, determination, charisma, and optimism. This card shows a vivacious woman sitting on a throne. She has a proud look about her. She holds a sunflower in her left hand and a wand in the other. She knows what she wants and she gets it. The black cat sitting at her feet indicates her more intuitive, shadow side. She is in touch with all aspects of herself. 

The Queen of Wands reminds us that confidence and passion will lead us to where we want in life. When we stay optimistic, good things will manifest their way to us. There is a perfect someone out there for you in the Universe. Never forget that you deserve to be treated like royalty. 

Upright Queen of Wands as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw the Queen of Wands, that means that this relationship will be a colorful one. This card is astrologically associated with fire energy, the element of fire, and the fire astrological signs. This is a cheerful person who will bring out the gregarious, “sunny” side out of you. The Queen of Wands is also traditionally considered highly intuitive, symbolized by her black cat, so you may have a strong spiritual bond with one another. You could be the type of couple who can sense each other’s feelings, or have premonitions about the other. You may even have a telepathic bond with each other.

The Queen of Wands as love outcome is a sign of a blooming relationship. This relationship will tend to be very social in that you will become a part of your person’s circles, family, and friends. Social life is very important to the Queen of Wands, and this person will want to be sure that you will fit right into their world perfectly. This person is also one of the more spiritual queens in the Tarot, and spiritual compatibility will be very important to them. They believe that we are all one, so they like their peace and harmony, even if they seem like the life of the party at first glance. They just want everybody to get along.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, the Queen of Wands as love outcome means happy days ahead. Your person is the type of partner who will uplift you and help you reach your highest potential. They’re very proud of who you are, what you represent. They are proud to be able to call you their partner. The Queen of Wands also has a healthy self esteem, which means that your person can be a healthy partner for you. They’re not in their ego, so you can trust them to treat you as an equal. This person is likewise attracted to your confident approach to relationships, your drive, and your convictions.

If you are in a new relationship, the Queen of Wands as love outcome means you’re in for an exciting and passionate relationship ahead. Your person is highly attracted to you on a physical level, but that’s not the only thing that’s going on for you. While the court cards are rarely an indication of soul connections, this particular queen can mean that you have a strong intuitive bond with your person. You just “get” each other without having to say much, although verbal communication is rarely an issue with this person either. This person is attracted to your boldness, confidence, and your clear communication style. They will appreciate those who say what they mean and mean what they say.

If you are in an existing relationship, the Queen of Wands as love outcome means you energize your person and vice versa. Something about you increases your person’s confidence. Maybe you lift their spirits in some way. Likewise, your person always encourages you to follow your dreams, and go after what you want in life. Your person also appreciates independence. They believe in having your own thing, hobbies, and interests. At the same time, this is the “social butterfly” court card, so they would never want to exclude you from their own life interests. This is a pretty broad-minded person, and you can feel comfortable showing your individuality to them. 

If you are currently in separation with each other, the Queen of Wands as love outcome means your person is open to anything life throws at them. In more traditional decks, the Queen of Wands is depicted as sitting with her legs open, symbolizing her openness and accepting nature. If you are separated by distance, your person has a “carpe diem” and “come what may” approach to your relationship. If you are in an intercultural relationship, your person is open to adapting to respect your culture. If you are inquiring about an ex, your person will be receptive to suggestions for reconciliation. The best thing about queens is that they are mature and usually willing to work on compromising to heal the relationships.

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Reversed Queen of Wands as Love Outcome

If you are asking about what is the outcome of a relationship, and you draw the Queen of Wands reversed, that means that emotions need to be balanced in this relationship. One or both of you could be making non-stop unreasonable demands on the other, causing stress in the relationship. When drawing the reverse, this card can signify an entitled person with possible anger issues. This can be an emotionally manipulative person who’s only concerned with what they can get out of a situation. If you are on the receiving end of this behavior, perhaps you need to set some boundaries. Know your worth, and know when to walk away from a situation that erodes your own sense of self worth just to satisfy another person’s ego.

The Queen of Wands reversed as love outcome is a sign of lack of spiritual rapport. When drawn in the upright, this represents the energy of being spiritually in tune with your person. But in the reverse, you’re disconnected from them. Your energies are blocked from each other, one person may not be receptive to receiving the other’s love. This could be a result of one party being overly guarded in the relationship due to past hurts. The Queen of Wands advises being open and authentic with each other. Bond over being yourselves.

If you are wondering about a potential relationship, the Queen of Wands reversed as love outcome means a lack of openness and feeling disconnected. Social life and human interaction are very important to this queen. Drawing this card in reverse nudges us to see where the human connection is lacking in your relationship. Are you not vibing with your person’s family, friends, and other people who are important in their lives? Is there some way to heal that? You clearly want to be together, but a social component is lacking, and it needs to be healed so it won’t become an issue in the future.

If you are in a new relationship, the Queen of Wands reversed as love outcome means feeling overly entitled, too early on, in the relationship. This can be an overbearing and demanding energy. A healthy queen’s energy is both receptive as well as giving at the same time, particularly to those who require nurturing. But in the reverse, someone in the relationship could drain the other’s energy with constant demands for attention, time, or resources. This is the energy of demanding marriage on the second date. It’s unreasonable. Drawing this card may be a reminder that it is in both of your best interests to slow down.

If you are in an existing relationship, the Queen of Wands reversed as love outcome means the energies are manifesting in extremes. In its extremes, the Queen of Wands’ energy can become either too demanding or completely neglectful altogether. Both polarities are harmful to relationships in the long run. Being overly demanding can be harmful when one of you finally reaches your breaking point. Neglecting your partners’ needs or neglecting your own needs in a relationship is just as harmful. Whatever the case may be, you both need to accommodate and communicate your needs to each other.

If you are currently in separation with each other, the Queen of Wands reversed as love outcome means carelessness. In the reverse, the doting energy and warmth of the Queen of Wands is lost, she becomes cold and neglectful. If you are separated by distance, you could feel emotionally distant from your person. Ask yourself how you feel about your person, and do you still even have feelings for them? If not, don’t lead them on. But if you do, see what you can do to reignite the passion and warmth that brought you together in the first place. If you’re inquiring about an ex, they’re feeling self-centered and selfish. While they may be open to reconciliation, make sure their intentions are pure.

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For love readings, the Queen of Wands represents confidence, optimism, and passion. Where everyone else wants to be, you already are. The Queen of Wands is a mature woman. She has a feeling of wholeness, harmony, and belonging about her. This is where a relationship should be in the long term. 

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